January 2021, DAY 24: REVOLUTION? REALLY?

Last night I listened to a new Charlie Ward discussion, this time with Ann Vandersteel, an independent journalist who was in D.C. from January 3 on and has just now left that area for home. BTW: this video has been taken down in many places. VERY WORTHWHILE. You can still find it here:

She told him that during the time she was there, the perimeter of the fencing the N.G. is constructing increased every day, from the center outwards, now into neighborhoods. She said that when she arrived, the N.G. present were very young and unarmed. But that later, it was obvious that the N.G. who kept on arriving were older and armed. In fact, one of the regiments present, she said, has had tunnel training, under a program called Castle Rock (!) in Alabama.

She said that when she was present in the Capital during the so-called mob surge, she realized that those who had taken the laptops were good guys posing as Antifa, dressed in black. Charlie commented on the irony of Antifa planning to disguise themselves in MAGA attire out-played by MAGA disguising themselves as Antifa . . . Lots more here, and always interesting and provocative, including Charlie’s supposed new intel that 67% of Congress was arrested on Friday by military police (plus a few senators, I saw in another video). That’s 67% of 535 people! I have seen kind of scuttlebutt on arrests, but this was the first time I heard Charlie confirm mass arrest. Here’s a video of Sen. Roy Blount of Missouri, possibly with his hands cuffed behind his back. P.S. you’ll have to go to twitter to see it as a video. Blount is the guy behind this guy, escorted by the woman in a black dress, and he clearly has his hands behind him, and if not cuffed, they sure seem to be! Otherwise, yes, awkward.

This sums up what might be happening:

Martial Law Overules as Many in US Congress to Be Arrested

Here’s the twitter thread that confirms 67% arrested (actually, it says 68%). “Some indictments contained charges of treason, while a majority faced involvement in an international child exploitation ring run by the Vatican and used as blackmail. Rumor was it was a catch and release, with their Military Tribunals eventually made public.”

Oops, the above thread has disappeared from my twitter feed . . .

Then there’s all the weirdness about fake everything, including the oval office. Included in here, and BTW, there’s that phrase again: Castle Rock.

Rather than pretending to know what’s happening at large, or in small segments, I’d rather just share this video, by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. It speaks to the seriousness of what we all are beginning to realize is way bigger than even our wildest imaginings.


P.S. I’m thinking about stopping these daily posts focused on our astonishing political drama that has us all tied up in knots while we simmer, masked or maskless, at home, during this exceedingly “Dark Winter.” It’s just become so obvious that I don’t understand anything! Meanwhile, I’ll take Charlie Ward’s words to heart: “We know the destination. [Trump wins.] We just don’t know the journey to get there!”

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5 Responses to January 2021, DAY 24: REVOLUTION? REALLY?

  1. m says:

    Hoping this is not the only plea to please continue writing the daily posts, as they are a lifeline for those surrounded by TDS, a resource for those needing an update and astrological perspective, and a respite for those seeking confusion companionship.

  2. Marian says:

    Dear Ann please continue! You find such helpful information. Your writing is a lifeline and it’s our first go-to every morning when we greet the day. Lots of love and thanks from us in Oz, Marian and Bill

  3. Katie says:

    So hoping your posts will continue – currently a lifeline for me, feeling very alone in France, surrounded by non-believers. K

  4. ramadimajor says:

    Well…none of what Charlie has said has happend…yet

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