February 2021 Impeachment Acquittal, February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day? I don’t think so.

I had to laugh. My left-leaning academic town’s local paper had this for an unusually gigantic headline this morning:


Well, it turns out I was correct after all in my prediction (see this, and this) that after a series of Uranian surprises, this particular melodrama would end (Saturn) suddenly (Uranus). Which it did, though not on Thursday, the day of the Aquarian New Moon itself (ruled by Uranus), but two days later, on Saturday, even though one more day had also been scheduled for this latest political distraction event.

However, my reasoning as to just what the actual dynamics would be, was somewhat “off.” I thought the Demos would do anything to keep the Trump attorneys from bringing up evidence of any kind; it turns out they didn’t need to do much except point out how the “evidence” the Demos brought up was either taken out of context or flat out wrong.

However the same kind of internal dynamic that I had predicted for another part of the trial did happen yesterday, when the Demos suddenly decided they wanted to call in witnesses, and the Trump attorneys said, fine! We’ve got 301 witnesses (so far) we’d like to call in, starting with Pelosi and the D.C. mayor.

Hmmm . . . “301.” In http language it means “moved permanently.” Was that a troll? If so, whose?

In any case, that did it. Pelosi knew that “insurrection” drama was pre-planned. No way was she going to testify. Besides, the very idea if testifying would be beneath her permanently snooty, fashionably masked, finger-waving self.

So, all of a sudden, the trial came to a halt! Done! Acquitted!

A few excerpts from —


— illustrate the nature of the Uranian surprises. Here the above article quotes Fox News:

The surprise vote on witnesses shook Washington and seemed to even catch senators off guard.

“Finally, something unscripted!” marveled Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., after the vote and subsequent hubbub about what happens next.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said the move for witnesses came as a surprise to the senators and set off “chaos” in the chamber.

“Finally something unscripted!” and “Nobody knows what going to happen,” said Cruz, who also predicted the vote to convict Trump stands at anywhere between 53 and 57 senators — short of the supermajority needed.

“At this point, it’s pandemonium,” Cruz told pool reporters.

So, just a short three hours later, after closing arguments that didn’t even need to last the four hours allotted, acquittal, for which I’ve set up the chart. Note what’s on the Descendant of the chart (the point at the western end of the horizontal line which moves one degree every four minutes), SATURN! Planet of endings, plans, scripts, finality, reality. And, of course, square Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus: “Finally something unscripted.”  “Nobody knows what’s going to happen.”

I suggest we keep this in mind this entire year. Though we may plan (Saturn) and try to figure things out (Saturn), Uranus is the planet with the longer cycle (84 years, compared to Saturn’s 30 years), so its meaning is encapsulated only after 84 years have gone by. I.e., 84 years from now, historians might come to a more thorough understanding  of the larger forces in the collective unconscious that drove the unfolding of events during this historic year.

The descriptors “chaos” and “pandemonium” in the Fox news quote are also signified by the synchronous fact that during the afternoon hours yesterday, transit Moon (shown at 20°) was traveling over the planet Neptune (at 19°), moving one degree every two hours, and, in this arena, symbolizing the massively confusing and very emotional drama.

And one more item to pay attention to, here. Note that Eris, a recently discovered body with an extremely long cycle of 557 years, was at 23° Aries, directly on the the  Miidheaven (the public path) at the top of this chart. Eris, the feminine equivalent of warlike Mars, is known as the “discontented goddess.” A bit of her symbology:

She has been in the sign of independent, impulsive, Mars-ruled Aries since 1922, and will not leave for Taurus until mid-century. One might say that we have so far lived with almost exactly one whole century of the massive roiling female discontent, deep within the collective unconscious, and it’s nowhere near done.

Okay. I utilized astrology here, focusing on the Impeachment Trial, to illustrate how astrology works via transits. The shortest cycles are the most significant to symbolize the nature of the timing of specific events. The larger cycles, especially, for example, here the Saturn square Uranus, which signifies a mighty battle this entire year long between the forces of resistance (finality, karma, denial, rules, laws, traditional frameworks —  a few of the radiating meanings) and the forces of sudden, disruptive change (surprise, shock, innovation, experimentation, individuality, out of box thinking and acting; and, in earthy, steady-state Taurus, eruptions of earth herself: notice big earthquakes this week too). These massive forces are at odds with one another. They are both in fixed signs. Neither one gives up easily.

This morning on twitter, retweeted endlessly — do take the time to watch this entire MSM interview with one of Trump’s attorneys, paying attention to both their faces. Excruciating. Priceless. Finally, a terrific media takedown. Some great comments in thread too.



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