March 2021, MARCH MADNESS? Day 3: Are we approaching a world-changing Neptunian Surrender to Grief on or about March 11?

Two of my new favorites, Scott McKay and Mel K, finally met each other in person during that Aquarius Activation event in Los Vegas two weekends ago, and now, here they are, riffing off each other in a joint session, wondering, like all of us, what will the much anticipated month of March bring, and which dates will prove to be of particular significance?

Mel K joins Scott McKaay Patriot Streetfighter for a Cabal Smackdown

BTW: Mel K is especially good at delivering precise, loaded intel in a very short time. One of her remarks that stood out for me, something like this: “As far as I’m concerned [due to her background research], the U.N. IS the New World Order.”

Both confess that they don’t know exactly what March Madness will bring — Trump inauguration on March 4 (tomorrow!) the original Inauguration Day according to the U.S. Constitution? After all, there are those massively increased D.C. Trump Hotel prices for March 4-6 . . . But as one of them says, Juan O Savin thinks it will be later in the month.

Then there’s March 15, aka Beware the Ides of March . . .

Might that day be the one when Biden is deposed from his fake throne? Hmmm . . .

Then there’s March 20, Spring Equinox, when the Sun pauses at the midpoint of equal night and day, leaning into increasing daylight until Summer Solstice, June 21. How about that date, March 20, for Trump’s inauguration. Possible?

Astrologically, this is the day when the Sun crosses from Pisccs into Aries, signifying, from the tropical zodiac’s point of view, the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. In Pisces, all that was once fully fleshed into form dissolves into a rich compost pile, fertile ground for Arian seeds of the new year which begin to take hold and sprout, signifying the new forms that will rise up, reach maturity, begin to fade, and then die, in the everlasting flow of the annual celebration of the life cycle on planet earth.

Now that would be a highly symbolic moment for President Trump to make his return, uniting humanity, for once, with this year’s renewal of an ancient pagan celebration, the death and rebirth of the king, which ancient Christianity echoed and reformulated as Good Friday through Easter.

However, and perhaps even more symbolic, I’d like to focus on March 11, as perhaps the most significant day of this month. Why? Again, it’s astrological, this time the conjunction of the yearly transit of the Sun over mystical Neptune, now at 20° Pisces, with Venus to follow three days later.

I sense what may become an immense flood of tears that begin to flow as humanity finally dares to face up to the desperation, horror  and sheer magnitude of world-wide child rape, torture, slavery, trafficking, and murder, for organs, adrenalized blood and cannabalism — all treated as commodities, and all for immense profit and control (by whom? banksters? bloodlines, reptilian ETS?) of bribed, blackmailed, and/or brainwashed adults who voluntarily or involuntarily engage in hidden, filthy practices that have infected this planet for decades, if not hundreds, even thousands of years.

Let’s face it? What could unify this divided, fractured world more than our daring to actually focus on the immense suffering of our world’s children?

If this flood of tears does begin on or about March 11, when the Sun illuminates oceanic, ultra-sensitive, psychic Neptune, currently (2011-2025) traveling through its home sign of Pisces (more powerful there than in any other sign), this energetic combination might assist the human race to shift from self-centered addictions to pharmaceutical and other drugs, alcohol, sex, money, material things, power, entertainment — to what lies below these pernicious Neptunian practices, namely, and always, GRIEF. Personal grief, collective grief, for whatever evil we ourselves as individuals have perpetrated against others, or for what has been done to us as individuals; and, always, if we but attune to the horror:  for what some of our species have been perpetrating upon the young while the rest of us pretended it wasn’t happening. This latter, like all grief, is one  which none of us like to feel, because  so very very painful. So instead, we cover it up, we numb ourselves, or we try to, and fail, with (hidden, or public) addictions.

Can a single movie help us to move into a more evolved attunement with the mysterious Neptunian energy that dissolves all forms into oneness? That energy which, at its highest level, offers, ultimately, not only compassion, but forgiveness?  If so, and if this movie launches on or about March 11, might that signal the ignition of a movement even more profound and long lasting than the Fukushima event, exactly ten years ago, on March 11, 2011, which poisoned the world’s waters, flooding the seas with powerful, invisible radiation that we no longer talk about, so deep and pervasive is our collective grief. For yes, it’s not over. Not by a long shot. Even now, I am reluctant to eat any seafood from the Pacific ocean. And you?

Perhaps this flood of Neptunian tears, this massive outpouring of sensitivity to and compassion for, the innocent children of our world, eight million  of whom are abducted every single year, according to Juan O Savin, will begin with the public release of this new film screened at the Las Vegas event, a film that affected the attendees so profoundly that, for the first 19 minutes of minutes of the Scott McKay/Mel K video, dominated their conversation.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Also Avicii a young dj from Norway was working on a similar docu, he and all of the people working on the project supposedly killed themselves before it was finished. Some of his music videos already shone a light on the topic of child trafficking, like ‘for a better day’

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