NEED TO KNOW: General Michael Flynn interview and Simon Parkes commentary

Watched the new interview with General Flynn with Doug Billings  last night —

—and of course, I too, went through a compulsive cognitive/emotional meltdown when I heard him answer three direct questions: Did Trump sign the Insurrection Act (“NO”),  2) Is the Military in control? (“NO”), and 3) Is there a Plan? (“NO”).

However, my “meltdown” was very short. Like a second or two. (Amazing how the body can react nearly instantaneously to any emotional/mental disruption. For me, it’s sudden diarrhea. That I staved it off is testament to how short-lived the shock, plus how I am learning to read the comms.)

Even as Flynn gave those three distinct, but seemed to me curt and muffled “NO”s, I sensed he had to answer that way. That it would be against his military training to give away military secrets, and furthermore, it’s counterproductive to assure the public all is well, we’ve got this! — so they can just continue to sit there on their screens with popcorn.

Instead, Flynn spent by far the greater part of the discussion asking, over and over again, Americans to stand up, speak your truth, and especially, get involved, at least at local and state levels. That one man cannot do this alone.

That one man, he pointed out, IS just a man, mortal; this entire false, staged, and fake drama of the “Biden presidency” which has also brought many personal betrayals to the surface, is deeply painful for him. Furthermore, though Donald Trump may be the only person in the whole world courageous and determined enough to willingly wade into the  swampy lions’ den, knowing he would be vilified incessantly by the MSM to the point where merely the mention of his name provokes reflexive “hatred” in members of the still gullible public — the same people, by and large, I want to add, who are completely in the spell of the  Covid-19 plandemic fear porn that the deep state used to call a halt to Trump’s amazing economic miracle and Abrahamic Accords, while cowing the sheep into obedience, demoralization, and so on — still, he’s a mere mortal, not a god, and not a savior. So get off your butts. Accept the situation, pay attention to what’s been happening to our country, and do your part in helping to return our great nation to what it was always meant to be, a shining beacon on the hill for human freedom.

Flynn’s insistence on pointing the focus back on us, we who live in the U.S., and how all of us are needed to help right the wrongs of decades of swamp creatures calling all the shots while enslaving the rest of us ever further into debt, meaningless work, rules that make no sense, an unjust justice system, politicians who lie with impunity, an education system that indoctrinates, a medical/pharma/agriculture system that profits from and makes and keeps us obese, weak and sick, corporations that suck us further and further into an AI driven monotony that turns us all into transhuman cogs . . .

On and on. There’s no need for me to continue in this vein!

So I could quite understand, and totally agree with, Flynn’s insistence, over and over again, that we’ve ALL got to get involved. Each of us needs to do what we personally are meant to do, calling on our own unique and specific skills, talents and experience, to turn this sorry world around.

For many decades I’ve been founding and editing publications that overturn taboos that carry a great charge (energy bottled up when released, transforms culture), like Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging (1989-2001). Ever since I moved from the wild west to bucolic Bloomington, Indiana in 2004, my focus has gradually shifted. Now I sit inside a loving, enlivening foundational template for transformation of existing suburbs via Green Acres Permaculture Village — a paradisical experimental project that includes intergenerational living, shadow work on every level, transformation of boring chemicalized green lawns into vegetable, fruit and forest gardens, and winding paths with a repurposed garage into greenhouse, patios, and other “commons.” And so on. Each of is a unique individual, free to be precisely ourselves. And each of us here chooses to learn how to work and play in concert with others. Our motto? Growing Community from the Ground Up.

That’s my evolving contribution. What’s yours? Large or small, It’s never too late to begin. How? By taking that first step in the direction of your fascination, of what enlivens you, no matter how your instinctive fear (of being ridiculed, of failure, of assuming you’re not worthy) makes you pull back or freeze. I well remember the moment, in my mid-20s, when I realized: “Whatever I am afraid of, that is what I must do.”

