March 2021, Day 4: Juan O Savin with Sean Stone: This farce will not go on much longer . . .

 — and certainly not until next elections in 2022 or 2024, according to Juan O Savin. As he said, way back in mid-January when he announced, to our great dismay, that Biden would actually be “inaugurated,”  that his “presidency” would only be allowed to last 45-60 days.

We’re now at day 43! No wonder March is thought to be pivotal.

Today signals the first marker day of March that all sorts of folks have been looking towards to help us “figure out” what’s happening during this continuing spectacle (let’s call it instead a skeptical? see this extraordinary 1995 video of Phil Schneider) of the Biden “presidency,” a laughable farce that features troops, road blocks, tall looped wire fences around the D.C. capital, aa darkened White House, Oval Office stage sets for E.O.s to order, a ghost-like mumbling puppet figure “at the helm” undoing every decision Trump made in his first four years to begin to get this country back on its own original track (as per the original constitution), ie., no longer captured by the invasive deep state that was busy dismantling it as the final act of the longstanding, draconian, elitist, globalist NWO plan.

So, March 4th. The first of many March days that may prove pivotal.

Note: And see Laura Bruno’s blogpost for March astrology, which also includes transit Mercury crossing Neptune on March 28.

Not just “possible inauguration” (between 4-6 March), but wouldn’t ya know, yep, a fuckin’ false flag! Do these deep state idiots ever switch playbooks?

Search “false flag March 4” on duck duck go. Lots of versions, many trying to implicate what they call Qanon. BTW: quite a while ago, we independent thinkers realized that there is no Qanon; there’s just “Q” and the myriads of “anons” that the often cryptic three-year Q intel-thread  inspired to do their own independent research — all of it leading to that Las Vegas AQUARIAN ACTIVATION event several weekends ago, where 400 of these folks finally got to meet, on short notice, in person, thanks to Juan O Savin our human mycellium maven.

Here’s a new Juan O Savin interview from yesterday, this one with very well-informed Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone).

I embedded the youtube version here, but in case it gets taken down, go here.

Again, have only barely watched the first 24 minutes, but enough to recognize that in this video Juan O Savin takes time to outline the history of, rationale for, and changing prospects of what we call “MONEY.” Why does he, in that long-winded but fascinating manner of his, tell this particular story? Because he wants to give background to his reply to Sean Stone’s question about the “Quantum financial system,” which Juan seems to equate with Nesara/Gesara, a notion that frankly, I’ve always found to be pie-in-the-sky-too-good-to-be-true” . . .

Juan makes short work of it, by pointing out that its “debt jubilee” would actually benefit those who have leveraged their wealth most! I.e., the fat cats who buy up stuff and properties on credit! How is that going to help the little guy? — he asks, and concludes that the notion that the much vaunted Nesara/Gesara would help the little guy is simply “juvenile.”

And I quote: “They simply don’t have a concept of ‘contract law.’ And then adds something like this: “A long time ago I said that when Trump gets into office,, he will ‘preside over the bankruptcy of America.'”

Agreed. Because that IS what’s happening, and, I want to add, as I have said before, who else but a big businessman with experience of how bankruptcy works to serve as point man to guide the U.S. and the whole world, as gently as possible, through what Juan calls the financial (and political, cultural) “disruptive change” required to shift out of the runaway “fiat money” ponzi scheme end-game?

All that within the span of 18 – 24 minutes. Hope to finish this video sometime today!

His long-winded stories of “how things work” really help me, for one, to articulate, for myself, the sheer magnitude and complexity of what’s going down. I.e., What all must be taken into account in order to take down the deep state that has surreptitiously and/or obviously threaded itself into every single aspect of our individual and common life. In the last video of his I put up, once I got around to listening to the whole thing, I noticed he told a long-winded story about “how America works,” via capitalism, and celebrates it, for its capacity to pull the best out of each free individual who dares to express him or herself fully, to set intentions, to take risks, i.e., everyone who is willing to work to see their own dreams come true while exchanging products and services with others in their sphere of influence.

The point is, socialism/communism — that darling of especially the indoctrinated academic left, where we sovereign individuals are to be subsumed to the collective, completely losing our God-given freedom and instead be forced (or slow-boiled, or conned) into debt and other slavery under the aegis the globalist elites (again, who’s at the top? banksters? bloodlines? ET overlords?) — simply doesn’t work. In fact it’s pernicious as hell.

An example here: one of my former housemates, now 29, owes $30K for his college indoctrination. He’s been paying the monthly minimum faithfully for five years. What does he now owe? $30K! his earnestly earned money has been eaten up in “interest” charges to the bank.

