COVID CHRONICLES: Which is the greater obstacle to ending this plandemic, FEAR? Or EGO.

On Sunday, February 21, the so-called “news of record” NYT published an unusually “graphic”  fear-mongering front page. Check it out. This visually arresting chart covers two full columns, with nearly 500,000 dots, each one supposedly representing one covid death.

More from NYT:

“From afar, the graphic on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times looks like a blur of gray, a cloudy gradient that slowly descends into a block of solid ink. Up close, it shows something much darker: close to 500,000 individual dots, each representing a single life lost in the United States to the coronavirus, signifying a staggering milestone that the nation is reaching in just under 12 months.”


WOW! Nearly half-a-million! Even with muffle masking, and social-distancing! Hand-wringing, in despair: “what more can we do?”

“President” Biden commemorated the 500K milestone tooted by the NYT, as blasted out by the MSM deep state propaganda arm that same day.

CBS News: Biden Honors 500K Covid Deaths

But then, wait a minute! What does this mean?

Lets see now, if 500,000 covid deaths in 2020, then slightly fewer than one out of six deaths were “from” (not just “with”) Covid? That’s weird. Are we to believe that from 2010-2019, pre-covid, there were about the same percentage of deaths as in 2020, but that in the other yearr, 1/6 of them were due to other causes? Geez! Does that mean that flu, pneumonia, heart attacks, cancers, diabetes, obesity, old age, and other covid “co-morbidities” simply weren’t counted last year? Or that they just magically disappeared, Covid having taken over? Sure seems like it.

We’ve been played folks, and some of us have known it all along. The way deep state treated this virus, if it indeed exists, driving F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) into the collective unconscious over and over and over again, an unrelenting flood of fear fear fear; this climactic scenario of the long-running globalist plan to demoralize and confuse the public to such an extent that they will, in the end, bow down to the coming draconiaan New World Order — made that conclusion, frankly, obvious to anyone familiar with how mind-control works.

But still . . . I must admit, I’m astonished at how many took the bait. The vast majority, it appears. At least in the leftist academic town where I live. But then, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Wow. But is it really true that “no amount of clear information . . . can change their mind(s)”?

If so, why? Is it because fear is a special emotion; and once instilled/installed, it lies at the bottom of the psyche and cannot be dislodged no matter what?

I’d say that yes, fear is a special emotion, in that it’s the one that any other emotion converts into, at bottom. Even hate. Especially hate! We hate what we fear.

And yet, I’d say that it’s bullshit, the idea that fear, once lodged in, is impossible to eradicate. Case in point?  Myself. I grew up a fear-dominated child, to the max: a World War II War Baby and a saintly Roman Catholic. Fear of The Bomb dovetailed with fear of the wrathful Big Daddy Sky God’s judgment upon me. I felt like Chicken Little, although too fearful of other’s reactions to me to actually scream out, constantly, that the sky was about to fall in. So: fearful of others too. Others here on earth, not just up there.

My psyche then, reminded me of most people’s psyches now, during this Covid spectacular, when the diabolical deep state, via MSM media and the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex has successfully brainwashed the public to be fearful, even terrorized — of each other, both other’s bodies, and others mental judgments upon us if we dare to go without a mask, or without testing, or the vaccine, or dare to speak out against the extraordinarily successful psy-op playing out over the entire world population.

BUT: and it’s a big “but.” I would agree that fear, once installed, is very difficult to eradicate. I did it, but the task felt enormous and took years. I had to excavate the depths of my unconscious mind, identifying, exploring, and then purging, transforming, the poisonous gunk that I found down there.

FEAR, when purged, transforms into LOVE. Or, I should say: fear, when eradicated, makes room for LOVE. Indeed, I’d call these the only two real, bottom line emotions. The rest are iterations, pale reflections.

This years’ long project, to purge my psyche of fears that had filled it to the brim, I undertook only after I had endured a profound and life-changing near-death experience, which taught me that the only real fear is the fear of death, and that once that’s gone, the sky’s the limit!

And yet, and yet. Even I, who, as a result of that excavation back in my mid-20s, remains both essentially fearless and very aware of how my mind was controlled as a child and young adult, have noticed that the FEAR coursing through the collective unconscious since early 2020 is both extremely thick and tends to stick. I, you, we are all surrounded by, swimming through, drowning in FEAR; and yes, some of us refuse, even so, to surrender to it. But: I’ve found that this means I have to be constantly on guard, ready to push fear away or push it through me and out again, fast, before it infects. And frankly, for this 78-year-old, that takes energy, and leaves me more exhausted at the end of each day than I would be otherwise.

Luckily, I do have a few people in my circle with whom I don’t have to be “on guard” lest I hurt their feelings or stun their minds or terrify their souls. I cannot imagine what it would be like for someone who has seen through the psy-op, but finds him or herself utterly isolated, unable to speak in person to anyone without getting ignored or lambasted, judged as misinformed, paranoid, or just plain crazy. Which makes wonder just how many red-pilled folks on social media have their screen life to thank for their continued relative sanity!

Which makes the Aquarian Activation all the more powerful. See yesterday’s post.

In viewing the total death chart above, if the figures are correct (the CDC says so) then I wonder: will my terrified friends and family members recognize this total death chart as proof that they have been fooled? Or was the KBG’s conclusion correct for all but oddballs like me. That once installed via constant repetition, fear is (usually) impossible to eradicate.

If so, why? Might it be because people’s fear of cognitive dissonance is even stronger than their fear of dying from covid? In other words, would their egos, built up over time as a by now cemented-in helmet of “certain” beliefs, simply refuse to allow in new information, lest their “whole world” (of beliefs, even though they “think” their beliefs reality) crumble to dust?

In other words, for some people, might fear of the death of one’s world-view be just as (or more?) scary as dying itself?

If so, then for those for whom this is true, ego itself can be the killer, even more than fear!  I’ve mentioned the stress of FEAR on the immune system more than once in this blog. But Ego? Can ego ever be fortified so thoroughly that it completely takes over, and nothing more can get in?

For my part, when this whole nonsense blows over (and there are many signs that it will, specifically, in this country, thanks to the governors of North Dakota and Florida), I need to work on my own ego, which is so sure I’m right, just like the fearful ones are sure they’re right! In other words, no “I told you so” remarks, Ann. Just be present, ready and willing to speak with anyone who, beginning to wake up from the collective nightmare, has questions.






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