February 2021, MARKER 2 and more, Day 26: CPAC, March 4, and the astrology — of the largest sting operation the world has ever known?

I remember when Juan O Savin told us to sit back, breathe, and realize: Biden is going to be inaugurated as President. But not to worry.

I documented it here:

January 2021 SHOCK! Day 14: Juan O’Savin: “In a few days you’re going to see Biden and Harris sworn into office. . .


Juan reassures Jaco that the Biden administration will only “last 45-60 days max.”

Note that length, please. More:

All of which makes me wonder: did Juan O’Savin know this would be the result, all this time, and is just now telling us? Or did the current state of play necessitate that we realize this is the way it’s going to go down. Also, I’m concerned: how much wreckage can Biden/Harris do in 45-60 days? And, is this part of the “let the enemy destroy themselves” Sun Tzu strategy that Trump has employed all along? And that, it turns out, in order for enough Americans to wake up, they will have to see what happens when a Biden/Harris administration does take the reins?

Yep. That does appear to be the case, with last night’s absurd, Obama-era strike on Syria as the capstone.

As Rising Serpent put it, succinctly, this morning:

The strike comes complete with irony.

On the other hand, an astute friend of mine wonders who gave the order to strike. The Biden administration? Or Trump? Who is really in control of the military? Kamala, apparently, wasn’t told about it, and she’s pissed. And if Trump, or, say Flynn, gave the order, then why? Apparently the strike was on people backed by Iran, and if Biden, aka the Deep State, wants to renegotiate Obama’s treaty with Iran that Trump stopped, this strike might have not been helpful! Plus, it makes Biden look like a war-monger, after Trump negotiated, what was it, six peace treaties with Israel in the region?

But I digress . . .

In that January 14th post, Juan O Savin went on to talk about this nightmare that we have been living through since puppet Biden’s fake inauguration on January 20th as “a near death experience for the nation” from which we will finally emerge, changed.

Along with everyone else I know who doesn’t suffer from media-induced TDS, I went totally ape shit when I listened to that Juan O Savin interview. I mean, really! Through all the falderall that passed for legal attempts to get the obviously stolen election back on track, I really did think that Trump would somehow pull it all off before January 20.

Okay, here we are today, February 26th, the day, BTW, that Juan O Savin, in another interview he said is Marker #2 which, if it goes as expected, so that the Supreme Court is declared impossibly corrupt, will trigger what’s to take place next. Today, Friday, February 26, the Supreme Court is due to consider several more election 2020 cases. By this time, we’d all be extremely surprised if they actually agreed to hear any of them.

And if they do not (we’ll find out on Monday?), then whatever The Plan is, will be set in motion through the month of March, with inflection days being March 3-6 (March 4th is the original date of inauguration according to the original U.S. Constitution). Scuttlebutt has it that the Trump hotel in D.C. raised its rates hugely for those three days. So something sure seems to be up.

Meanwhile, last weekend’s unpublicized event in Las Vegas, is followed, this weekend, by a massively publicized annual event, CPAC, in Orlando Florida

Both illustrate the Mercury influence on the Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius span, with Mercury inching closer and closer to expansive Jupiter as this weekend proceeds. At the moment President Trump is to speak, scheduled as the final speaker, on Sunday, at 3:40 PM, this is what it looks like astrologically:


Notice the all-important angles of the chart, and what they do or do not emphasize (Ascendant/Descendant horizontal axis; Midheaven/Immum Coeli vertical axis). In this case, the emphasized angle is the descendant, starring Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter, all of which, within twelve minutes more, will be crossed by the Descendant, moving at the rate of one degree every four minutes). First Saturn, at 8° Aquarius, which I suggest, indicates a serious, decisive event, or moment, with a kind of finality to it, perhaps indicating the real beginning of  President Trump’s return to the public eye. Communicative Mercury at 14° Aquarius is next; and finally, expansive, generous, abundant, welcoming Jupiter at 16° Aquarius.

Note that Mercury, on Sunday, will be only two degrees from Jupiter, and still approaching it. As next week begins, it appears that the Jupiterian feeling will grow and grow, as CPAC and Juan O Savin’s folks all raise their vibrations and ascend to a swelling current of cooperative and innovative optimism that might even begin to infect the general public in an entirely new way. So that, by March 4, the very day when Mercury exactly conjuncts Jupiter, the die is cast.

And guess on which degree they Mercury and Jupiter exactly conjunct! Seventeen!

Q happens to be the 17th letter of the alphabet, as Q’s anons all know and love.


In the first Aquarian Activation post I put up about this Mercury passage, I focused on this week we’re in now, not looking ahead to either CPAC or next week. Wow, was I myopic! Glad I’ve now widened my perspective. This Aquarian Activation process via Mercury is so precisely timed, that once again, I cannot help but wonder at what appears to be divine timing.

That divine timing may be something that Trump also has a hand in. Indeed, Dave, of X22 Report sees everything that’s going on in DC as scenes in an enormous sting operation, in fact, the largest sting operation the world has ever known. Why does he say that? Well, because Trump knows how to do stings. Big ones. In fact, as a builder in New York and Atlantic City, he worked with Rudy Giuliani to bring down the mafia, using his hotels and casinos as places where honey traps were set.

Furthermore, he adds, why do you think Trump looks so relaxed?

See yesterday’s report. Really eye-opening.

[DS] Failed, Pain Comes In Many Different Forms, Insurance Policy In Play – Ep. 2414


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  1. Barbie says:

    Thank you!

  2. rose day says:

    . . . more ‘fun’ . . .

    The Mercury/Jupiter conjunct at 17 degrees is in line with the numerology of the date for CPAC . . . February (second month, 2) 28 (sum of which is 10) 2021 (sum of which is 5)
    for a total of 2 plus 10 plus 5 . . . (drum roll-smile) 17!

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