February, 2021, DISRUPTION, Day 3: This Year Dominated by Astrological Battle between Saturn and Uranus

June 2001. With Carol Rosin (white hair) in D.C. Carol sent me this photo a few months ago.

I said I would look at the astrology of February, but soon realized that what began during the final third of January, namely Saturn, in early, airy Aquarius (one of six planets as of yesterday, when Venus slid in to the mix), namely a forming (within two degrees of) 90° square with Uranus in earthy Taurus, continues on and on and on, in and out of at least a two-degree orb, until early January, 2022.

We’re in for it, folks; and it will be a wild wild ride. By the end of this year, we will hardly recognize our own minds, much less what’s going on around us, so drastic will be the revelations of TRUTH we will be asked to absorb, not to mention the need for constant pivoting adjustments to our lives in order to gain and maintain resilience.

Background to this aspect: Saturn and Uranus came together in 1988-1989, at 27-28° Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center of our Milky Way Galaxy. This momentous period began an approximate 33 year cycle, until the next conjunction which will occur at 28° Gemini, directly across from the Galactic Center, in 2032. A few highlights:

Yes. That’s when the Berlin Wall suddenly fell, ripped down by people on both sides of the wall after one Saturn cycle of 30 years. In short: wall (Saturn) fell (Uranus) thus ushering in, we thought, foolishly, a new era of Peace on Earth.

But instead, what did we get? A “unipolar world,” the U.S. hyperpower that proceeded to make a mockery of we world citizens’ efforts.

Important to realize: critical turning points for all planetary cycles occur at the 90° angles, when the friction (and thus the growth) of the planet — or in this case, the relationship between  two planets— increases to the point where the resulting stress forces (hopefully evolutionary) change. Think of a circle with a cross inside it. This is our symbol for a target, the center of which is the direct aim. The points where the two intersecting straight lines meet the circle are the 90° turning points, and after 0° (conjunction, the start of the process), there are four 90° angles: opening 90,° opposition 180° (two 90° angles adjacent), closing 90,°, then back to 0° again, but at a new point of the zodiac, thus turning the circles of cycles into spirals.

With any turning point between two planets, we can ask both, what’s the larger meaning of their entire cycle, and which square is it working with now? Opening (90°), illuminating (90 x 2 =180°), or closing (90°)? What we are working with this year, my friends, is a closing square. In other words, what is to be initiated this year due to the friction between Saturn and Uranus, is the final leg of a 33-year journey that aims us towards completion,  closure of this cycle that began by pointing to the Galactic Center at 27-28° Sagittarius Which means: about eight years hence, we will have been initiated into at least the beginnings of a philosophical understanding (Sagittarius 27°) of the Galactic Civilization emanating from the beating heart of the Milky Way Galaxy.  

Okay, back from ruminations on the deeper space/time context (not all that surprising, since my natal Sun sits at 27° Sagittarius) to the frictional, closing Saturn square Uranus zeitgeist coloration during this entire singular year.

Saturn: strict, stern, discipline, goals, karma, form, pragmatic, realistic, structure, teacher, reality, finality.

Saturn in fixed, strong minded Aquarius: group consciousness, horizontal cooperation, A.I., left brain, algorithms, experimental, exploratory, exceptional, individual,


Uranus: eruptive, disjunctive, wild, sudden, surprising, out of the blue, springing up from nowhere.

Uranus in fixed earthy Taurus: steady, stuck, natural, slow, methodical, sensuous, security-oriented, stubborn, the value of money relative to other values.

Important to note: Strict Saturn does not feel comfortable in exploratory Aquarius (though it is considered, after Uranus, to be its secondary ruler).

Nor does eruptive Uranus does feel comfortable in steady, stuck  Taurus!

But Saturn, which demands goals, plans, and rules, likes plodding, steady, sure Taurus.

And wild Uranus likes (in fact, rules) wild Aquarius.

