CroneCast Offerings for January 25, 2021: Video, Me & Modern Medicine; Free Audio: Doing the Dishes, chaps 22-24, the ’80s, part 3


This week’s new video for Patreon subscribers:

CroneCast #57 || Me and Modern Medicine

Description: What is my body? Is it an organism? Or is it a machine? Depending on the answer, let’s draw out the implications.Hint:  modern medicine treats the body as a machine; whereas permaculture recognizes the body as an organism.

Now, put this discussion in the context of our philosophical assumptions since Descartes, which resulted in the 20th century assumptions of modern medicine. What are we to conclude about, for example, the so-called “covid-19” virus? How to transform the currents of fear that continue to sweep around the world and seep into our psyches?


Free on Patreon and for Youtube subscribers:

CroneCast #54 | Doing The Dishes: Chapters 22 thru 24 || 1980’s, Part 3



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