January, 2021, Day 29: Origin stories (global, national, local) from this brand new Age of Aquarius

Remember December 21, when Saturn and Jupiter came together in exactly the same place in the evening sky for the first time in, what was it, 400, 800 years? And, remember that they happened to nearly fuse into one on the most sacred day of the year, Winter Solstice?

This extraordinarily fractured world of ours that we sense has now ignited the long-awaited Age of Aquarius, begins with lots of strange phenomena, on multiple levels, twisting our poor minds into pretzels, when we attempt to make good clear sense of at least some of rapidly accelerating events on multiple levels. What used to be taken for granted, has now totally disappeared, or been shot full of holes or otherwise seemingly terminally undermined. Other things that were exceedingly rare, have turned  commonplace. What was up is now down, and vice versa. Time is moving excruciatingly slowly. We grow impatient! Oops! Time is moving so fast that I simply cannot believe, every nine days or so when I must do my laundry again, that nine nine days have passed. What?!? It feels like four or five days.

To me, it feels as if time is circling into the gyre created when water swirls down a drain — into what feels like a black hole, a worm hole, with no obvious light at the end of the tunnel. Another universe opens? NOW? This. This Present Moment. This Great Unknown. This Magical Mystery Tour!

Whatever comes next, we need to realize that Capricorn hierarchies signified by the 1% v the 99%, as made famous during Occupy starting in the Fall 2011, when long running unpredictable Uranus (84 years) and death/rebirth Pluto (248 years) ignited their six year opening square (90°) following their historic conjunction back in the 1960s, which was itself the first conjunction since the Civll War) unveiled a slowly unfolding revolutionary moment that we are still working through. More and more, we are recognizing the ubiquitous and in the main corrupt hidden control of a few at the top — the cabal, the illuminati, i.e., the bad guys, and more prosaically, when we include bloviating bureauocracies, what we now call the Deep State) v the many at the bottom spawning digital soldiers by the hour. These old, “traditional” Capricorn hierarchies continue to be threatened, fractured, protested against by more and more of the 99% at the bottom who are waking up by the day to what has been done to us by media, medicine, entertainment, government, business, banking — on all levels and in every area of the world. How we have been indoctrinated. How we have been captured, and enslaved, for their own purposes.

For example, though I focus on the U.S., look what’s happening in Holland, and in many EU countries that are sick and tired of the top-down control of our bodies that “medical” (political) injunctions for lockdowns, separation, masks and resulting small business closures that  have been mandated for “protection” from “Covid-19.” More and more, these mandates are being  met with street protests (sometimes leading to Antifa-like damage). My permaculture friend Sylvia, who used to live here in Bloomington’s Green Acres neighborhood and is now back in Holland, sent me this pic that I found when I woke up today. (Sylvia on the left.)

Another example: Italian restaurants are now ganging up together to defeat the lockdown there, opening their restaurants en masse.

As officials talk of tighter lockdown, Italian restaurants open their doors in protest (VIDEOS)

Here in the U.S., it appears that the referendum to recall California’s dictatorial Gavin Newsome has now nearly reached its goal of 1.5 million signatures. Newsome has just now lifted some of the draconian Covid orders, but claims his decision wasn’t political. Yeah, just like other states whose governors opened them up within days of the fake Biden “inauguration,” and yeah, these  six cities have also just now canceled Covid.  Yep. I can remember when a friend, back in the summer, asked me how long I thought the Covid drama would last. I answered, looking at him directly in the eyes above his mask, “probably not until after the election.”

Note that I had assumed Trump would win the election. Then, having calmed down the fearful populace with the rush-ordered “vaccine,” he would begin his second term with at least that effort to derail him set aside. I had no idea the same thing would occur if Biden “won,” because of course, it was inconceivable! I was naive. Besides canceling every Trump initiative possible via his 40-plus (so far) EO’s, the handlers for deep state puppet Biden want to both banish Trump forever via the new “impeachment,” while claiming all Trump victories as their own.

Here in the U.S., as this noted three-day (January 28-30) Jupiter/Sun conjunction illuminates the global Aquarian uprising, we witness a stunning, and totally unexpected event, possibly even a Black Swan event, when young folks in the 99%, using an easy and free app, Robinhood, to trade on the stock market, discovered that they could cripple big hedge funds by forcing up stocks that the hedge funds, working in concert, had shorted. Their first victim was StopGame (great name!). All they had to do was get as many of the 1% as possible to buy that shorted stock, which forced the stock up, to the detriment of the hedge funds, who are now furious that their own Insider Trading scheme was being challenged by savvy Outsiders trading in their markets. The nerve!

Here’s a video on this by Joshua Phiillips of The Epoch Times. Notice that he puts a somewhat different spin on the stock market crisis than the expert  he’s interviewing.

