Wow! On our walk this morning, puppy Shadow and I passed by at least 15 people, and only one was wearing a mask — this one a woman, striding along with a man who was not masked. (Hmmm . . . do they live together? Do they argue about the need for masks when outside?)

However, note that this walk took place starting at 8 AM, so earlier than usual, plus we were walking on a trail in an urban park. Both these factors may have affected results, so that, of course, even though I love to generalize — hmmm, one out of fifteen, that means not quite .07% of Bloomington folks wear masks outside. Wow, wouldn’t that be loverly, to go from 20% to .07% overnight! (See yesterday’s post.)

Do you see where this is going? Statistics lie. Statistics, no matter how finely-tuned, can never mirror reality exactly. By choosing a certain boundary, and only certain factors to consider within that boundary, we arbitrarily limit our findings to only those factors within that boundary. Duh!

I would generalize here, to say that there are no closed systems (no absolute boundaries) in nature. (And we humans, lest we forget, are part of nature.)  All systems, at some level or scale, are open — to flow, to interpretation, to choice of “factors,” and especially, to visible and invisible, multidimensional stuff of all kinds (most of which we have yet to recognize or name) squishing through holes of any size no matter how strong or seemingly impervious the edges meant to close and maintain them.

Sometimes that’s obvious to anyone who thinks. Masks, for example, no matter how thick,  cannot prevent the two-way spread of all sorts of stuff. Especially a nano-sized “virus”!

But duh! The problem is that F.E.A.R. destroys rationality. We stop thinking. Our minds paralyzed, fear is all we “know.” And especially here in the western world, especially in the U.S.A, where fear of death, dying, grieving, and aging constitute a strong cultural constant.

Ultimately, this “virus” is “mapping” — or better, is a potent symptom of, our cultural Fear of Death, or put another way: our refusal to recognize the second half of any life-cycle. Which is not surprising, since we view time as linear, rather than cyclical. Our entire world-view is Newtonian, left-brained, way to tiny and artificial to even recognize, much less capture, or mirror, mimic, the essential, infinite mystery, the underlying, overlighting Presence within which all spatio-temporal phenomena rise and fall.

Yep, the old adage is true:  the map is never the territory.

This Covid-19 scam has, of course, been using fake statistics all along to drive humanity into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). Fear prolonged, results in demoralization, making humans easy prey for anyone or anything that falsely promises “safety,” no matter how controlling the measures adopted. Yep, once again, just as with 911, which I knew, intuitively and immediately, was an “inside job,” the visuals playing over and over again on telLIEvision to drive in F.E.A.R, so did I know, intuitively and immediately, that the extreme and ongoing media hoopla surrounding this “virus” (which, BTW: has yet to be isolated) indicates it’s  another “inside job.”

This “virus” baloney is separating the fearful from the fearless, letting us all know just how many are still susceptible to fear.

Yep, I forgot to mention that on my maskless walk this morning, I did see one man driving along in his car with the windows closed, masked. So even my .07% must be adjusted to this new factor . . .

Bullshit! It’s all bullshit!

Unfortunately, it appears that most of us are still being driven like sheep, over the proverbial cliff via this latest “virus,”  into the New World Order oblivion. Or, most of us seem to be.

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