Back to the interview:

At the end of the discussion, when Billings asked Flynn another direct question, namely, that since we need to” accept the situation as it is,” is it time for Billings to pay up on a bet he made that Trump won the election? Flynn answered coyly. “Not yet,” he said, grinning: “And who knows, maybe I’ll join you in drinking that bottle of wine.”

Simon Parkes, in a very worthwhile commentary on this Flynn interview  —

— and other matters, saw the situation the way I did, and mentioned that because of Flynn’s involvement with the military, of course he would have to say “NO” to a direct question about military plans. However, Simon commented, “the military needs to have better p.r.”  Specifically, Q should not have said “Trust the Plan” over and over again, because the public does not think like the military does, and, in fact, saying that was patronizing to the public! Why? Because soldiers are taught to “trust the plan,” but the public has not been taught that. Soldiers take part in the plan. The public does not; so if you tell them to just “Trust the Plan,” they’ll just sit back with their popcorn, and wait for the end when they are rescued. NO! says Flynn, you’ve got to get involved! Don’t just sit there and wait. It will take all of us to purge the rot and return this great nation to its founding purpose.

One more telling moment in the Flynn interview that Simon and I both picked up on, namely  Flynn saying, re: next week’s impeachment, something like this: “I guess I’ll still call him President Trump. Because he must still be the President, since the Democrats are so determined to impeach him even though he’s supposedly just a private citizen, and it’s against the Constitution to impeach a private citizen.”

Simon also points out that the reason this sham presidency has been allowed to continue this long, is because so far, the damages from his so-called EOs are only superficial, and that meanwhile, his horrible directives are waking up more and more people, even Democrats. So that the longer Trump waits to call the military into action, the more will be revealed about just how diabolical are the deep state’s plans.

Remember: “She was never supposed to lose.” They had rigged the voting system so she would win! Of course she would win! Presidents are not elected, they are selected! And when, inconceivably, she did not win, not only did they go into shock, but Trump’s victory interrupted what was supposed to be the final 16 years of a long-running plan (Obama, two terms, plus HRC two terms) to destroy the U.S. as a nation state and fold it, along with nation states everywhere, into a single, stateless, dictatorial New World Order that would rob everyone on earth except the select few at the top, of their God-given freedom and render the rest of us all either dead or enslaved.

I’ve noticed in other podcasts and videos that the military wants to wait until 70% of the American public can/would/will back them in their plans to take out the bad actors. Otherwise, it will look like a police state, rather than just a temporary condition meant to restore the nation to the rule of law as embodied in the U.S. Constitution.






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3 Responses to NEED TO KNOW: General Michael Flynn interview and Simon Parkes commentary

  1. Kate Ferrell says:

    Go to deepcapture dot com and read about what happened to Sidney and General Flynn, when they tried to stop the steal. Rudy Gulianni is a traitor. I think that President Trump is just happy to have his life back. Simon Parkes is a crack pot IMO.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I thought I replied to you already on this, but I guess it didn’t go through. Anyway, here goes. First, I did read and point to and comment on the Patrick Byrne account,in one of my posts, finding it as shocking as you do. However, aaccording to Juan O. Savin, speaking to Michael Jaco (I think, can’t remember), when asked about the info in the first few chapters of Byrne’s first person account, mentioned that, given what he saw aand heard and felt, Juan could well understand his point of view. However, he said, Byrne is not privy to a number of layers and contexts in this developing situation. Then there’s Clif High, who disses not just Simon Parkes, but Charlie Ward, Sacha Stone, Robert David Steele, Santa Surfing, and can’t remember who else, as either ignorant, or outright lying. Who knows? He also disses Kerry Cassidy, who like most of us, advises discernment in all we take in and put out. If you advise discernment, he says, then you don’t KNOW.

      In other words, shut up? I think not.

      • Kate says:

        Sorry I missed your other post about Pat Byrne. I just think that we need to listen to what General Flynn says! This problem has to be fixed on the local level. Waiting for a savior to come save us isn’t going to accomplish anything. It might make us feel better to hope, but that is all.

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