March 6, 2021: Who IS Juan O Savin? And what is his function NOW?

I’ve been trying to buy the print version of this book, but so far have only found where to buy the e-book.

I just looked up, when was the last Q drop, and according to this site, it was on Election Day, November 3, 2020. That’s four months and two days ago.

In these four months and two days, I, and no doubt many others, have pursued other sources for “intel” way more than before. To date, for me, I’ve added Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Charlie Freak, Scott McKay, Mel K, santa surfing, gene decode, Martin Geddes, Michael Jaco, and others, plus, meanwhile, continuing my daily date with Dave at X22 Report and once in a while Sean at SGT Report. There are a few others I’ve not watched for a long time, more because their on-line personality rubs me the wrong way than because I think their intel is less valuable than others. For example here, Destroying the Illusion. And some, like Praying Medic, whom I used to rely on for Q decodes, have also dropped out of sight, for me.

Also, I no longer look for Liz Crokin’s videos, though they may be there. She was an early-warning system for the rampant pedophilia in especially, Hollywood, and I imagine she is extremely grateful that her cause, which for anyone who dares to open their eyes, has now been taken up by many many more people and is, at last, becoming somewhat visible to the general public, thanks especially to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine..

Sometimes, I also check out Cathy O’Brien’s site for any new blogposts there, because she was the first to alert me, and many many others, to just how corrupt is the deep state, how it’s all planned to lead to the New World Order, and how public officials and others are blackmailed, and thus controlled by hidden videos taken of their pedophilia and worse activities with children. Her focus on MK Ultra, presidential sex slaves (including herself), and many many other associated subjects when her book Trance Formation of America was published in the late ’90s, simply blew my then ignorant, innocent mind wide open. I tried to close it back down for a few years after absorbing her horrific tale, but ultimately I had to admit her story into my mind/body/soul while also paying close attention to any efforts out there to stop this horrific practice. Which is why I first began to notice the candidacy of Donald Trump, and to ultimately celebrate his presidency, since it became very obvious to me that he too, was not only aware and appalled, but determined to eradicate the world of this pervasive evil.

I trust my new sources post-Q more than most, though some do get it obviously wrong on occasion, for example, gene decode, who posted a clip of DJT at the White House yesterday and said it was from several days ago, whereas anyone who watched that clip after DJT supposedly got out of the hospital back in early October, remembers it. On the other hand gene decode’s intense focus on the DUMBS and the tunnels connecting them world-wide, as well as their sometime use to hide abducted children, is extremely interesting and provocative information.

But all the above is but background to one singular figure that I now see as not only to have taken Q’s place, but to be guiding us from here on out to see and feel the sheer, nearly unimaginable complexity of the situation we face as we work to drain the swamp.

Yes, I am speaking of the still mysterious figure of Juan O Savin — not his real name, and we still have no idea what he really looks like, beyond those somewhat pudgy hands, and shortish legs clad in cowboy boots.

I watch every single video that features him, via all sorts of interviewers, and though he covers much the same material in them all, there are always new understandings, via new long-winded background stories, that he pulls out at the drop of his presumed cowboy hat to explain something that is going on now. “Let me just say this . . .” he begins, casually, every time, signaling that I need to drop everything, and listen intently.

It’s as if he can pull the curtain back anywhere you care to look, to reveal more, much more, than anyone (certainly me) had ever imagined. His linguistic skills in describing the granular and multilayer complexity of events and their contexts are beyond parallel.

For example, take this next video, with Michael Jaco, where between about minutes 40 to 60 he tells the real story of Libya (and of course, Benghazi) and sketches in two important links of Libya with Haiti (child sex trafficking and gold).

Plus, there is his skill (and obvious relish) as a superb networker, not to mention his warning function as a herald, speaking to what is happening now by emphasizing the enormous complexities of the long-planned intricate effort to pull out the seemingly infinite threads of the tightly woven, cancerous world-wide web we call the “deep state.” In describing what we are facing, he warns us not to look at certain dates when “something absolutely has to happen or else I’m out.”  Patience is the key. This operation is multilayered and will go on for weeks, months, even years.

Furthermore, he claims, anyone who thinks the white hats are just “reacting” to whatever the deep state does, doesn’t understand what’s going on. This entire operation has been “gamed out,” with any particular move the bad guys make already thought of and planned for.

