Covid Chronicles: The TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS of two of my friends. An apology.

Note: See post of two days ago.

In what follows I speak of recent conversations with two dear old friends, whom I shall call Evelyn and Cate.

I called Evelyn last night, after many months of no contact. I’ve known her since even before we both lived in yurts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  She was steady as a rock, and very intuitive, not only into natural medicines, but creating tinctures and salves from wild-crafted healing plants.

Now we’re both in our late ’70s. Her husband is in his late ’80s. He has CPD and who knows what else. She lost her hearing years ago and has had one hip replaced. I’ve got my nervous system to deal with (tremors, excitability, for which I do lots of daily meditative practices to slow and steady my own body).

We discussed the vaccine. She’s going to take it, not because she believes it works, and despite that she realizes it might even be a slow-acting poison, but because “I just want my life back!” After all, she emphasizes, over and over again, at our age, “how much time do we have left? Ten years? Fifteen?” She wants to travel again — to see her kids, mainly, and assumes that airlines will soon require a vaccine certificate.

Both her sons, who are my sons’ ages, have absorbed their mother’s views of natural healing, and are constantly building and maintaining their immune systems through vitamins and other supplements. One of them, an airline pilot, was thinking about taking the vaccine, but then his sister, an M.D. somewhere in Massachusetts, suggested hydroxychloroquine! She sent him a prescription. He went to four pharmacists before finding one that would actually fill it.

(P.S. Remember when HCL became a no-no? After Trump mentioned it as a possible therapeutic, way back in March 2020.)

His wife had been very sick, languishing “with Covid.” But what is Covid? This mysterious “virus” still has not been isolated in any lab. So let’s just say she was sick with a particularly virulent flu. She began to take the HCL (and Vitamin D, and zinc, and something else) and within 36 hours was completely healed. His sister-in-law, the M.D. suggested he keep HCL on hand, in case they need it.

Evelyn does not know about the front-line doctors, who have been using HCL to heal and very public about it. Some of them have lost their jobs. One almost lost her medical license. I wonder if his sister-in-law, the M.D. from Massachusetts, uses HCL in her medical practice; or does she only refer it to relatives, lest she lose her job.

I saw somewhere that either the AMA or the CDC (or both?) are now agreeing that HCL is an effective remedy for “Covid.”

But what I want to convey here are the TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS occupied by me and my dear friend Evelyn. Not because of our world-views, but because of the fact that she wants to resume her old life, and if the state requires her to take the vaccine, well then, she will take it.

I, on the other hand, plan to refuse any test for “Covid” as well as any supposed vaccine for it. If I don’t travel again by plane, then so be it. To me, this matter, of  authority over my own body, is primary. For me it’s a matter of principle; for her it’s practicality.

Neither position is “wrong.” I can fully understand and sympathize with her decision.

The situation with my other friend, Cate, is even more interesting to me, in terms of the Two Different Worlds we live in.

From the beginning, I saw Covid-19 as a deep state psychological operation meant to place the entire population of the whole world into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), as a major step towards demoralizing the public to the point where they would bow to more and more severe measures of state control over every aspect of life. Presto! NWO.

P.S. It’s working.

At least it’s working in this academic town.

My other old friend Cate, however, has an entirely different point of view. It’s one I didn’t understand at all at first. I just thought she was indoctrinated, and shook my head in surprise and dismay. But no. A more recent phone call with her helped me realize that because of her own childhood, she has an entirely different view of infectious disease.

As a child, she was asthmatic and extremely allergic to a huge number of substances; so much so, that her parents moved the family to a new location hoping it would help. She did “grow out” of the extreme sensitivity to the point where, by the time she was adult, normal life was possible. However, her body remains much more susceptible to disturbance from outside influences than does my own.

My usual admonitions, EAT RIGHT, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM, GET ENOUGH SLEEP, CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE EVERY DAY, simply don’t apply to someone as sensitive as Cate. I stand corrected. Not all bodies are alike; some, like my own, seem to be much more capable of being fortified to the max, so that they can harmonize outside influences.

Cate plans to get the vaccine.

I’m still instinctively judgmental of those who do not follow my own regimen for maintaining health, even into old age; and yet, I’ve been forced (thank God!) to modify my own fascist stance. Simply: each of us is an individual, and, at some level, any two of us live in TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS.

I know this philosophically. Indeed, it’s one of my primary understandings, that we must continuously and dynamically balance the two poles of individualism and community.

I know this, and yet, in practice, I fall short. Way short. Mea culpa!

Even so, I still see this little cartoon (need to watch the whole thing on twitter) very instructive.




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2 Responses to Covid Chronicles: The TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS of two of my friends. An apology.

  1. Tony Costa says:

    Hi Ann,

    Apparently my response to your Terrain Theory post got lost, but I’ll try to respond to this one. I have been researching “Doctor” Edward Jenner for a while now – you know, the dude who supposedly discovered vaccination – and what I found out about him just floored me. Did you know he “earned” his doctorate by paying a university he never attended fifteen pounds?? And that his early attempts to pawn off vaccination as legit faced stiff opposition from doctors of the day, even to the point of being called a quack, because it was NEVER PROVEN that cowpox vaccinations prevented smallpox – in fact, many people got smallpox even after being vaccinated.

    The story gets weirder, but is very well captured in this blog by Dr. Jennifer Craig. There are two very well researched articles she posted under “Other Writings” about what was known about Jenner in the 19th century, and they are both excellent. The first one about AIDS is great, too. But if you scroll down about half way you will see these posts:

    (blog link: )



    If anyone reads those with an open mind, they may never again take another vaccine. It’s been a sham since the beginning, and a very large number of doctors over the years knew it and tried to expose it. They failed, however, because…politics. As usual, power and money trumped truth, as it is even now during this “pandemic”.

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