January 2021, NOT-A-DRILL, DAY 10: Simon Parkes: Trump “signed the Insurrection Act last night”

This info comes from Simon Parkes Update for today. BTW: Simon says he always uses two independent sources before he shares anything, except in one case, where his source, he says, is extremely close to “the decision making team.”

Which means, if true, that it’s time for the military to take over. Why? Because all legal avenues have been exhausted.Trump has been determined to conduct his entire presidency according to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. The military is his final option.

Hopefully, enough people will have now awakened to the enormous fraud in the 2020 Election as well as the grave, global extent of pedophilia, trafficking and SRA that is used to blackmail and control anyone in the public eye. Anyone but Trump, that is. Liz Crokin said a long time ago that as a journalist investigating celebrity culture, she tried to find dirt on Trump and couldn’t. In her words:

Go here to read about some of his “acts of kindness.”

There’s also lots of other intel in Simon’s update, including why the predicted “midnight” speech (others said 7 pm and 9 pm) by the President last night did not happen. “It was overtaken by events.” The main event, apparently, was the result of having to figure out how to respond to newly discovered intel that Pakistan is hosting the process where a Chinese company is on the verge of purchasing G.E (and its military technology) for 5.4 billion. That’s why 40% of the land mass of Pakistan endured a power outage last night. How did Trump know about this pending deal? Because of the seizure of Nancy’s laptop during the melee on January 6th inside the Capital. (BTW: notice that the MSM loves to use, and repeat, the scare word “mob” when speaking of the crowds (mostly Antifa disguised as MAGA), having been lead in by the police, “breached” the Capital building.)

Simon tells us what most of us knew already, that the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard have already been patrolling the skies and the coast and land borders; and he tells us WHY: to make sure none of the deep state actors can make it out of this country in their private jets and yachts. In other words, the perps are already trapped, and are being rounded up, but NOT starting with the most famous first. However, he says, this operation must be completed by January 19th, because it must include the arrest of pedo Joe Biden. Then Trump, he claims, will be inaugurated on the 20th — not outside, but inside the White House.

Simon’s intel here conflicts with Juan O’Savin’s  intel that Trump’s Inauguration will be postponed until sometime in March. Frankly, I’d bet on March, mostly due to the turbulent astrology of these months; however, even if Trump IS inaugurated inside the White House on January 20th, we all know that the outrage and uproar from the extreme left will be off the charts, and likely not settle down until April.

Here’s Lin Wood on the round-up, and why, as reposted by Simon Parkes.

Simon also mentioned the Vatican, repeating what we’ve heard elsewhere, that it is highly implicated in the Italian scandal that discovered the way the massive election fraud was controlled: via “Leonardi” satellites built by the world’s 6th largest aerospace firm in Italy, operated by the Vatican, and owned by the Italian government.

BTW: anyone paying attention during the past agonizing two months is aware that at least six, and perhaps seven or eight states’ election results were highly compromised. But what if it’s really seventeen? Rachel messaged me on fb with this article, but says she’s seen no confirmation of it. So who knows?

Here’s a real doozer . . . And by the way, Kerry Cassidy thinks Juan O’Savin knows what he’s talking about . . .

Robert David Steele: Juan O. Savin (P) Says This is a Must Watch Patrick Byrne, Ex Overstock CEO! — Must Video

As for me, I’m panting to catch up, especially with the new draconian Big Tech censoring and cancelling measures as they join with the MSM and Big Business to  pretend that they can, by controlling the news, control what We the People think and feel, and, therefore, how we behave. It’s too late for that, folks. The Trump administration’s slow drip drip details of the enormous variety of ways the Deep State used to rig and certify the elections, have rendered the rest of us furious now, fully energized, and scrambling to alter the way we gather news. Many thousands of us have joined Parler, moving over from Twitter, in the past few days; however even the news that behemoth Amazon says it’s hosting service will remove Parler, wiping it off the internet (until they scramble to find a new host) at midnight tonight, doesn’t faze us. Nor does the news that Apple is going to “update” iphones to not include Emergency Broadcast Services. (Hint: turn off your “government messages” auto option on your phone.) Anything BigTech does now to try to control our minds, hearts and souls makes us even more pissed, and that does not bode well for any of these so-called “elite” folks who think they can funnel us, like the sheep many of us used to be, into their transhumanist, technocratic AI-driven New World Order.

Have you seen the two videos of airport crowds jostling and mocking RINOs Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham? Compare Q prediction: “They won’t be able to walk down the streets.” 

In my scramble, I’m making sure to sign up for email updates from various sources that I tend to trust. X-22 Report, Simon Parkes, and . . . — Geez! I’m sorry, but my 78-year old brain is blanking out! I have signed up for at least five more websides today, but I guess I’d better stop now to rest my weary mind.

My housemate Dan ran into a former housemate of ours who was as concerned as I about the state of the world, and spending a lot of time on the internet trying to discover what was really happening. It’s been one year since we’ve seen him, and this former housemate told Dan that he stopped watching news of any kind last summer, and is much happier.

Hmmm . . . But what about those, like me, who started watching news headlines when I was five years old just to see if the world would end that day? I’ve never been one to exist day-to-day without somehow engaging mentally and spiritually with the search to make  expanding sense of the world as a whole. The most I can do is balance this obsession, this addiction! — with physical activities that are “good for me,” like long daily walks, yoga, chi kung, and tai-chi. These practices that keep my body attuned and balanced with my mind, keep me from screaming “NO!” at the top of my lungs these days — but just barely. Yes indeed, Lion-hearted Trump, it truly IS time for the Insurrection Act. Your strategy worked. “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

Good advice:







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6 Responses to January 2021, NOT-A-DRILL, DAY 10: Simon Parkes: Trump “signed the Insurrection Act last night”

  1. Stan says:

    Thanks for all your updates, Ann. I value the work that you are doing for the Light.

  2. Hi! Yes thank you; valuable to us especially now.
    Just wanted to share a wondrous sight of yesterday afternoon here in central Ohio.
    I have seen air elementals for years now. Have communicated with them thru my heart.
    They frolic and are full of love.
    Yesterday a beautiful American eagle soaring high and happy.
    An air elemental took this form. I felt honored.
    It was a message.
    Thanks, JoAnne

  3. Teresa says:

    I hope I didn’t just overlook this because I’m on a small phone reading it, but how do you know Trump signed the Insurrection Act? I’m having a hard time verifying this. Thank you

  4. Brian fotag says:

    I am following you but a lot of information has not panned out as true like trump being orotexted in Colorado or Texas or pelosi arrested at the border. Your comments have turned off some Republican people I’ve sent your videos to. Besides that you have given some people hope of what can be…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      There are so many balls in motion. Obviously, I rely on “sources,” and then try like hell to make sense of my findings which may or may not pan out!

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