February 2021, BOOM?!? DAY 8: Elephant in Tunnels beneath White House?

So yes, there’s the Hunter Biden laptop. And there’s Joe Biden’s seemingly involuntary groping of young girls in public. And now there’s Hunter’s new $5.4 million dollar home. And his new Memoir “Beautiful Things” that’s to net him up to $2 M.

Is this book deal another money-laundering scheme?

Does not all this not make you want to vomit?

And Hunter’s Big Guy to whom he gave 5% (or is it 10%?) of every lucrative business deal with China and Ukraine, which he got thanks to his Daddy being VP for Obama — is still the fake “president,” despite this apparently fake wall (a door?) section — which was shown again, having fallen back, and onto which someone created a meme, of Biden’s nemesis, Trump, dancing, where the fake door/wall fell. (Can no longer locate either of these. Damn!)

There is a part of me that doesn’t want to mention the subject of pedophilia ever again, much less child sacrifice, child trafficking, adrenochrome, traffic routes of cargo ships across the sea lanes of the world to certain ports with access to many-storied underground tunnels and DUMBS that crisscross the globe and render Earth a honeycomb. I’ve focused on this abomination so damn long, and in so many ways, ever since I read Cathy O’Brien’s memoir Trance Formation of America. As I’ve reminded the reader innumerable times, that book took me about two years to absorb, over twenty years ago. Like all well-meaning people, I simply could not believe that White House occupants could be so evil. My heroine Hillary Clinton just couldn’t have done that, could she?

Then, more and more. Can’t remember when the pedophilia scandals concerning the Roman Catholic church began to leak out; and even last year, when one of my sisters discovered that a now dead priest whom my family knew well was on the official pedophile list of the Diocese of Boise in Idaho, where we all grew up — and she begged me not to tell our other siblings! “Why not?” I asked, incredulous. “Because it would hurt them too much.” And, yes, in deference to her, I still have not mentioned it in our sibling zoom calls.

This is what we’re up against: disbelief. And desire to protect others’ tender hearts. So: You must be crazy! I don’t believe you! NOBODY could be that evil.

Then the Hollywood perps began to surface, and politicians, and high up business people —  blackmailed, and therefore controlled, indeed, OWNED, by their masters who had enticed and then caught them in the act on video.

Epstein. Ghislaine, John of God. Keith Raniere. Chief Justice John Roberts?

On and on, There’s just so much, it’s impossible to keep up. Why would I want to? Because it’s absolutely necessary that we know what is really going on, at every level of society worldwide, this extremely profitable enterprise that, along with drugs, organs, women and guns, has funded, for example, the C.I.A.’s black projects for decades.

This abysmal phenomenon, what has been done to the world’s innocent children, continues today. I keep running across the figure, “800,000” for the annual number of missing children in the U.S. Though that does sound unbelievably high. (And how many are soon found?) I hear about the Child Protective Services being complicit, about pedophilia nests who cover for each other in localities — judges, priests, prosecutors, police, teachers. No matter what aspect I point to, it barely scratches the evil surface.

Then there’s the DUMBS, and the tunnels that connect them, running deep underground, infiltrating the entire globe like a honeycomb. See Gene Decode’s material (search duck duck go <Gene Decode tunnels>) which is gaining more and more traction and momentum  these past few months. And then there’s Liz Crokin, one of the rare independent journalists who dared to investigate the subject years ago.

And now we have the White House and U.S. Capitol, surrounded by tall, barbed wire topped fences, And thousands of troops. And police cars, and window-darkened buses arriving and leaving, all under cover of night in what appears to be some kind of mysterious mission. That mission, now complete(?), is  being dubbed the White House “Ten Days of Darkness.”

Here’s Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities,” her view of what’s likely going on now at the heart of D.C, with lots of context and sources.

Congress, Biden Arrested As Military Rescues Tortured Children from Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill

Sound far-fetched? But what if it’s true? Or even a smidgen of it? What then?

Where are we?

Who are we?




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9 Responses to February 2021, BOOM?!? DAY 8: Elephant in Tunnels beneath White House?

  1. Tony Costa says:

    Hi Ann,

    Long time no post! But I’ve got something that you might find interesting:


    Remember what I said about “Q” the day we met in the physical. I have always thought it a psy-op, and seeing now that Biden/Harris occupies the White House…

    Anyway: keep on doing what you are doing on the local level. Don’t let events ever push you away from your path. It has always been the answer. Take care.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You really think this drama is over?

      • Anthony says:

        Hell no. We are at the point in the communist takeover where they demonize anyone who stands against them, followed by arrests and incarceration and/or executions.

        Of course, as they continue this charade they expose themselves for all to see, so they will ultimately fail. But things could get a lot worse before they get better, barring some miracle.

        I’d take the CA DNC chairman and John Brennan’s words about “reeducation camps” and executions VERY seriously. What is going on now is exactly what Mao and Lenin did once they held the reigns of power. Already there is a Supreme Court case pending in March to allow police to take people’s guns without needing a warrant – just on “suspicions” of ill will towards government.

        They will ultimately fail, but there’s a bumpy ride ahead…well, if things follow a strictly “3D” course anyway.

  2. Jill says:

    Re: tunnels and action beneath Capitol Hill

    Did you catch today’s news article about a 66-year-old protester charged in the January 6th break-in? Thomas Caldwell is alleged to be a commander of a group which plotted the attack.


    “Authorities say the Oath Keepers communicated during the attack about where lawmakers were. At one point during the siege, Caldwell received a message that said “all members are in the tunnels under the capital,” according to court documents. “Seal them in turn on gas,” it said.

    Other messages read: “Tom all legislators are down in the Tunnels 3floors down” and “go through back house chamber doors facing N left down hallway down steps,” according to court documents.”

  3. Mystery writer says:

    Not only do we have a fake presidency, but we also have a fake Joe Biden. The real Joe Biden has been dead since 2019.
    This election had voter fraud in almost every state.
    And if voter fraud and children under tunnels aren’t bad enough, Covid-19 is a hoax.
    We have been wearing masks for a virus that you will most likely survive. I live in a state that has a mask mandate and I see how much of a hoax it really is.

    PS. Check out the X22 report at the X22 report.com

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