On the other hand, at least in this little Green Acres Permaculture Village, we are experimenting with riding the razor edge of all polarities, including the polarity between capitalism and socialism. In this case, how to include the virtuous elements of both (socialism — empathy, caring for others, and capitalism—unbridled individual freedom). We view these two ways of organizing society as a dynamic polarity which, as long as both stay in play, and we don’t come down on one side or the other, we can avoid both the cult-like, morass of socialism/communism that, if allowed to proceed unchecked, leads to the New World Order of total control over every single person to the point of AI robotic predictability, and the shock doctrine behavior of a capitalism that without (any socialist) regulations put upon it, tends to turn predatory, robbing both peoples and earth of all that makes life worthwhile.

In short, both systems, unchecked, taken to extremes,  are anti-life, anti-aliveness! The first, unchecked, leads to chaos, the Hobbesian war of all against all; the second, unchecked, leads to monotony, boring sameness, the loss of both vibrancy and agency..

Let us ask: How does Nature do it?

For Nature is neither capitalist nor socialist! Both, remember, like “money” itself, are mere scrims, covering wild Nature. Which is why I always say: “live below money, as far as possible.”

In other words, both capitalism and socialism, as systems of organizing society, are human mental constructions first, meant to subdue Nature, dominate, take control of her, ignore her, rob her, and ultimately, if left unchecked, kill the living spirit that fills and fuels the universe.

Instead, in NATURE, every single individual or every single species, at whatever order of being, naturally expresses itself (or him or herself) fully, completely, in concert with, harmonizing with, a vast, ultimately mysterious, interpenetrating, multidimensional web, including all other species of all orders of being, with each sovereign being’s waste serving another as food. As a result, there is no such thing as “waste”! And food is as abundant are the diversity of beings living in harmony!

This is Nature’s way. It is also the vision of permaculture.

But, there’s one little caveat. And it’s HUGE. We must take human “free will” into account. Other creatures in this earthly realm are not “self-aware” in the same way we humans are: they do not experience choices, do not exhibit free will. Instead, they follow their natures, easily, naturally, adapting to conditions at hand, no matter what! Only we “all-too-human” beings are free to go off-track, to go against our natures, which then, automatically, isolates us from Nature herself.

And of course, we all do this, to some extent. How can we not? That’s how we discover what serves both ourselves and others and what does not!  And, in every case, it’s our (SELF) AWARENESS of what we have done, of that and how we have gone off-track, that serves to bring us back. 


In order to understand this seemingly simple-minded maxim, we need to realize that the so-called “laws” of nature are actually “habits;” which implies that they can be changed. In other words, there is a larger, invisible order that operates even the “laws of nature,” a larger, enigmatic order which, for example, will, seemingly out of nowhere, bend the laws of space and time just enough to prevent you from having that car accident, if it is not your time to die. Ponder that. Ponder all those miraculous moments in your life when something (what? or who?) intervened to “save you” from certain death, or disability, or a violent relationship, or a life of crime. If we pay attention to our own unique nature, and that includes all parts of ourselves, including our own mind, body, and soul, the messages these aspects of us are sending, continuously, and often, through dreams, synchronicities, instinct, and intuition, then Nature herself tends to celebrate our own self’s call by bending in the direction of our conscious intent — regularly, like clockwork, only this clock is not mechanical, not digital, but bendable and permeable, spreading and shrinking, opening to other realms above and below, offering precious moments and opening infinite spaces of such grace and beauty, that this awakening being, for one, bows down to the Mystery.



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1 Response to March 2021, Day 4: Juan O Savin with Sean Stone: This farce will not go on much longer . . .

  1. Frances Rose says:

    I keep hearing different dates on when this “farce” is going to end. March has passed us by, and when probing has occurred to find out what did not happen and why, it has been blamed on un-foreseen circumstances, and the promise that indeed, “Things” have been going on in the back ground that we the People cannot be privy too, because of national security, and we should therefore stop demanding that the “farce” has to be stopped, and getting upset at our soothsayers and the Alliance and White Hats because we do not know, what we do not know!

    I believe there is an Alliance there are White Hats, and the plan to save the world has been going on since at least the death of JFK. I am not usually known for my patience and what I do have, is wearing thin. All I can do is know this: This Farce known as the ObidenHarris Admin, will come to an end. The question is, will we be able to rely on the Election system without a complete over-haul!? No. It will all be slow-walked. Any attempt to change this system that is set up for cheating, will be slow-walked. So what options do we have left? Military and the spilling of the blood of Patriots to water the tree of Liberty. Not something that fills me with joy, but what do we have left? The America we knew is GONE. There are still people refusing to wake up to reality. Even with the MEDIA clowns giving us our daily does of crappolla, at least, to those who still worship every word out of the mouths of puppets, that is. I will still listen to people like Juan O Savin. He is tired, no doubt, but he will not turn his back on the American People who have seen the writing on the wall of communism, despair, death and really high taxes.

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