COVID CHRONICLES: What happens when we forget our symbiosis with Nature? Well, we are learning NOW.

Note how the the “terrain theory” of disease is a permacultural perspective.

I haven’t posted on the plandemic much lately. Like a fool I thought that once Trump got back in — and of course I knew he would, and I still assume so — this pernicious collective illusion would begin to fade away. Well, now that the WHO has lowered the number of amplification cycles on the PCR test, something they did on the very day of the “inauguration,”   — well, whaddya know! The positivity test rate for the mysterious Covid-19 (which, remember, is so smart it actually got rid of the annual flu!) has gone waaaay down.


I just heard about a new video, which I will pursue during my 2 AM waking period, sometime, hopefully tonight: Focus on Fauci’s Crimes Against Humanity. 

(Go to the above url to watch it. Of course, it’s already been erased by youtube. And please send to Fauci-worshippers. Geez! There are still so many!)

Meanwhile, here’s the latest from independent journalist Jon Rapopport, who had his eye on Fauci’s crimes way back during the HIV/AIDS era. I began to repost Rappoport way back last March when this latest effort to ramp up the world-wide depopulation NWO agenda got injected with steroids.

COVID: Patient Grills Doctor; Off the Record

My question: why did I know it was a scam, very nefarious, very dangerous, a fear-mongering plot to corral all the sheeple and drive them off the cliff, right away, like immediately, rather than after a few more years, as had been planned. Why did I know it was the latest, ramped up on steroids, continuously bullhorned by the MSM propaganda machine, dominant cabal agenda all along, to kill off most of the human population as  “useless eaters”?

Now of course, it might be that they knew they needed something really special to make sure the economy failed, so that Trump would fail at taking them down. Odd, how he’s still living rent-free in most politicos minds. They are obviously terrified of him! Why?

Gee whiz! I used to be called a “conspiracy theorist.” But, now that this one is coming true, do I look like a prophetess? No. Just another, less and less rare, sovereign, independent, free being, determined to live according to my own standards and in my own truth. Period. That rogue attitude put me on the outs before; now my views are in the central current of a growing river of truth-tellers and seekers who have decided to take charge of their own lives and their own health, no matter what.

Was my knowledge of what this scamdemic would be about simply intuition? No. My understanding of what they were and are attempting to put over on the world’s populace comes mostly from over 40 years of paying attention to my own health, avoiding western medicine (with exceptions: orthopedics, and possibly, emergency medicine), and working holistically with the terrain of my own body/mind/soul, ever seeking to balance and re-balance all that is occurring within and in my symbiosis with the outside world.

The terrain theory of disease is not new; it’s what we call “holistic,” and has been around forever, though stopped in its tracks twice: the first was in the Middle Ages when, thanks to a “theological document” by a Catholic priest, they burned millions of witches who used natural medicine to heal (i.e., herbs, etc.).

The second was in 1910, when Rockefeller took over “health” and created the Flexner Report, sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation, which generated modern “scientific” medical education and sidelines all holistic healers as “quacks.” As usual with “science,” the modern medical mafia reduces everything to its smallest component and then asks what “caused” it, and therefore, how to kill it. What’s it? Why germs, of course! How to kill it? By pharmaceuticals made from petrochemicals. Of course! The aim: to get and keep people sick enough to need the expensive “medicine” but not sick enough to die, or the revenue stream would be lost.

FYI: at this time, “mistakes” by allopathic medicine practitioners is actually the third leading annual cause of death!

Allopathy Inc is a covert Church. Allopathic Medicine is mostly based around patentable drugs (pharmaceutical medicine), with radiation and surgery.  Administered by the ‘Medical Profession’ who are all medical doctors.  These medical doctors that will only use the drug company products are called Allopaths, as opposed to the ones who use alternative medicine (non-Allopathic), such as nutrients.  It is run by the Medical Mafia.   One of the best kept secrets is the Allopathic medical monopoly.  The merger of State with Corporate power is called Fascism, so this is medical Fascism.

So yeah, as soon as Covid-19 rolled out, I could see what was coming, though being an optimistic type, despite my learned paranoia, I wanted to think it would be short-lived. What I did not know, and sure do now, was just how fear-based most people still are. Even freedom-loving Americans! What? Nor did I realize just how much F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) once it worms its way into the collective unconscious of society, becomes extremely difficult to eradicate.

The Fear Virus, I call it. One of those “germs” that, because we ignore the terrain, take over our minds, and the stress of fearing to fall ill, and of course, especially for Americans, the perennial fear of dying (at any age!) then becomes the greatest killer of all.




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