CATARACT SURGERY looms. Meanwhile, chew on THIS for awhile . . .

I’ve now gone through nearly 30 pages of Juan O Savin’s Kid by the Side of the Road. Got the e-book, and was not surprised by the twist he gives to history, given his view of the myth associated with the Garden of Eden — he’s mentioned it on several broadcasts that I’ve heard, and I tended to ignore it until now — that Cain and Able, Eve’s “twins,” had not one, two fathers; one was Adam and the other . . the serpent, i.e., the reptilian, or alien, E.T. In other words, the serpent had sex with Eve (the bite of the apple).  Which means, in his rendition, that Cain is a hybrid, and all of history flows from the dramatic interactions and intermingling of two distinct bloodlines, with the Canaanites ascribing superior powers and status to their hybrid DNA.

Having never read any versions of the Bible myself, I don’t know just how far off his version is of the usual rendition.

However, here’s an interesting short film that resonates with Savin’s view. It’s from the site run by Dr. Michael Salla, a trusted researcher, who inventted the word “exopolitics,” and who has been authoring books about the extraterrestrial presence and secret space programs, since 2004. This film was apparently created by one of his students.

Also, remember that David Icke has been talking about shape-shifting reptilians for thirty years, both on stage world-wide, and in his many books — much to the scorn of just about everybody way back when. The idea of reptilians as one ET species (or perhaps several species, some “good,” some “bad”) has also been around, at least in UFO circles, for many years.

Short Film – History of the Extraterrestrial Agenda & the Coming Global Revolution


My Surgery

At 78, I’ve probably waited longer than most would to decide to bite this bullet. Many of my younger siblings have already undergone this surgery, and they all told me their vision is now so much better they wish they had done it earlier! Plus, my acupuncturist says her magic doesn’t work on cataracts — though she’s discovered that acupuncture IS effective with macular degeneration.

So, this week, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, at 8 AM. and 8:15 AM, my eyes, one by one, are slated to “go under the knife.” As you can imagine, my anxiety is beginning to rise, as I contemplate  . . . oh never mind! In any case, Just wanted readers to know that I may be offline as much as a full week, starting now.





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8 Responses to CATARACT SURGERY looms. Meanwhile, chew on THIS for awhile . . .

  1. michael riesterer says:

    Be Brave, Ann. I’m confident your surgery will go well. In the meantime, I will miss your posts; they’re usually my favorite thing to read each day. Thank you.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thank you so much for the affirmation! Both for my two dear eyes and all the work they do reading tiny print on screens.

  2. David says:

    I believe Alfred Lambremont Webre may be the originator of Exopolitics having written a book on that topic in 2008. Good luck with the surgery–it’s quite routine nowadays.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      At one point, the two of them were in some kind of tiff about who actually invented the term. But I do think it was Salla. They’re both amazing researchers. I once sat on a hilltop on a Wyoming ranch with Webre and friends, awaiting a possible ET craft that didn’t show . . . a fun weekend.

  3. Tony Costa says:

    My mom had that surgery and had lenses implanted that gave her 20/20 vision at long ranges, and she’s glad she had it done. She has to wear cheap reading glasses for everyday work but she is OK with the tradeoff. She’s almost your age if that helps! Good luck, and be prepared to see things as they actually ARE that you couldn’t before…stock up on bleach just in case!! Because the first thing to hit you will be how dirty your place is and you hadn’t been able to notice it before!!!!

  4. Marian Goodman says:

    Dearest Ann,
    You get this great opportunity to practice the healing work of mind over matter! We hope the recovery is rapid and uneventful, and in the meantime, we miss you and are awaiting your return with anticipation. Much love from us down under, Marian and Bill. Xx

  5. Pearl says:

    My Mom had both her eyes done, AND her dog’s. They both needed it.
    She says colors look so much better now, but there is a battle with macular degeneration at this point and she’s getting a shot in the eye every month… yikes! Yes, I know it’s hereditary…
    Her dog did so well with his, although diabetes did take him.
    Good luck… I’m trying to stay away from doctors in my later years, but I would definitely do this if needed.

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