Of course I wonder, how could one person seem to know all this? Who is Juan O Savin, really? Not JFK Jr., I and others have decided, though thinking so, at first. He appears as what must be a long-time insider, who has been called upon now to carry the torch that the Q group first took up and inspired thousands of what we now call “patriots” to do their own independent research. Like those I follow, above.


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  1. On one of Robert David Steele’s videos a ways back he was eating dinner with Juan and he said unequivocally that he was not JFK Jr. He showed his ruby ring on his little finger throughout the video to prove it was him….Crazy Guy….It will be interesting if and when these people emerge when it is all over to see who they really are….VK

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You mean he claimed to not be JFK Jr. and then showed JRK Jr’s ring?
      I remember he also demurred when Kerry Cassidy said he was JFK Jr. in her interview with him.

      • Lisa Collins says:

        DuckDuckGo……type in admiral Michael Rogers…… many videos on him. I’m convinced that’s Juan o Savin. Voice is the same …. retired 4 star Admiral …… His work in military …… fits his knowledge. Also saw video…..Plan to save the world…… I think that was it….. he and Flynn were shown briefly as the good guys…. the white hats. Convinced it’s him.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          It would be great, but I don’t think so. Voice not as gravelly, and manner not as laid back. But who knows? Like your sleuthing.

          • Lisa Collins says:

            It’s him …… same laugh. I’ve watched several of his videos Uses his hands when talking the same way. Laught is identical. It’s him. Voice sounds different on different videos some are different and lower. It’s him. Maybe you need to go back and listen.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          The video is called The Plan to Save the World, and it’s by Joe M, who was an incredible source on twitter, until Jack got rid of him.
          Here’s the video:

          • Lisa Collins says:

            I don’t think Juan put that out. I meant admiral Michael Rogers is briefly shown in the video. I’ve seen the video. I have it.

          • Lisa Collins says:

            I have the video. What I said was admiral Michael Rogers is shown briefly in the video as one of the good guys. I didn’t suggest Juan put it out.

          • Ann Kreilkamp says:

            Okay, will pursue further! Thanks for the persistence, Lisa.

    • Susan M Richards says:

      the ring is an antique garnet heart ring that JFK jr. gave his mother Jackie since she let him go to South America.

    • John horton says:

      Juan is Admiral mike Rogers listen to both voices

      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        I did. And don’t think so.

      • Julia Brown says:

        He is Wayne R. Willott.

      • Sheila Zeiss says:

        That’s what I say and have been saying if Juan is not Admiral Rogers I will be shaken to the core about my own ability to discern facts. The voice, Juan’s vast knowledge about the Military and Military code. Who knows that stuff except a seasoned Military guy? I stick by Admiral Rogers. Many say Juan has sent code that he’s JFK Jr. I say no way.

        • Lynn McCluskey says:

          Nah, the Admiral’s voice is more high pitched and he speaks A LOT faster than 107.

        • Lisa Collins says:

          I’ve watched several of his videos. Sounds different in all. But still has the gravel. What has me convinced is his knowledge but mostly his laugh. It’s identical…….. Juan is admiral Rogers for sure!

    • Dewey says:

      He is a private investigator named Wayne Willott. I suspect he is possibly one of the PIs that Trump said he sent out (in 2011 or 12) to dig up Obama’s past.

  2. Judith Williams says:

    It seems to me he came on the scene rather recently although he may have been around a while but I was not aware. I watched the video of him driving around collecting things to give to Trump and I’ve heard hours of interviews. So far I can’t see what’s so special about him. I get most of my information from Dave at x22 and Lori Colley when she’s on and a few others.

  3. Mirror11 says:

    suggestion. listen to Dennis Lindahl daily (M-F) radio show/ podcast 1090 AM The Flag. Its called the Morning Lowdown. Simon Parkes is highly questionable as are some of the other names. We are being attacked daily not only from the left but we are victims of multiple influence operations. Stay close to the surface and give Dennis a listen. Here is a link to Fridays Show..

  4. THEMIRROR says:

    Go listen to Dennis Lindahl . His show is called The Morning Lowdown, either you didnt like my original post or I cant post links, so I wont. Look, the bottom line is WE ALL HAVE ACCESS TO THE SAME INFORMATION AT THE MOMENT. Why put your hope in people who have zero skin in the game? They all have NOTHINGTO LOSE, and everything to gain. I am not saying they are bad guys, on the contrary they are all quite entertaining, BUT….TRUST NOBODY.. To feed you information, go to 8 kun and lurk, there is more info flowing through there than the CIA or FBI, PEACE

    • THEMIRROR says:

      1 more thing, why are you going to the daily beast, to tell you when the llast Q drop was? Actually it was on December 8th #4853 its a link to a YT video, and the 1 before that was 11-13 #4852 and it read …>> DURHAM

      • janet w says:

        I was wondering if anyone got a copy of the YouTube video from Dec 8. Or any of the others that were on the posts. I download everything I can just in case it goes bye bye.

