February 2021 AQUARIAN ACTIVATION, Day 24: Red-Pilled “Cultural Influencers” Meet in Las Vegas

I remember hearing bits and snippets of this coming event aawhile ago. Little remarks by Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Mel K, who else? Can’t remember, but it meant that I was on the lookout for such a gathering. And indeed, it appears to have happened, in Las Vegas, one of the homelands of Juan O Savin, who, I imagine was the force behind it. But of course, you don’t talk about Juan O Savin as a “force;” rather, he seems to be the human equivalent of mycellium, connective tissue — ever long-winded and colorful storyteller, polite i.e., never say anything bad about anybody, assuming we’re all attempt to swim in the same current, though we might “get it wrong” at times — and yet apparently exceedingly well informed on The Plan, whatever it is! His interview with Kerry Cassidy was a study in how a deliberately forceful bulldog (Kerry) tries to confront, but ends up circling (new word now, thanks to Jen Psaki) her “prey,” for his and other’s excessive, she thinks, secrecy.

In any case, what brings this subject to my mind now is a new video by one of my new favorites, Scott McKay, who did attend the Las Vegas event, held last weekend, where all these familiar folks — digital warriors all, famous (in certain circles, there’s that word again), who have been sharing their intel online, and interviewing each other from various perspectives — actually got to meet each other in person.

The first part of Scott’s show last night is about muffle masks, how he gets away with not wearing one, usually, and why. But his trip to Vegas from Dallas put him in maskland, and it drove him crazy, he’s gonna get out of there. Meanwhile, however, I presume these folks were able to gather, shut the damn door on the draconian deep state outside world, and proceed to do what this newly inaugurated (on December 21st 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn conjuncted at 0° Aquarius) Aquarian Age promises: Synergistic, innovative, experimental cooperation among equals to design and implement a brand new world. And this new world starts here, within this United States of America, long-known as having the most inspired Constitution in the world, guaranteeing God-given rights to We the People. this original Constitution will be returned to us, intact, so that we will again be able to pledge, and mean it, with pride in our hearts:

I was grinning by the time I finished listening to Scott, who does qualify as a “force.” A FORCE OF NATURE, I’d say, the highest compliment.

Meanwhile, the astrology of that event and aftermath is interesting. Did somebody deliberately choose last weekend through this week, when Mercury (communication) is traveling through Aquarius, spanning that exact degree area from Saturn at  8° to Jupiter at 15 °?

Or did that timing just “happen,” coincidentally. Or: are there ever any accidents? Even if those who chose this past weekend didn’t know the Above/Below connection consciously, the God-force moving through them did.

Here’s where Mercury sits today, at 11°, still moving towards Jupiter. The Saturn connection set the stage: a definitive meeting of minds. The Jupiter connection, you can bet on it, will expand this connection exponentially. Deep State: Meet the Troublemakers, joining with the Alliance,  to accelerate the sacred, powerful death and rebirth work of patriots, world-wide.


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