February, 2021, WHAT THE FUCK? Day 1: Once again, I throw up my hands . . .

Yes, my profanity is front and center today. Why? Well, first of all  Green Acres Village podmate Gabby alerted me this morning to this new tweet:

Who is who here? And what is the backstory to Kosovo and Israel?

Gabby, who was a good friend of Mike Ruppert, has been digging, searching the index of his massive volume, Crossing the Rubicon

— for info on Kosovo and Israel. So far, she’s discovered lots of connections between Kosovo and Dick Cheney, Clinton Foundation, drug running .  . .

NOTE: @SecBlinken, one of several whom Grenell thanked, is Deep State puppet Biden’s newly installed Secretary of State.

Makes me wonder, WAS Biden flipped?  See yesterday’s post. And/or, given the “overwhelming bipartisan support,” is the US Gov truly that proverbial Eagle with two wings, right and left, Republican and Democrat?

Then there’s this, exceedingly dark, commentary from a friend who trusts Trump, or she did . . .

To which I responded:

And yet, personally, my extreme Trumper attitude is wavering. Especially when I came across this, late yesterday:

How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 1

— in which Patrick Byrne not only cites the Trump administration for what he thinks is its chaotic response to the election fraud, but he fingers individuals, especially Giuliani, another unnamed person on the legal team he calls “the Mediocrity” (Jenna Ellis?), and even two members of Trump’s own family. By way of contrast, he says he aligns himself with Mike Flynn and Sidney Powell.

This is an unusually searing narrative. IF all his personal allegations are true, and I presume he knows that if they aren’t, they are libelous? — then overall, what are we to make of it?

On the other hand, Byrne’s may just be one teensy weensy perspective (colored by a personality which craves a certain sort of order) within a much larger 7D chess game. And that’s assuming Trump is who I and many others think he is, an extraordinarily intrepid and courageous “stable genius” whose intuitive grasp of multidimensional matters is unusually spot on, and who never, ever gives up any fight into which he has put his heart and soul.

Also, likely, Byrne’s account contains at least some disinfo (perhaps unknown to its author).

Even so, as I read through it, my stomach began to sink through the floor.

Early this AM, while lying in bed, I listened to the very wise Victor Davis Hanson, speaking about Trump on the day of Biden’s “inauguration.”

Victor Davis Hanson Is Worried We’re Going to Lose Our Constitutional Freedoms

A well-known (among certain circles) Military historian and Classics professor, Hanson wrote The Case for Trump, which likely surprised most of those who followed him at the time. However, he also considers Trump a “Tragic Hero” (search on duck duck go: tragic hero Trump).

I wondered at the time, could this be true? And decided, nah . . . And stopped listening to what Hanson had to say.

Now I look at my own “confirmation bias” with new eyes . . . Or at least I begin to.

Meanwhile, I have a feeling I need to step back from my daily obsessive wanderings through the layered, real and fake, ins and outs, twists and turns, levels upon levels of “what is really going on” politically and geopolitically, in favor of pursuing what I had vowed to do a while ago, study, or at least become much more familiar with, our original Constitution, which Hanson, among many others, considers “inspired.”

I need to re-inspire myself in this journey through the wasteland of our (evolving? devolving?) civilization as I continue, with others, to nurture one of the local, decentralized lotus blossoms (Green Acres Permaculture Village) springing up from the decaying muck.

I KNOW only one thing, and that is that I know NOTHING. All my ideas are as seeds in the wind. This tiny village, on the other hand, is something real: ground zero as one possible template for transformation of separative suburban structures featuring lonely and disconnected human beings who pay others to mow their chemicalized lawns with giant noisy machines while they sit inside, drunk, stoned, and/or caffeinated, peering at screens. . . .  to a welcoming paradaisical neighborhood featuring connected, winding shared paths through vegetable, fruit, flower and forest gardens, with shared ponds, greenhouses, tool sharing and patio spaces that support, encourage and exhibit loving abundance for all.


If I’m back tomorrow, it’s because I have been able to return to listening and taking notes,, to the half-hour chapters of the free course, Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution, by Hillsdale College. I notice now, that I tried to get away from this obsession with “the news” in early December, 2020. Didn’t succeed. Will try again.

One thing I will do soon, is check out February’s astrology. And part of my journey with the Constitution will be to do a number of charts from that founding era, including the inauguration of George Washington.

I keep reminding readers, including myself, that the ongoing upheaval and even disintegration of all that we took for granted or never even noticed, plus increasing attempts at more and more centralized control via Covidiana, is all to be expected, given that Pluto (thanks to its 248 year cycle) is returning to its natal place in the U.S. Declaration of Independence chart FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME since July 4, 1776. The scales are falling from our previously sleeping eyes, shocking us awake. We who are alive today are undergoing an extraordinary adventure that previous generations of Americans could not have even imagined, much less thought possible; and furthermore, we actually have to endure it, all the way through, a multi-year jouney, to which we must continuously adapt. All that has corrupted the original nature and mission of our great nation is being regurgitated; and through these next few years, if we are very very fortunate, be then thoroughly cleansed in time for rebirth.

Or not! In which case all bets are off.



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2 Responses to February, 2021, WHAT THE FUCK? Day 1: Once again, I throw up my hands . . .

  1. Anna says:

    Dear Ann,
    Kosovo is and has always been Serbia. Clinton Mafia appointed drug and organ trafficking Albanian Mafia to create horror, and take Kosovo frm Serbia, destroy beautiful prosperous country/all ‘spectacle’ propagandized by MSM, financed by US & Germany mostly- Hollywood movies with ‘victims of Serbs’ while in fact it was mostly SERBS that CNN aired day and night to justify bombing of Serbia- ALBANIAN MAFIA killed numerous Muslims as well, and the there is a youtube where Clinton asks ‘rebel’ /drug trafficking boss who gladly engaged in KIDNAPPING and harvesting organs from young Serbs, as UN Carla DePonte documented in her book “YELLOW HOUSE”- please find that title on the Internet/ TO KILL thoudand Muslims so that he bomb Belgrade. They demonized and killed Serbian Pres.- after his death declared him INNOCENT. Cup d’etat as usual- demonize the pres. /he was called ‘the butcher of the Balkan- while in fact he only refused to GIVE KOSOVO and was threatened that SERBA would be anihilated otherwise. Similar Coup we see today with Pres Tump, the script is the same. CLINTON MAFIA IS NOW IN POWER IN USA, and that’s heart breaking. Do they get drugs and organs from Kosovo? along with having THE LARGEST MILITARY BASE IN KOSOVO, where Serbian people, churches, graves are being destroyed- Hell Yes! I am Serbian, I have to leave my country to save my son from MAFIA, I live in Canada now. Just thought you may like to know. All I say here has been documented and widely discussed after destruction of YUGOSLAVIA numerous times /pls see M. Parenti for ex/ Kosovo is NOT and never will be a country to recognize apartheid or any other country. I hope NWO HELL will come to an end, and I hope our children will have a better future. I love your writings and often share opinion. Love, Anna

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