        • Allison says:

          I believe the video from Dec 8 connected to the Q drop that was deleted from youtube was just a video of chaos with the song “Were Not Gonna Take It”. The point being we were fed up was my memory of it, not so much the content.

      • Allison says:

        First time Ive seen this website. I was looking for info on Juan O Savin as I am just trying to search deeper into information that “might” be true. I ALMOST passed up this website because the person who wrote this article, started out quoting wrong info on the last Q drop, from the worst place ..the Daily Beast is complete jive, disinformation junk. BUT glad I kept reading as the writer is giving better and interesting info past the false statements on Q drops. Last drop was Dec 8. Regarding Simon, if he ends up to be wrong, I feel strongly he believes what he says and is not trying to deceive (don’t rant about him and the alien thing as I know what he said and I dont see it as some alien mating thing; I have other things I could say on it but its too long and I don’t believe in UFOs but anything is possible). We all can have our opinions. Anyhow, I am going to look at some channels people in the comments are pointing to , so thanks for that. I find the best things in the comments sometimes. I wished to add, there’s a channel that is done by a 20 yr ex-marine, he’s soothing, gives hope and he shows compilations of what the digital soldiers find out there, and key players ….as far as how past Q drops, could be linking to current happenings and other interesting current info. He puts out a new video every two days. That is on Rumble on channel called, “And We Know”. He makes some great intros (music and graphics), two good ones are on videos “Pulitzer Sur-Prize” and “Mission Possible”. Nice to see you all here, take care.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          Yeah, I’ll never live down my impulsive need to cite the first source I came to on when Q ended. Oh well! Perhaps that mistake can serve as a guardian to my gate, in that anybody who just reads it and thinks I’m an idiot will go away, and those, like you, who read on, even so, will be glad they did. Thanks.

          • Allison says:

            Not trying to beat you up in anyway there Anne. Funny thing was, I learned something myself. I learned just because someone is incorrect and citing one of the worst sources out there…….doesn’t mean they are OFF the Mark in general. Lesson was, don’t judge so fast even if some errors are clear. Wow – that applies to many things out there these days, including the post about Juan and Jake on another thread. Interesting!

          • Ann Kreilkamp says:

            It sounds like you and I are learning similar lessons. My nature is fiery; I’m always hot to judge. Have had to learn all sorts of ways to cool myself down, and realize we are all human beings who are doing the very best we can, under our various circumstances. All except psychopaths and sociopaths, of course. And then there’s always the question of whether or not so-and-so IS a psychopath or sociopath . . .

          • Allison says:

            Even tonight, my lesson of dismissing due to Ann’s error on the last Q drop, even tonight that comes into play for me in a significant way. I was listening to Gene DeCode talk about the black POW flags flying at the White House. I don’t know if all these far out things are true but I can see some verification of these things people claim. But I am not sure if DeCode is legit or not, I lean he is. He is saying the black POW flag is because Trump is supposed to be in the White House, not Biden. Then I see this video from this guy in D.C. who is only taking the photos on the ground for us and doing research. He finds out Trump made a law in Nov. 2019 to fly the black flags on certain buildings under our regular flag. So at first, I dismissed DeCode as a fraud…he had one thing wrong so everything is wrong. Or is it? I have to re-evaluate my thinking now due to dismissing Ann out of the gate, so I learned. Logically, both can be true or maybe DeCode made a wrong assumption on the black flag. Either way, that alone shouldn’t make me dismiss DeCode. Now I’m thinking it’s odd Trump made that law in the first place…..almost like it was on purpose for the time period right now…’s just odd. I wonder if Trump and the others knew this was going to play out exactly like it’s going? Everything is so strange, I can’t stop looking and researching. Anyhow… Here’s the cool man on the ground in DC, he has a lot of videos from DC and if you want him to film something he says to tell him what you want to see and he’ll go after it

  5. mirror says:

    Go listen to Sean at SGT he met “Juan O Savin” his most recent video

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks, Mirror, for all your suggestions. And you’re right. I should have been more conscious in my search for when the Q drops stopped. Just went to the first thing that popped up when I asked duck duck go. And as for my “trust” in Juan O Savin, you’re right again, that I do tend to trust his info more than that of many. However, I’ve now read through about half of his Kid By The Side of the Road, and frankly, the ancient history he uses as background is, I’m sure, eye-opening for many, to the point where, were this book not so well produced (I only have the ebook), they might question further. However, I’m still betting on him as a deep insider, if not to the Trump team, than to the deeper context of how the Trump team came about. Will keep searching, however. Just because I may seem to have made up my mind at any point, does not mean my mind closes down! On the contrary, I can’t help but continuously expand and deepen my inquiry.

