January 2021, INVOCATION, Day 12: New Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto ABOVE AND BELOW

New Moon just after midnight tonight, in Capricorn, and CONJUNCT PLUTO. This first lunar cycle in the IGNITION year 2021 begins in the dark of night, sprinkled with rumors of troops in military vehicles moving through the darkness.

Notice the gigantic stellium of six planets at the bottom root point of the chart, all within ten degrees. Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, featured in 2020, still combine, especially when surrounded by Sun, Moon on one side and Mercury on the other. Notice that exactly half the planets are in hierarchical, institutional, law and order Capricorn, and other other half in airy, zany, freedom-oriented, Aquarius. Which will win? Well, since long-cycled (248 years) Pluto is one of the planets in Capricorn (from 2008 through 2025), and Pluto’s specialty is underworld purgation, leading to death and rebirth, Pluto does NOT support Capricorn structures (visible and invisible), but instead, purges them of whatever rot infects from deep within. And Sun/Moon igniting a new lunar cycle, within one degree of Pluto, join then with Pluto to punctuate the process of dying to the old in order to begin all over again. Think of the Constitution as Pluto, the rock upon which this nation was founded. Will the Constitution still exist come 2025? Will this United States still be so, or will it fragment into many parts.

Within the past two days, communicative Mercury has just passed over expansive Jupiter, throwing an enormous amount of info/misinfo/disinfo, into the public eye, for example, via the Pelosi laptop.

What IS real? I reposted Simon Parkes video, saying that the Insurrection Act was passed Sunday night, and putting this in the title made my blog shoot up overnight to 12,250 viewers. WHAT? Ever since I’ve been posting day by day after the stolen election on November 3, my numbers have been up from 600, but averaging less than 1000. This one post, likely echoed by thousands of others also reposting Simon Parkes, packed enormous punch.

Simon’s third update from yesterday, is likely to pack a similar punch, since he’s talking about troops stationed all around the world, to be given an envelope with their orders on it, sometime last night. Sound plausible?

I just now went to get that video to show you, and guess what? Youtube has taken it down. He must have been “over the target,” eh? Part of what he said in that video is up in his update for today.

Minutes later: Simon has now noticed the same thing, and says the video I wanted to show you is up on bitchute, if you go to find it on simonparkes.org.

It will be interesting to see how long Simon Parkes is still allowed at all on youtube.

BTW: Jordan Sather has an interesting update in which he poo-poos Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and a few others. His reason: they always use unnamed “sources.” While I appreciate his skepticism, my own way of discerning is to “consider the source” of who is doing the sourcing. And to me, Simon Parkes, having listened to him for a few years now, is a person of integrity.

Both Jordan and Jabo, an apparently well informed and courteous (thank you!) commenter on this blog last night, also wonder about the original “source” of the viral idea that the Insurrection Act has been signed. I appreciate his skepticism also, but all I can do is, at times, go with my gut sense who I can trust to tell me what is happening, since so much is secret and layered, in this world of rabbit holes galore. Meanwhile, I am not infallible; and mea culpa for anything I have said that turns out obviously to be false. Because of course, some will.

I can remember, way back forty years ago, a friend said to me that she trusts 80% of what I say, but doesn’t know about the other 20%. I replied, “Or maybe it’s the other way: only 20% of what I say can be trusted!” Who knows? Who is “infallible” except the Pope! Oh wait! Now we think we’ve found out that he’s corrupt, or even absent, executed for his corruption, with a double or cgi posing as the real dude.

Anyway, back to the astrology of this coming New Moon.

Moon (moving at the rate of one degree every two hours) will continue through the stellium for the next two days; Sun (at the rate of one degree per day) will continue to illuminate the mix for the next fourteen days. That takes us through the Inauguration, if indeed it happens at all or is pushed back until, Juan O’Savin claims, sometime in March.

Here’s a short video of the mysterious Juan with Robert David Steele, at dinner last night:

Meanwhile, notice that Mars, at 2° Taurus is now only 4° from Uranus, which puts Mars exactly on Uranus this coming weekend. Please be warned:

Rearing way back from the blinking details of this critical moment in time, how about this. I’ve just skimmed part of it myself, but it does show the breathtaking panorama that opens up when we begin to think in cycles, and cycles within cycles.


Meanwhile, remember, if the universe has no circumference, then the center is everywhere! YOU are the center of the universe, living, breathing through an infinity of interpenetrating cycles, large and small, Above and Below.

This conception of The Ultimate came to me independently once I began to study astrology.

However, it is NOT a new idea.








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2 Responses to January 2021, INVOCATION, Day 12: New Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto ABOVE AND BELOW

  1. m says:

    Two translations

    The whole visible world is only an imperceptible atom in the ample bosom of nature. No idea approaches it. We may enlarge our conceptions beyond all imaginable space; we only produce atoms in comparison with the reality of things. It is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere. In short, it is the greatest sensible mark of the almighty power of God that imagination loses itself in that thought.
    Blaise Pascal

    Let him contemplate all nature in its awful and finished magnificence; let him observe that splendid luminary, set forth as an eternal lamp to enlighten the universe; let him view the earth as a mere speck within the vast circuit described by that luminary; let him think with amazement, that this vast circuit itself is only a minute point, compared with that formed by the revolutions of the stars… All that we see of the creation, is but an almost imperceptible streak in the vast expanse of the universe. No idea can approximate its immense extent… This is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, but its circumference nowhere. In short, it is one of the greatest sensible evidences of the almightiness of God, that our imagination is overwhelmed by these reflections.
    Blaise Pascal

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thank you for these Pascal quotes. Which make me think, maybe I didn’t arrive at this idea of the divine independently. Working with cycles in astrology does lead there. In fact, ever since I began to read client’s charts I let them know that the universe has no circumference, which means that the center of the universe is everywhere, and so YOU are the center.

      But so might have Pascal lead me to this, back in my graduate school days.

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