January 2021 WHAT IS REAL? Day 13: Am I being trolled by the Internet?

Sometimes it seems that way. And even so, my five-year-old child’s obsession with “the news” continues, unabated.

I’ve been fascinated by the material Gene Decode presents ever since I came upon a video of his that talked about the global extent and nature of DUMBs and the tunnels connecting them, plus the vile nature of what goes on down there.

Imagine DUMBS: A Honey-Combed Earth?

So last night I was thinking I needed to see what Gene Decode was saying now . . . but then promptly forgot, so full to bursting has been my 78-year-old brain as I attempt to discern at least a tiny pinprick of what is actually real during this stolen election aftermath infowar.

But then, wouldn’t you know, kpblog.space put up a video on Gene Decode’s latest. And predictably, once again my mind was blown wide open.

Gene Decode 1-12-21… “Return to the Republic End of US INC”

His news about Nancy Pelosi having gone on the run, trying to get on a submarine operated by the CIA that was stationed outside the blockade that has been set up by the U.S. Military off the east coast, by catching a ride on a fisherman’s boat, on and on, is the stuff of fiction. Or is it? And then being apprehended and taken to a base in Greenland?

True? Well, she was missing both Monday and Tuesday of this week, during the very days when her two pet initiatives to cancel Trump, via the 25th amendment (that went nowhere) and a second impeachment attempt, were brought to the floor for discussion. Huh? She was gone? Weird, nobody seemed to wonder why. Was she there today? Here’s a screen shot I grabbed from the C-Span live proceedings. It looks like she IS there, but this figure could so easily be a double, given the gigantic mask over her face. Plus, doesn’t the difference in size between left and right sides of her shoulders seem strange?

Even so, while walking my puppy Shadow this morning after acupuncture, for the very first time with ear buds and phone in pocket, I did listen intently to the rest of Gene Decode’s latest, including him saying that on the night when the Vatican went dark, the U.S. military went underneath tthe Vatican, to liberate a massive tranch of gold bullion stolen by the Vatican over the centuries, with meticulous records as to how much, from whom, and when — all stored in a tunnel leading from Rome to Jerusalem; the tunnel 160 miles long, 60 meters high and 120 meters wide. Hmmm . . . Even while walking, I wondered: how far is it from Rome to Jerusalem? Seems like it’s much further . . . Once back home I looked it up: 1434 miles between the two cities, as the crow flies.

Okay, was Gene Decode just saying 160 miles in a direction that would lead to Jerusalem? Or did he really mean 160 miles of tunnel that connected Rome to Jerusalem. If so, gotcha!

There’s much more to his info?/disinfo?/misinfo? and of course, I wondered, who is whistleblower Gene Decode really. About all I discovered is that he is a 21 year veteran of the Navy, and a Vietnam Vet.

But let’s leave that, and turn to another with whom I’ve been enamored, for years! —Simon Parkes: Here’s an interview he did last night:

This morning I was alerted that Clif High calls Simon Parkes (as well as Charlie Ward) a “grifting shill,” because Clif says Simon has absolutely no idea how quantum computers work or what they’re capable of . . .

Frankly, I stopped watching Clif High a long time ago, as his aura seems so thoroughly endarkened. Maybe it’s all the chemo? (He’s fought back cancer three times.) On the other hand, Clif IS known as one of the foremost computer experts in the world. ‘So . . .

Meanwhile, Trumps demeanor during yesterday’s speech at Alamo, Texas. Did he look “subdued,” — as a friend of mine said — because discouraged, defeated? Although he did mention “the Biden administration,” did he mean it? Or was he trolling the Deep State, to lull them into compacency, making them think they have won before he pulls out his final, devastating, Trump cards. I sense the latter.

I do think his seemingly more subdued demeanor may be deliberate for another reason also: to show Pelosi (if she still exists) and the other crazed fools on the Hill that they’re the ones who need to be taken out with the 25th amendment, not him! Indeed, he warned “the Biden administration” that this attempt might bite them in the ass (my words), and that they’d better watch out what the want, because they might get it.

Trump was actually inaugurated as president for his second term on the 11th, the day Pence visited the White House — Santa Surfing —

versus . . .

Trump won’t be inaugurated until May, when he will be the 17th president, not the 45th, following upon Ulysses Grant, the last president of the Republic, before the U.S. Corporation took over. That corporation will have been taken down by then, leaving the original Republic to stand. — Gene Decode.

Santa Surfing agrees. She’s been talking about the end of the Corporation and the rebirth of the Republic for some time now.

A few more questions: Why, if “the Biden Administration” is going to take place virtually, are there thousands of National Guards on duty in D.C., and why are barricades going up all around the Capital building? (Gene Decode: to keep the perps in . . . True?)

Trump says his second term is going to begin, not outside, but inside the White House.

How’s this?






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2 Responses to January 2021 WHAT IS REAL? Day 13: Am I being trolled by the Internet?

  1. rose day says:

    RE: Pelosi or a double . . . the woman in this article’s photo seems decidedly thinner; the hands appear younger; the forehead seems shorter; the jewelry appears to be significantly subdued.

    The ears purportedly ‘never lie’ and this woman’s ears are essentially obscured by the mask/hairpiece and the earlobe to neck area seems ‘off’. Doppelganger or clone . . . this image seems a good likeness of a younger Nancy Pelosi.

    The pressure to remain young-looking is so prevalent among those in the public eye that I often wonder just how often the public ever actually sees the ‘real deal’.

  2. James says:

    Yes, I think we’re all being trolled by a wide variety of carefully crafted disinformation messages on the internet – layered and stacked so that no one has any idea what is real anymore.

    I think I recall reading that they call this carefully engineered state “Dreamland” and that the goal is to keep the public in Dreamland so TPTB can basically do whatever the hell they want to without anyone catching on until it’s far too late to do anything about it…

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