“March forth” on March 4th . . . revelations, openings, releases — the boulder rolling back from the tomb?

Flynn was, no surprise, correct. Nothing happened on March 4. No inauguration. No false flag.

(More on what’s  “gonna happen over a period of time” in next post.)

And yet, and yet! Seems like spring, and the dropping of seeds, is already exhibiting signs of new life.

BTW: Thanks to a dear friend for the phrase “March forth” . . . She was noticing all the new beginnings in her own personal surroundings yesterday. And you? Meanwhile, back to this nation’s long-running — months? even years’-long ! — “moment” of truth . . .

How’s these for marching forth on the fourth  . . .

National Guard Commanding General Blows Gigantic Hole in Dem Narrative, Reveals ‘Unusual’ Directive Before Jan. 6

I had a visceral response, while reading this next post — just how the deep state uses the media, in its often successful attempts to take down un-rule(y) individuals.

ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: Does CNN Ever Report the Truth? CPAC Rap Video Mischaracterized in Smear

The irony in this next video —

Fauci Rips Texas Governor Re-opening Business Ending Mask Mandate

— is hilarious, given the eagle-eye who noticed the seam on the neck of the Fauci head-covering mask!

And, you gotta admit, this doesn’t even look like him!

Meanwhile, who was it that said a nation cannot be conquered from outside unless and until it has first been undermined from inside . . .

I submit that overweight and especially obesity — now over 40 percent in the U.S. — are signs of that kind of decay — helped immensely by corn, soybeans, wheat, the big three of Big AG, Monsanto-poisoned, GM, fast food junkie “life” ——

And of course, this extremely unhealthy “life-style” the U.S. has devolved into is nowhere mentioned by Fauci and his ilk as contributing to so-called “Covid” mortality figures. Not to mention obesity functioning as a typical co-morbidity, and also fostering heart trouble, diabetes, and so on.

Then there’s the fact that, as of March 4,  at least one judge isn’t afraid of the big bad wolf! Though the fraudulent election in question is not national, might this ruling set a trend?

Judge Orders New Election After Discovering Unsettling Truth About Majority of Absentee Ballots

Signs of life in Covidiana?

I agree. This next woman’s fantabulously foul language totally appropriate!

I wonder if DJT swears. Or maybe he doesn’t need to; just spouts acidic “smackdowns” of various RINOs, including Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove.

“A RINO of the Highest Order – A Pompous Fool” — Donald Trump’s Latest Smackdown of Karl Rove is One for the Ages

Finally, on the eve of March Forth Fourth, Sidney Powell, whose disgust with the state of our union now knows no bounds.

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