February 2021, THRILLS AND CHILLS, Day 13: Juan O Savin, Gene Decode (and Ezra Cohen-Watnik?)

Well, I was wrong. The Democrats didn’t shut down the impeachment trial with the Aquarian New Moon. Instead, I was the one who was shocked. Yep, they took the bait, which I sense Trump, in a typical Sun Tzu move, intended. And from what little clips I catch on twitter, their arguments and out of context “evidence” were eviscerated in the first two hours of yesterday’s presentation by Trump attorneys. I do wonder still. Will there really be a second day for Trump to place stolen election and “insurrection” evidence before the American public? Maybe the MSM will decide to cut away? In any case, booby traps seem to have been activated.

One hour later: Oh wow, now Democrats want to call witnesses! Well, okay, say the Trump team, we’ve got 301 witnesses so far to call, starting with Nancy Pelosi and the mayor of D.C.  Yeah right. Nancy testify? Hilarious. The boomerangs noted during Trump’s first term in office keep on comin’ . . . Hmmn , , , maybe that means he’s still Pres?

Aside from the impeachment show trial, which I can’t stand to watch at all except for clips other people pick out (thank you!), what fascinates me right now is both Juan O Savin and Gene Decode, their continuing presentations on multiple platforms, including several each in separate interviews on former Navy Seal Michel Jaco’s platform. And even Kerry Cassidy, it turns out, speaks of both of them in the same breath . . .

The very experienced and worldly-wise independent journalist Cassidy, who considers the mysterious Juan to actually be John-John, and who sees him as the most comprehensive and accurate source of actual news about “what’s really going on” behind the fake Biden presidency, tried to be hard-hitting with him even so — her questions were ones many have been asking, and Juan appreciated them hugely— but he’s just so wily and careful . . .


I wonder if she will now interview Gene Decode. His remarks about people imprisoned on the Moon threw me for a loop too. But he did have an enormous download (where does he get his incredibly detailed info, besides his own research?) to give to Jaco the other day.

Much of this interview blew me away. Then, when Gene sped up at the end he simply lost me. Nor did I bother going back to try to figure it out. He’s speaking way beyond my comprehension, and I don’t think he’s lying or deliberately dis-info’ing. But then I’ve been wrong before! Who knows?

I first started looking at Gene Decode’s stuff because of what appears to be his enormous comprehension of both the scale and depth of the DUMBS and global cobweb of tunnels connecting them; recently, he’s been more and more focused on the horrific nature of what goes on inside those tunnels — pedophilia, child trafficking, torture, murder — and in this latest one, in a very emotional voice, he says what’s going on inside tunnels under Washington D.C. is the absolute worst he’s ever seen.

Finally, check out this strange video —


— (with blurry visuals and nearly impossible audios). So why did I keep watching it, even so? Because of the printed matter it contains, most of it supposedly from Ezra Cohen-Watnik? The reasoning is very Q-like, and hopeful i.e.,  “The Best Is Yet To Come.” And I heard some time ago that ECW had worked with General Michael Flynn, and was rumored to be one of the Q group, perhaps even the head of it.

There’s lots in here on the fake Biden doubles (called “Bidan” to distinguish from the real one who he says was offed in 2019, along with the real Hillary. (He’s not the first to claim that). There’s a great display of a (rubber? covering whole head and neck) Bidan mask that doubles use, and a visual of where it connects in the back of the neck. Also, an interesting display of the difference between the real Biden’s eyes (after arrest?) and a Bidan double’s eyes, because the former, he says, look “red-glazed” (due to the anti-psychotic and anti-depressants they all take when arrested) . . . Plus, he notes that doubles and cgi are used for actors in this drawn-out fake election drama, but not clones, “though the elite often do use them.”

This video presentation contains very clear and specific printed matter rendition of just how and what happened to render the USA Republic surreptitiously overtaken by the UNITED STATES Corporation in 1871. It also spells out the difference in meaning attached to all caps (for the corp), and says that the original Republic used “for”— as in, United States for America, whereas the corp used “of” — as in (all caps) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Ezra, I presume, or is it Juan? says (or prints) that they could have presented evidence for how the election was stolen in lower courts earlier, which would have put Trump in office on January 20, but it “wouldn’t have done any good, because the crooked congress would still be there.”

Me: Thus this impeachment trial (with evidence) before the Senate and covered by the MSM, fits right into Trump’s 5? 6? 7?-D chess game plan? Sure seems like it.

One more tidbit from that last video, again from the printed matter, and this came at nearly the very end, as if either a climax or a seemingly casual afterward that throws everything prior to it in a brand new light:

I quote in full. Nothing more was said . . .

“This man [Bill Barr] created so much havoc to the deep state, when you find out you’ll be shocked. He took out the real Biden/Obama and many many more.”

I recall psychic Utsava saying Barr was compromised, by taking a bribe; that this is why he resigned and seemed to go against Trump. It could be both; former Deep Stater Barr was both (coerced to?) work with the good guys, but succumbed to his own shadow . . .?

In any case, the stakes to this gargantuan long-running melodrama, this utterly historic inflection point for the fate of not just the U.S.A. but for the entire world, feels like a 7D spy thriller, albeit one so complicated, and so thrilling and terrifying, that were a film student to attempt to use it as a plot, it would be summarily denied by his teacher as way too far-fetched.

So far-fetched that nobody could believe it. Which may be why so much of the American public is still having trouble waking up . . .

Which reminds me. Why oh why was this particular video allowed to go out, when nearly its entire audio and some visuals were so blurringly screechingly terrrible? I tend to conclude that this ploy must have been deliberate. In line with Juan O Savin’s (“Slow down. Take a deep breath.”) relentlessly calming attitude, it keeps the throttle of full disclosure to the public from ramping up way too much too soon before all the cards are on the table. In other words, this particular video serves to separate the cognoscenti those who know enough (or, like me, who are foolish enough to think they know enough . . .) to be utterly determined to read that video’s printed matter from all the sensible others who would just blow this particular video off as way too much trouble to get through. Yeah, I get it. And damn. It was long. And I had to keep going back to pick up on the the entirety of the printed matter all the way through.

Not sure why, but very glad I did.


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