March 2021, What’s next?, Day 2: JUAN O SAVIN, about to hop a plane to D.C., weighs in

As expected, the Supreme Court once again defied the will of the people, and rejected the cases brought by Sidney Powell, this time with no explanation. If you recall, Juan O Savin said that the 19th and the 26th of February were markers, because they denoted the dates the Supreme Court would once again consider election fraud cases. Both these dates were Fridays, with the verdict announced Mondays. Yesterday was the final Monday.

So, according to Juan in that other interview, from now on all systems are go.

Here’s his latest. I’ve only just begun to listen.

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4 Responses to March 2021, What’s next?, Day 2: JUAN O SAVIN, about to hop a plane to D.C., weighs in

  1. Robert E. Krotzer says:

    I’ve learned to look for 7s and for many years the Lord has put them in awesome situations for me so I have many amazing stories. Last April I was 77 a sign from the Lord that great things will happen before April 17. USA!

  2. I support my President Donald Trump who won this election. Biden is not the real guy, it’s a clone who has lost this mind…We The People stand behind Trump and no one else…he is our President. We love you Steel and Jaco and Juan…Charlie…and all Patriots…peace, love and light

  3. Sandra Mehringer says:

    I want to keep hearing from Juan and others who tell the truth.

  4. Karin Kay Vanden Berg says:

    I still trust in the plan and know there is much happening everywhere. We just want the corrupt bunch here arrested and tried. But we must be patient…

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