      • StoryTeller says:

        Juan O Savin supposed aliases
        1. W
        2. W The Intelligence Insider
        Real name?
        Wayne Ronald Willott
        Wayne Willott
        Private Investigator

        I came across this information online. What I know for sure is the same person has been on other shows (voice and storytelling are exactly the same) using different names. W, W Intelligence Insider. My first experience with 007, (switch out the first 0 with a 1 or Juan), was hearing him call into Field McConnell’s show.
        I thought I would share this information, so that if interested you may research for yourself.

      • Allison says:

        Ann, I nearly passed up your website/blog just on the Q drop info being wrong. (I see what you wrote there about this.) Whew! You are EXACTLY the type of person I was looking for, glad I kept reading. I was looking for someone centered and kind, someone who has been following things for a long time that I have not, so I can more or less, trust their “take”. Juan is rather new to me and I didn’t want to keep tracking another “new entity to myself”…….which might end up a place of disinformation and waste of time. You helped me solve that now….you seem honest and transparent….I will follow your writings now. Thank you.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      What’s the actual date of that video?

    • Allison says:

      Superb post mirror. I would LOVE to hear SGT on Juan O Savin. I don’t watch SGT enough but I like that channel, so I would have missed this one!

      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        Yes, I’d like to see Sean on SGT with Juan O Savin also, especially since Sean tends to have a skeptical bent, so a good person to vet him. I do think he might have managed to convince Kerry Cassidy in her interview with him.

    • Allison says:

      Wait a minute, is Sean Stone the same narrator voice on SGT Report?

  6. Sup says:

    Not the last Q post.
    All the newer “intel” desire $$ for their Intel.
    107 is JFK JR.

    • Allison says:

      They desire money for intel? I wouldn’t trust that at all. The channels I watch and the Q boards I watch, all say last drop was Dec 8.

      Two Q boards I like are: and This one has extra things like ALL of Trumps tweets and also all of Trumps deleted tweets. So interesting. Just mess with the boxes of settings at the top for what you want to see. You can also set it to show other people from the Trump admin. past tweets too. Rather interesting tool.

    • Nonny Mouse says:

      I feel certain that Juan is NOT JFK Jr. Doesn’t seem like his voice is being altered in any way (which you can usually tell), and his voice and Jrs aren’t the same to me at all. Pitch, cadence, accent- all different than Jrs.

      I know it’s been quite a long time but I don’t believe Jr would completely lose his New England accent where he elongates vowels, the same type of accent his sister has. Juan also doesn’t have the slight lisp Jr had.

      Also, what we have seen of Juan’s legs and hands speaks to a shorter, stockier person than Jr. was.

  7. Tina Kirkendall says:

    Where can the hard copy purchased? I don’t want the bread.

  8. Janet W says:

    Interesting article, but as soon as you mentioned Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Santa Surfing and others, you lost me. Those folks are almost always wrong. I won’t call them liars outright because I think they might be telling what they believe to be true. But I’ve caught so many falsehoods that I simply don’t believe a word.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I am beginning to agree with you, but feel that everybody I mentioned, no matter who they are, has their own perspective. After all, we all come from a certain Point of View, point from which we observe/absorb the 360° circumference of our vision. And so much depends on our background! So, though I remain skeptical, i.e., a searcher after the big T (Truth), which after all, can only be ascertained by one who has not only 360° vision of the present moment from an infinity of perspectives, but who sees the present moment in the context of the infinity stretching backwards and forwards; plus, then, when you add in other dimensions above and below 3-D, then the infinities keep on scaling up and out and down and in, and so forth. So I’m not going to stake my “certainty” on anything or anyone, but instead, recognize that the need for intellectual certainty is, at root, the need for emotional security, something the entire world seems to be sadly lacking in this fracturing era when the nourishing influence of two parents has been banished as trivial.

