January 25, 2021: Notes from Jim Willie, Clif High, Juan O’Savin

Jim Willie: DNI will have info of collusion that makes it so the MSM will either start to reveal the real news, or their companies will be destroyed. Zuckerberg was set up to be a billionaire, and didn’t produce much. He sees a perp walk for Zuckerberg. “Freedom Social Network” is going to be created to make it easy to move everything over to it from fb, and it won’t be censored. The military captured the Vatican. In 1871, the Vatican became the owner of the U.S. Corp. Department of the Treasury has 130,000 employees. Look for the government to get whittled down. It’s going to become clear, soon, that members of the Congress have been hauled off, seven so far, including Blount (a Republican Senator). Some have already been replaced. We’re being given hints, and aren’t good at putting it all together. Explosion in money supply, some of which is going to airlines, but airlines are saying you have to have a vaccine to fly, so government is complicit with airlines.


Explosion in money supply? But, as I posted some time ago,. that’s been going on for some time, due to Trump’s need to keep the economy going while he folded the FED into the U.S. Treasury, in preparation for the shift to a new, gold-backed currency.

BTW: have you noticed inflation in the cost of groceries. Sure seems so to me.

Now Trump is out. Or is he? I doubt it. I’m still looking at both the future (and interpretation of the recent past) in approximately the way that @TheWiseOwl_AZ does.

A friend referred me to an interesting video by Clif High, his prognostications for what he calls “Year Woo,” and aside from that he claims Q was not real, nor does he  go along with Charlie Ward and Nesara/Gesara (frankly, that part of Charlie doesn’t interest me either; feels like feel good hopium woo-woo; on the other hand, if at least part of Gesara/Nesara refers to a new, gold-backed currency, I’m all in), his “linguistic predictions” (based on frequency of certain words on the internet that show the collective unconscious programming of humanity’s own future) seem quite plausible, including these four categories as crucial: “Desperation” (of deep state because they’re being exposed, more and more, plus increasing likelihood of world-wide revolt; of lower classes because of survival issues), “Currency” (deep state: their Great Reset is going down in flames; lower classes: not having enough money part of their desperation), “Social Engineering” (includes Covid, other psy-ops), and “Secrets Revealed” (includes both deep state corruption and UFO news, plus “new” technologies to be introduced starting in June). The last category, “Secrets Revealed,” he claims will go on for years and years, with arguments over various interpretations and implications.

Cliff points to January 28-30, and March 4, as dates to watch. The first time span is when the transit Sun, now leaving serious, karmic Saturn, will conjunct jovial Jupiter, which I assume will lift the collective mood. March 4th. . . hmmm? Trump inauguration as 19th president on the March 4th date of the original inauguration as per the U.S. Constitution?

I will not post Cliff’s video here, because in fine print at the bottom he says he forbids it “without written permission.” Can you believe? Just search for Clif High Year Woo.


Listened to the latest Juan O. Savin yesterday evening, with Ann Vandersteel, and among other things, he said that we don’t have to worry about Biden being able to push the nuclear button, because the message has to be received and agreed to on the other end by the military.

He reiterated what he says he’s been saying for a year, that Trump will again be President by  April Fool’s Day, and “Biden will be the Fool.” He says he always saw the possibility of dueling presidencies, like back with Lincoln. Remember, he says, “This is Casino Royale — for not just America, but the whole planet.” As per Casino Royale, Trump “made them show their whole hands first.”

His empathy for the Trump family resonates. Says they all knew what they would be getting into, and STILL, THEY ALL SIGNED ON. Says they need our support right now. That the fences are still up (in D.C.) as “a standoff of sorts.” That we need to leave room for God, that “divine intervention is required. It’s not up to one man or one one group of men.”

About Biden: “This person is very fragile physically.”

Juan is busy having his young techies build a new Social website, 107DAILY.com. I just signed up.

Meanwhile, more clues that all is not as it seems. Both the White House and the Washington Monument went dark last night.

P.S. I am going to continue with daily posts, but take days off once in a while. I used to take days off, especially when I traveled. But the bottom of  my 17-year-old Prius is now just about rusted out, thanks to salted roads; which means, I don’t drive on wet days (like today), and I don’t dare drive it even as far as Indianapolis, one hour away! And travel by air? Not on your life. Not now. And not because of Covid, but because of all the bullshit that surrounds Covid. Not to mention having to be around multitudes of  obviously mind-controlled people who think their masks are virtue-signalling. Yuck!

Which means: like many (most?) people, I’m pretty much confined to home, with periodic trips to the grocery store. Luckily, “home” is our three adjacent properties in Green Acres Village, so the nine of us have plenty of social life, due to our twice weekly work parties, weekly dinners, movie nights, and monthly meetings.

In fact, I just returned from Monday morning work party, with some of us finishing shelling beans, and the rest of us cleaning “the back room” in the greenhouse and prepping for seed starting, likely on Friday.


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6 Responses to January 25, 2021: Notes from Jim Willie, Clif High, Juan O’Savin

  1. I guess the deep state is just too deep to be taken down

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Seems to me that, just as we can count on divine help when we suddenly, inadvertently, just missed having an accident. Same thing here, for the nation, and ultimately, the world. The situation is dire, AND we have help from other dimensions. Once we realize we are inside a higher dimension and threaded through with higher dimensions, the world opens “No problem is solved from the same level that produced it”. — Einstein

    • Mazie Miles says:

      Mary, hold on to your hat. The best is yet to come. Deep state is foul and will be eliminated by Creator God.

  2. Just A Guy says:

    NO ONE can forbid posting a link to their public video, that’s bullshit. Just sayin’.

  3. Frances Rose says:

    I was pondering on another thread what options were open to cleaning up the DS mess, Military, Patriots, and of course, God.

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