February 2021, FIRST MARKER, Day 19: Supreme Court — Sword of Damocles?


Juan O Savin says there are two dates in February that will serve as markers, to let us know whether the courts are entirely corrupted. Can’t remember where he said this, but he said it several times, and both recently. These dates are  February 19 and 26.

Here’s the first one, scheduled for today.

Breaking: US Supreme Court Schedules Pennsylvania Election Case, Sidney Powell’s Michigan Case and Lin Wood’s Georgia Case for Feb 19 Conference

And here’s the second one, for February 26.

BREAKING: Sidney Powell posts on Telegram about Supreme Court scheduling Wisconsin & Arizona for Conference on February 26

So a total of five cases, involving election fraud in five swing states, are now to be “considered” by the Supreme Court. Does this mean the Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear these cases? And, if they do, will they do on the merits of the case, thus admitting the evidence needed to show massive election fraud, which vitiates the election altogether? See this and this.

The stakes could not be higher, in terms of final legal attempts to get the 2020 election back on track.

Meanwhile, according to Robert David Steele, in a riveting interview with one of my new favorites, Scott McKay —


— says that as far as he’s concerned, there are only two justices whom he trusts to do their job. Alito and Thomas. That even Amy Coney Barrett is corrupted. What?! Why? Because she clerked for Scalia, who, RDS says, was corrupt, a satanic pedophile.

Note: Lin Wood has claimed that not only is Chief Justice Roberts implicated in Scalia’s death, but that Roberts is a pedophile and that the two Welch children he adopted, with the help of Jeffrey Epstein, are for the purpose of being marketed to other pedophiles.


Re: Barrett again: Steele says he doesn’t trust these multicultural adoptive families (Barrett and her husband have seven children, two of them adopted from Haiti); that they can be nests of pedophilia themselves!  This, after saying that any organization that starts out aiming to help children ends up being run by pedophiles — Boy Scouts, Child Protective Services, etc.

McKay was floored by Steele’s pedophilia intel on Scalia, though frankly, I remember hearing about it awhile ago. And did wonder what he was doing down at that ranch when he mysteriously died in bed (with a pillow over his head?) and no autopsy performed. Remember: world-wide pedophilia, trafficking, and worse, are practices that undergird the deep state’s massive power, both by being an extremely lucrative source of income for the CIA and other black projects, and by holding blackmail over the heads of anyone implicated. Blackmailed Justices decide cases in line with their handlers’ instructions. Period.

It appears that today’s decisions as to whether or not to take the the cases involving the first three swing states, puts the Supremes, and especially John Roberts, already under heavy scrutiny, cowering? under a very sharp Sword of Damocles.



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  1. evidence. Bracken says:

    Sure hope each case calls Mary Fanning with her proof of foreign governments accessing the system and flipping votes. There is no denying this wvidence.

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