So, each is in a sign that it does not appreciate, likes the sign the other planet is in, and yet has to get used to, or at least learn how to work with creatively, rather than destructively, the inherently uncomfortable sign it occupies. Both the occupied signs are fixed, so not easily adaptive to change. And yet Uranus loves, even craves change, and in Aquarius, seeks to hold on to individualistic fixed ideas, while working to change others’ minds; and Saturn tries to at least modulate change, if not resist it totally, despite Saturn’s presence in experimental Aquarius.

How might this frothy/turgid drama be playing out in the collective field? Well, With what outrageous, totally unexpected opening act did these two planetary characters launch their perilous journey?

Well, isn’t it obvious? GameStop. The old moneyed class (Saturn) versus the hordes of young revolutionaries (Uranus): the Uranians began to play the old (Saturn) generation’s  “game” (Saturn, with goals and agreed upon rules), thus upsetting their applecart, the old structure (Saturn) that ensured the moneyed (Taurus) class would get it’s way. These young Uranian revolutionaries figured out (Saturn) how to play (Saturn or Uranus, depending upon whether the players are serious or having fun) by-the-rules of the old Saturn Game, which upended (Uranus) that old structure (Saturn) by breaking open (Uranus) the boundary system (Saturn) that had implicitly allowed only the old, selfish moneyed class (Taurus) by joining together into a networked Aquarian group, that defeated (Saturn) the old guard (Saturn), beating (Saturn) them at their own (Saturn) game.

And so yeah, whatever boomerang ball started to roll down hill with this GameStop drama not only stopped the game, but whatever comes next might just suddenly (Aquarius) or eventually (Saturn) explode (Uranus) the entire, deeply entrenched and outmoded (Saturn, Taurus) financial (political, geopolitical, academic, corporate, religious) system (Saturn, Taurus) that has ruled (Saturn) the collective mind (Uranus, Aquarius) by holding outmoded structures in place (Saturn) for way too many decades, even centuries, all the way into millennia.

Okay, what else might Saturn square Uranus accomplish in its year-long process of chaoticizing (Uranus) all the seemingly fixed (Taurus) systems (Saturn, Taurus) we had taken for granted?


Correction: even the sky’s not the limit.

By the way, did you see always nervous @PressSec Jen Psaki “mock,” “make fun of” a question about the Biden administration’s view of  the Space Force? As if she really didn’t know what the reporter was talking about, and so smugly passed it off as a kind of joke?

But then Scavino got in the act.

The motto for the newly named Space Force, SEMPER SUPRA, means “ALWAYS ABOVE.”

Scavino has recently returned to the fray on twitter, posting great little videos that remind everybody of the grand Mogul who waits (patiently?) for the exact right moment to play the 7D  “stonk” chess move.

The Space Force, is, for those who don’t know, the newly public face of the Secret Space Program that has been ongoing at least since Roswell in 1947.  You’d think the Biden @PressSec would have at least a nodding acquaintance with this latest named layer of the American military!

After that disastrous press conference she apparently realized she had to respond, and did so, with this strange tweet:

Thomas Wictor puts whole scenario in context: of course, she didn’t know! The Biden Administration has not been briefed! Wictor places his commentary in context of the Election Steal, which is eyebrow-riasing enough; but, of course, there’s much more earth-shaking (Uranus in Taurus), mind-blowing (Saturn in Aquarius) news about to gush forth rather than just continue to drip out little by little (see Clif High’s recent prognostications).

Hmmm . . .The Ratcliffe’s DNI Report was due out yesterday. Did it actually appear? I don’t know. What does it include?

Meanwhile, after a number of years with only rare contact, I received several insistent calls and emails from my old friend Carol Rosin (see photo above) late last night and in the early morning. Why?

Here’s a famous old video of her speaking at Dr. Stephen Greer’s Press Club UFO/ET disclosure event in June of 2001, which got totally overshadowed by 9/11 three months later.

So important did I think Carol’s life’s work and purpose that I published a feature by her in every single issue of the final four years of Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging.

More soon on why she contacted me today.



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