      • Allison says:

        Perfectly said and so logical. I am going to parrot it. Hit the nail on the head. I always felt this what you wrote, but never could put words to it!

    • Allison says:

      Hi Janet, Can you please tell me, just regarding Simon, aside from anything to do with aliens……….what did you see he was “wrong” about ? Can you give a few examples?


      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        I know that Clif High has been highly skeptical about all sorts of people, including Simon and Charlie Ward. About Simon he says that he promoted some product that later turned out to have not been real or worth the money, or something like that. And, that he never apologized. I’d like to know the full story however, as I’m sure that’s not it. Clif has a VERY jaundiced eye.

        • Allison says:

          I’ve never heard of Clif High before now. I think anyone skeptical in nature will not take well to Simon or Charlie by default. Not that this is valid but, I have good sensors and I feel very strongly Simon is a good soft soul based on nothing but watching his eyes and voice/tone.

  9. Gina Angeli-Hosley says:

    Juan is not a man of means and does not have insider information. He’s a con artist and I am calling him out. I too, thought this guy was a man of insider information until I started to listen to a video with Juan, Pryme Minister, Jennifer Eason and Gerry Foley. In this video, Juan is talking about Jake Chansley, aka Jake Angeli, the horned guy at the Capital. Juan indicates that Jake is a ring leader into pedophile because of his 3 enter-locking pyramid tattoo. Those pyramids are a Shaman Volknut – anyone can look it up. All of Jake’s tattoos are represent of Native American Indian, Shamanism and Spirituality. Jake is a young man that loves God, his County and Trump. Jake is part of the Q movement and wants to take down the swamp like we all do. Jake walked into that Capital because he was waived in by the police. He thought it was ok to enter. This young man is being railroaded because he made a mistake by thinking he was welcome to walk in. None the less, since I know the truth about Jake, I am his Aunt by marriage, I know that Juan is full of shit and this man needs to be stopped from spreading BS to us conservatives. P.S. I have sent 2 instant messages to Pryme Minster letting him know if he was a true man of God he would call out Juan. I’ve yet to hear back from him.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I too noticed his remarks about Jake, and remember thinking he’s making an assumption that he probably hasn’t checked out. I remember I think it was Santa Surfing interviewing Jake, and said he had been standing on some street corner for years(?)letting people know about pedophilia and worse happening in their area (Arizona? can’t remember). So I was predisposed to appreciate him. Which is why I just dismissed this particular remark from Juan, thinking that, well, nobody’s perfect! But all the rest you say about Juan . . . what are your sources? How do you know? Might it just be that Juan was mistaken on this particular matter? That’s my assumption now. And I totally sympathize with what it must be like for Jake to have to go through this mistaken vilification that, I imagine, went viral with Juan. Hopefully, someone who knows Juan can ask him to correct this mistake in public.

    • Will says:

      Thank you for this! I’ve been wondering about “horned guy” because nothing about him seemed evil or nefarious to me. Kinda weird, maybe, but you know so are we all in some way. Anyway, I note that the author states “some do get it obviously wrong on occasion” and I suppose that goes for Juan as well. I’d be interested to know if you have any other examples of him spreading false information? Remember that this is an information war we’re in the middle of, so deception and misdirection are key weapons. Sometimes they’re used purposefully, and sometimes they cause collateral damage by confusing friendly forces. I really appreciate your viewpoint on this and I hope Jake can channel is obviously powerful personality into helping the movement!

    • Erul1an Def1ant says:

      The symbol was the INDO-EUROPEAN Volknut, or knot of the Chosen of Odin, the All-father. I’ve never known of anyone who wears it to go without severe consequences if one was not worthy. So young the minds of our once indomitable people. Quit looking outside of yourselves, as the only truth is that in which you gain for yourself. Such is Troth. The nature of Frith and the Æsirian Code of 9 and the Havamal are as true to the way through the decietful nithings as they were in one’s past. WE ate the ancient enemy of these dark cowards and false ‘prophets.’ They have rendered every reference you look to. Look to your Ancestral Soul, find your Troth and expand Frith on the way we once did and all enemies of a free and soveriegn people are doomed.

