January 2021, Day 26: FAKE EVERYTHING!

Back in my mid-20s, I became obsessed with the whole idea of masks. I recognized that I was always wearing a mask of some sort when around others. The mask of mother, friend, lover, student, daughter, teacher . . . it really started to bug me. My daytime preoccupation with masks was echoed in dreams, about being on stage, naked. Apparently, my worst fear was to appear naked, i.e., without any mask — of clothing or behavior — in front of others.

Even then, I recognized my “masks” as emblematic of “roles,” and a role, when followed “correctly,” is mechanical, predictable, and therefore, at least as far as I was concerned, FAKE. I was pretending to be, rather than be-ing. And I knew it. The worst kind of mental suffering.

Where was I in all this fakery? Where was my real being? What would it mean to be authentic, i.e., unpredictable, and indeed uncontrollable —operating from the inside out rather than the outside in?

Now I would say I was struggling with the distinction between essence and persona, soul and personality. I was aware of all sorts of masks, personas, all sorts of behavioral and dress signals that indicated various personas as aspects of personality. But what I didn’t know was soul, essence. Or at least I didn’t think I did.

Now I would say that this psychological and sociological discovery, which I came to quite early in life, this recognition that I was constantly pretending, to satisfy some person, group, or institution, in order to build and maintain my “reputation,” was what set me on my quest, to discover the real me inside all the masks, all the fakery. I didn’t recognize it then, but this quest itself was the soul in action. My awareness,  of the various masks I was wearing, coupled with the inner determination to move beyond them, to rip them all off, to be and express my real full self, authentic and true, WAS my awakening to the presence of soul.

So now, my personal discovery of masks and roles back then, 50 years later, has morphed into what one might call our global stage play. We’re supposed to wear masks in public, or else! Some, like me, rail against this stupid, fascist, NWO rule, and only wear them when absolutely required inside stores (and, if you’re like me, never cover the nostrils); and yet others use mask wearing to actually disappear. I walk past them, and they don’t even respond to a nod or hello! They just keep on trudging, eyes blank, or staring into a screen. Without the mask, that would be considered rude! Now it’s routine.

I’m hoping, even counting on the mask requirement to not just blow up, but to actually ignite a world-wide movement of individuals who insist, finally, on actually be-ing and expressing their authentic selves, always. NO MORE MASKS! No more fakery, of any kind.

Masking, fakery seems to have ramped up to warp speed these days . . .

Some “masks” are made of rubber,  cover the entire head and shoulders — and pretend not to be masks.

Plus, of course, all the doubles, and clones, some of which are more and more obvious, for example, the relative heights of “Hillary” and “Bill Clinton” (doubles) are continuously changing. Weird. Sometimes the fakery is so obvious that, we need to ask: do “they” want us to recognize  that the whole thing’s a joke?

Here’s a tweet yesterday, one of many that look at Biden and his clones or doubles.


Then there’s all the bullshit fakery around the “inauguration.” The fact that MSM media said it was raining, and the sun was shining? (Or was it the other way around?) The discovery that part of that event was recorded beforehand (check the color of women’s shoes for that one).  On and on . . .

Then, of course, this . . .

Plus, the White House is now dark at night (Or at least it was two nights ago and the night before that. Haven’t seen anything about last night.)

So, Biden is gone, not in the White House. He’s been gone quite a while, actually, dementia gradually filling his brain with holes. But now he’s gone to some other place, where he does his puppeteer’s EO signing, in front of lights and cameras on a stage set.

Or, wait a minute. Maybe he’s been gone for awhile (executed), and either a clone or double pretending to have dementia, i.e., faking it?

Okay, so unless we have completely disappeared behind them, we use masks to pretend to be something other than we are, or of course to be recognized for virtue signaling as good, “empathic” citizens. That bullshit especially, makes me barf!

Now how about we convert pretending to pure play? Like this, announced yesterday, from the master troller himself, mirroring Biden’s fake “Office of the President-Elect.”


Which reminds me, have you heard about the new Patriot Party? Guess what? DJT disavows any connection with it. Another fake?

I guess we should be used to fakery. After all, every war starts with some kind of a false flag.

Once we wake up to the masks we ourselves are wearing in behavior and dress, the mechanical, predictable, controlled “roles” we play, we can then begin to see masks everywhere, fakery everywhere, and it’s a startling realization, especially given the in your face masking the PTB are forcing on us via Covid.

However, the mask scene does make it very clear who is who. Those who wear them outside on bicycles, going uphill for example, are they not totally programmed?

And yes, that’s the point. That’s what “they” want. Human robots, powered from afar, to do the bidding of their NWO masters.




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2 Responses to January 2021, Day 26: FAKE EVERYTHING!

  1. Marian says:

    Then there is also the muzzled, muffled component adding insult to injury of maskdom. Try and talk while wearing that face nappy. Try to decipher and understand what is being said.
    The dumbing down of humanity. Dumb, dumber, dumbest.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes. In my local credit yesterday, trying to communicate with the clerk. So sad how they’re forced to wear masks all day long. Amazingly, they retain not only civility, but kindness, despite having to try to be understood with not just masks, but plexiglass between us. Hats off to unsung heroes like these during this absurdist human drama. Likewise at Aldi later. constantly masked, with plexiglass between us, and still, the clerk retained his sense of humor and general all-around humanness. And I, on the other hand, who rips off her mask while going through the doors, full of rage. Huge difference between us. I’m not judging them when I say this, I’m judging ME. But of course, that’s bullshit, too!

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