This story is not over. It’s just beginning. And it does feel delicious to me, as part of the 99%, to see how individuals, acting in concert, come up with a brilliant Aquarian plan to counter one of the billionaire money machines.

Here’s another analysis of the current situation, which includes this excerpt:

The above article also includes the idea that many of the Davids involved in this David v Goliath drama are still full of rage re: what happened with the banks in 2008. Note: that’s when transit Pluto entered Capricorn, and it’s only now nearing the end of its catastrophic run through that sign. Once Pluto moves into Aquarius (it will shift back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius until the end of 2024), I sense that We the People will indeed enjoy our growing capacity for teleportation, telepathy, and out-of-body experiences, not to mention both free energy and lift-off into the solar system and beyond. And that both our re-membered inner skills as well as “new” technologies that make free energy and lift-off possible will have begun to revolutionize our entire society. Just how, remains to be seen. I notice two tendencies: more and more AI as transhumanized robots fit as cogs into the NWO technocratic machine, and/or increasing decentralization into much more local focus, where fully alive individuals and groups people, meeting face to face, mind to mind,  heart to heart and soul to soul, work together to revolutionize their own small corners of the world, while networking with others and appreciating and attuning to, the mysterious Laws of Nature.

Meanwhile, I noticed, in a post I published I think two days ago, the idea of 3D printing of food as a coming Aquarian invention. Which made me shudder. Really? What is 3D printing of food? Though some people may think that “food” just magically comes out of one of these machines, I asked, what are the inputs that make the outputs possible> Especially, how much of the input is nature’s bounty, including vegetables, fruit, and so on? Well, it turns out that only if something can be turned into a paste, can it be used in a 3D printer. And that might include all sorts of other edibles, such as bugs and what we now call “weeds.” Interesting.

At first, I shuddered when I heard about 3D food printing. It seemed to imply that food could be produced by magic! Out of thin air! It reminds me of my podmate, the PhD pianist Andreas, a very studious and academic young man, and a new driver, who, last night sent us all into gales of laughter at our, unfortunately, still private weekly Community Dinner — when he wondered why his windshield wipers weren’t working anymore on his 6 months old car. Then he thought about it. Huh? Where does the liquid come from that clears the windows of snow? Which made him realize that there must be a container of sorts inside his motor that needed to be refilled.

Bravo, Andreas!

This question, “where does something come from,” needs to be asked more often.

We, in Green Acres Permaculture Village are still doing things the old way, growing food from scratch, in the soil, together.  This morning we held our first work party day in the greenhouse for this season’s planting activities. We started the seeds that take a long time to grow, planting them in tiny “soil blocks” according to an Eliot Coleman recipe which includes four ingredients that we had to mix together first.

BTW: we are also this year converting our the government of our Urban Farm from a Capricorn top down structure to a horizontal Aquarian group structure of equals! Our Capricorn leader, 40-year organic gardener Charisse, who has nurtured and designed our numerous village gardens and pathways, as well as heading up the rest of us old and young apprentices for ten years, will be moving to the west coast to live with her cousin. Amazingly enough, it was that same young one, Andreas, who seemed, when he joined us, nearly five years ago, to be entirely out of his body, so detached was he from the “real” natural world, who stunned us all by saying, “how about we do it ourselves rather than looking for another farm manager?” I know we can do it, he says, off hand, to the rest of us during an early December work party with our mouths all hanging open. Wow! What a possibility! What a challenge! Little did they all know, but this was just prior to the historic Jupiter/Saturn shift from Capricorn to Aquarius. The Aquarian Age hit us a few weeks early!

We are now in our own interregnum period, just as is this United States, moving from one government to another as a fractal of the many-dimensional whole. Charise will be with us until mid-April, so she’s available for questions and intermittent guidance. We are experimenting (a very Aquarian word) with various ways to actually operate as a group of equals and get things done. At this point, we’ve jointly decided to have each of us in turn volunteer to lead each week’s two work parties, and all together do short and long-term planning and visioning. This means we have to formally meet more often to figure things out, rather than rely on Charise to tell us, and just follow her lead with her instructions. Huh! Who’d a thunk it! I, and the other folks who live here, are finding ourselves beginning to actually observe (first principle of permaculture) this place in detail much more than previously. A very good sign that we are managing the shift from one age to another.

A few photos from this morning:

Mixing the recipe for the soil blocks.


The blue underneath is a heat mat. They will be misted twice daily and protected at night with a fire in the little fireplace, if needed.

And one more, the only photo from today showing both Andreas  (on left) and Charise (she with the dreds, on the right).


And do it together, cooperatively.


P.S,. Sylvia in Holland, now tells me it’s time for her to turn her focus from protest to self-sufficiency. Yes, and hopefully in concert with her neighbors and friends. Our lonely time is over.

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