    • Allison says:

      I always felt Jake was one of us Patriots who took a hit, I don’t mean from Juan, the entire establishment attacked him including the police. I saw no video of him doing anything violent; standing behind Pelosi’s desk is not violent and I blame non of them that entered peacefully. (Walking into the Capital is a FAR cry from stealing an election, Congress in session or not. I believe Jan 6 was a complete fake false flag set up with some normal unknowing Patriots mixed in.) I totally understand your anger as his aunt and my heart goes out to you. But…, Juan when I listen to him at times, he’s had it as well. I can’t imagine knowing all he does and keeps himself in check all the time. Perhaps the mistaken attack on Jake was Juan lashing out too hastily and losing it himself. I think Jake and Juan are both good guys and many of us have been at the boiling point.

    • Allison says:

      I meant to include, I wanted to protect Jake myself and I was mad as hell what they did to him. If he is still in jail or needs fees for attorneys, please set up a fund on that right leaning site (NOT gofundme, that is left leaning and won’t let you anyhow, it’s a name like sendfundgo or something) . If you have someone set it up, post the info all over the place because I would DEFINITELY contribute. It’s like taking care of someone that took a hit for all of us.

  10. Allison says:

    I cannot find Juan on SGT. I even scanned the videos prior to Mirror’s post of March 7. .

    There’s a Juan and Sean Stone session on March 3, which might have been the video he was pointing to. It is on Rumble if you search for “Juan Sean Stone” and its March 3. It wont let me post with the link.

  11. Allison says:

    I found a recent amazing 2.5 hr Juan interview, in part, about history of DC, blew me away. The part he speaks of the background behind DC itself starts at 51 minute point. I never seen a person who can speak this way and in detail about so many aspects of past history. I don’t know who he is, but he is gifted. I can’t get the link to post but if you go on Rumble, search for this exact title: Juan O Savin 3-16-21 BardsFM Part 1

    (I haven’t yet found a Part 2, I’m thinking it doesn’t exist yet.)

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, that might have been the interview that solidified my view of him. And I too, would like to find part 2!

  12. Allison says:

    Does anyone know how to find a channel that is from Juan himself? He makes it sound like he has a 107 podcast of sorts, but I cannot find it. Much appreciated if anyone has info on that. (I realize the name Juan is likely an alias, but is what he uses right now.)

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      He has a new website coming that will handle a whole boatload of stuff, our answer to twitter, or something like that. Site up to snuff yet, has techies working on it now.

      • Allison says:

        Once I posted my latest comment below, now I can see the bottom of this thread. Odd, when I click to comment from my email, my computer must be serving me an older page here. I think it’s my computer causing the issue, not this website.

      • shawn says:

        Interesting, and you know who else is working on their own internet site due to twitter bans and every other big tech platform is Mr President Donald J Trump. Also herd the Pillow Guy has his own coming and Robert Steel. All currently telling us about the upcoming platforms. They don’t call them websites but platforms. So makes you wonder are these guys working on a big reveal together? Who knows ? well not me but it is interesting.

        • Lisa Collins says:

          I’ve done my own research. I went on google. I typed in who is Juan o Savin? I saw lots of things but what got my attention is I saw a place where they did a voice comparison with 4 star Admiral Michael Rogers……. and it had been taken down. We all know that the truth gets taken down quickly. So I googled him. Yep……… sounds just like him. That voice……. He would know all he knows from his job in the military. He’s retired now but probably still involved somehow or has great contacts. There’s many videos on him. Look him up and tell me what you think. I’m convinced it’s him. I also saw a video put out that was the plan to save the world and he and Flynn were shown briefly as the good guys…….. white hats…….. please get back to me.

          • Allison says:

            Lisa, thanks for your comment…..SOOOOOO interesting what you say. If you have it, can you tell us how to get to the video you saw of “Juan” and Flynn with the plan to “save the world”? (I know sometimes we can’t always find past things we looked at as there’s sooooo much.)

          • Ann Kreilkamp says:

            See my comment to Lisa!

          • Brendon Leydic says:

            Its not admiral Michael Rogers if you look at his thumb its straight but Juan’s thumb bends back

  13. Allison says:

    Thanks for the answer Ann. Mike Lindell talks about a new type of platform he has coming as well, that will replace twitter, youtube, and facebook with a patented new technology especially for the video part. Makes me wonder if they are both going to launch similar, which would be a cool link if they do.

    (I can’t see the bottom of this thread anymore. It stops before the latest posts and I see comments via my email only. After all the lies on Trump in the MSM, I was led to watching Steve Bannon’s War Room for a couple years, which in turn led to me searching for more , hence I end up at places like your website. I had no idea any of this dark stuff existed prior to that; not even the corrupt FBI etc.)

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