January PURGE 2021, Day 9: Deep State attempts to clamp down on us squirrely humans! — and more, MUCH MORE

Just as I was in the midst of finding which of my favorites on Twitter were already on Parler, and which ones I would have to look up to see if they were there already, a tedious task, cursing inwardly all the way, I suddenly discover gobs of folks, plus Reuters, retweeting this:

Of course we knew it was coming. Facebook had already cancelled Trump. Twitter had already cancelled many of my favorites. And shortly after Trump was cancelled, so were Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Michael Flynn. And it just happens to be that all of those cancelled are identified as Trumpers, conservatives, and/or Q people.

Meanwhile the MSM had been blaring out its conclusion that the entire “siege” of the Capital was a MAGA storm, incited by Trump, who had invited them to go there. And who had also counseled that they remain peaceful, and later, to go home now. Both of these counsels, as I recall, were removed by Twitter (this was just before he was cancelled).

The war to control our minds is REAL, folks, and has been, for decades, if not centuries. The first inkling I had was way back in 1963, when JFK was assasinated, and the tel-LIE-vision showed — over and over again (just like 9/11, cgi planes melting into towers which fall into their foodprints over and over again — what’s that about about, if not to instill fear, cognitive dissonance, and ultimately submission —) his head snapping back, which obviously contradicted their insistence that it was the usual lone white male shooter, four floors up in a building on the right side of the road. It was impossible for Oswald to have shot Kennedy’s head from that side angle and have it snap back. Then there was the Warren Commission to disappear the crime. Yuck! Then that same year, fake news about the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident,” which primed the American public for the planned Vietnam War.

The point is, I’ve been awake to the machinations of hidden actors in the elected and unelected bureaucracy for nearly 60 years. All I was missing was the name recently given to it, “Deep State.”

We’ve been mind-controlled for at least all this time.

Then came the internet, and social media, supposedly neutral platforms for free speech, and yet increasingly pointedly biased; not platforms, but publishers. And, just like Big Pharma’s vaccines, immune to liability laws. And yet, the in-your-face boldness of the increasingly obvious censorship of free speech should ring alarm bells for anybody who is even half-alive.

Near as I can figure, Twitter cancelled Trump at about 6:25 PM EST last night. When I set up a chart for that moment, I noticed a 17° Leo Ascendant, which is the exact degree of the corrected version of Trump’s natal chart!

Remember, the Ascendant moves at the rate of one degree every four minutes, so this is one of those mysterious synchronicities that appear to bloom into being for anyone who is paying attention. Indeed that is how I navigate my own life, by setting my intention, and then paying attention to synchronicities; for they are signposts along the way, and indicate where or not I am, indeed, proceeding in the direction I am intending.

BTW: we need to clarify the distinction between expectation and intention. Expectations are vague hopes and dreams based on what we think we want; when we identify with, i.e., attach to our expectations, and they are not met, we suffer. Witness the first two Noble Truths of the Buddha. 1. Life is suffering. 2. All suffering is attachment.

To set one’s intention, however, is a conscious act of first, imagination, and then will. We intend something so strongly and unswervingly that we actually set it in motion, and the universe bends to accommodate. Meanwhile, we let go of expectations that our intention will come true. Instead, having set a strong intention, we then remain present, open to the universe, no matter what happens.

Okay. Back to the present moment inside this incredible turning point in human history!

Do I expect Donald Trump to prevail? Not exactly. All the cards seem to be stacked against him at this point. But do I intend for Donald Trump to prevail? Yes. A decided yes. I, along with many millions of others, have set such a strong intention that the universe is bending in that direction. This, folks, is what we call a “timeline.” We CREATE timelines by the intentions we set. The more of us who set the same intention in motion, the more clear and settled the timeline becomes.

Meanwhile, last night, my insomniac period, in other words, my period for listening to various people I appreciate, was unusually long. Four hours! No problem, I had gone to sleep around 8 AM and didn’t wake up in the morning until 7 AM.

First, I listened to Mike Adams “Situation Update” for January 8. His updates, while always interesting, and important, do tend to get tinged with fear. Example: he says  that Trump’s ambiguous “concession speeches” are there to throw off the Deep State (including the propaganda media). I.e., Trump wants them to think  he has conceded, so that they won’t get desperate enough to do any of the horrible things they have in mind, like news he got that they plan “dirty bombs against every state whose senator objected to election certification.”

What innoculates us against fear is the movement from 3D through 4D (where we are confused) to 5D. In 3D, we identify with whatever we think is happening; in 5D we simply play with the possibilities. I was happy to note that Charlie Ward, whose latest video I also listened to last night, says the same thing.

Meanwhile, Trump also tweeted yesterday, and I think it was his last tweet before being cancelled, that he did not intend to attend the Inauguration on January 20.


Well, it seemed obvious enough to me, and I said so to my housemate Dan: “That’s because there will be no inauguration on January 20th.”

This point was echoed by Joe M on Parler, thus:

Remember: Juan O’Savin thinks the actual Inauguration ceremony won’t be held until March. If you recall, March 4 is  the original date the Constitution had decreed the Inauguration to be held. 

Meanwhile, remember the astrology of this time, TURBULENT. I’ve not even looked much at March so far, but January and February are both doozers. And now, the Sun, moving one degree per day, is six degrees away from its exact conjunction with Pluto, which should at least briefly illuminate how power is being wielded behind the scenes.

Then Mars: still pressing towards exact conjunction with Uranus. I’d say that this next week, when Mars does reach Uranus and Uranus itself turns to go direct, will tell the tale of just how explosive whatever is being unearthed will be, and how powerfully it will reverberate.

I see this kind of post a lot, in fact from more and more people, these days:

Hmmm. Remember Q, one of his enigmatic remarks: “C before D”? Might that refer to Certification before Declassification?

Psychic Utsava, who remember, is eerily accurate, sent out a Emergency Message via email early this morning:

I always keep enough stuff to eat and drink on hand, plus a few other essentials Noticed yesterday that we are low on matches. Dan agreed to refresh our supply, and did so.

Here’s an overview of the January 6 Event as a Gladio C operation Executed by Deep State to Crush the Patriot Movement. An interesting perspective, makes a lot of sense. True? I especially appreciate the framing of it as “a sting within a sting,” because of course, if that was the Deep State plan, then the Trump administration knew about it, and used the occasion to get Pelosi’s laptop. No wonder she’s running around terrified.

Then . . . there’s the VATICAN, which operated Leonardi satellites owned by Italy to set up and communicate the ops worldwide that stole the 2020 election. Now also known, thanks to the fact that Georgia needed a run-off, so they were allowed to do it again, l which proved the theory true.

Of course! VATICAN CITY, THE CITY OF LONDON, AND THE CITY STATE OF WASHINGTON DC have been together running this stolen world for some time now, with their rulers, according to Kerry Cassidy, reptilians living in tunnels under the Vatican.

Think that’s so creepy that it simply cannot be true? Think again.





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