January Quickening, 2021, Day 6: Liftoff? or Fibrillation? In any case, DO OR DIE

I write this before I’ve even tended to twitter this morning, since I just got back from my weekly acu-torture session. This time son Colin Cudmore and I were being needled in adjacent rooms! Exciting! (You can see how my standards for excitement have sunk to  new lows, thanks to successful Covid psy-op.)

Lately, our incredible Chinese acupuncturist, who gratefully was able to emigrate from China, and the CCP, several decades ago, as she is putting the 70 or so needles in, wants to talk politics with me. Actually she wants my continual reassurance that Biden will not win. Is extremely concerned, and said that on November 3, when Biden “won,” she was so terrified she about had a heart attack. Does that tell you something, oh you academically indoctrinated leftist socialist/communists? This woman has experienced life under communism; her concern is well-grounded.

Afterwards, Colin and I decided NOT to go out to our usual lunch , since both of us want to spend the day paying attention to what kind of Epiphany will attend both the Stop the Steal rally and the certification drama when the ever inscrutable VP Pence —lately subject of swirling attention due to today’s pivotal role with the legislature, — will let us know whether or not his hat is black or white.

I did check twitter early this am while lying in bed, and it appears discouraging: Assange denied bail (again). Georgia senatorial run-off supposedly went Democratic . . . and used the same fraud playbook as on November 3, in our faces! As if they have all the cards and we don’t know, or can’t do anything about it!

Check this out, from the rally this morning.

https://twitter.com/search?q=Tracy%20Beanz&src=typed_queryListening to David Wilcock during insomniac hours last night, his latest (three hours long, fell asleep part way through), I was struck by what he means by “do or die” Most people just use the phrase to emphasize the severity of the current crisis, for this nation now, which more and more of us are calling the one and only chance we have to save this Republic.

First, he said: the events coming right up, especially during the next two weeks, from January 6 through the 18th inauguration (if not postponed, I and many others say; can’t remember if he did), are going to be way more trauma-inducing than was even 9/11.

Then, he went on to make it personal: i.e., this is the “do or die” moment for both Trump and Biden. If Biden succeeds in using the failure of Scotus and the complicity of the MSM, plus that of Democrats and way more RINO Republicans than we realized (along with secret black hats in all sorts of places and other well known traitors, plus, it appears, the complicity of black hats in a great number of other countries, all of whom aim to destroy the U.S,), in pretending to be not only the “President-Elect” but actually, come January 20, The President, then Trump and his family, plus his allies and families, are toast. They will all be killed.

Which reminds me of a recent photo of Trump, Melania, and Barron, walking, presumably to Marine or Air Force 1, I think on the way to Florida. Trump looks his resolute, deeply concerned, lion-hearted self, bearing the weight of the whole world on his luckily sturdy shoulders; Melania, a troubled expression on her face, looks down, and Barron . . . Barron’s expression pierced my heart. He looks both accusing and defensive, stunned by the cruelty of this human world.

On the other hand, if Trump prevails, and he will, though the first three months of 2021 are likely to be extremely rocky and turbulent, there are now, I hear, 600,000 sealed indictments. Anyone who acted in a way not in accordance with the Constitution, especially those in charge of the many and various clandestine operations that sought to either assasinate him and his family, or banish him from this earth — and that includes what, 70% of the legislative branch?, not to mention black hat operators in the alphabet agencies and morre — will be facing, since the civilian courts are themselves corrupt — military tribunals possibly run by Warrior Sidney Powell, since she is licensed to do so.

And what of those who personally betrayed him, lying through their teeth, while pretending to be on his side? Given his capacity for revenge, you can imagine how especially they are shitting in their pants.

So yes, do or die, not only for our Constitutional Republic, but for specific individuals, many of them well-known. We ARE all in this together, whether or not we know it. And we all will find out how this astonishing Aquarian Quickening of the energies that seek individual FREEDOM from oppressive governments world-wide, will echo what happens here. Thanks to  Trump’s passionate advocacy, each country is being pressured by its own citizenry to make its own individual nation both SOVEREIGN and GREAT AGAIN.

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  1. go to Simon’s page for the unbelievable breaking news that is now all over Italy…No shutting this up now!!!!! VK

  2. rose day says:

    In the Parkes video included within this article, Simon verifies information that broke late yesterday regarding undeniable foreign interference (facilitated from within our country) throughout the Trump campaign and his entire first term.

    The kingpins behind the interference are among the darkest and most powerful on Planet Earth and the stakes are incredibly high which lends credence to suppositions that Donald Trump and his family may be under significant threat.

    The ridiculous foolishness that is now Congress, Law Enforcement and Justice could be due to fear of exposure by persons within the disciplines many of whom, under threat of death, may have been recorded committing heinous acts and have been blackmailed since.

    These are people, some ‘hand-picked by surveyors’ in their formative years and some of whom may have actually begun careers in government in good faith yet have now become puppets who must now dance to the master’s strings.

    The present travesty that passes for Government can only truly be addressed by identifying the actual Puppet Masters and bringing justice to bear. Although history is rife with horror stories of attempts to do just that, the ‘here and now’ is very likely a promising time to alter the narrative.

    Planetary Puppet Masters are obviously prepared to do whatever is takes to maintain ages-old control yet Planet Earth is now at a precipice cosmically wherein Energy is available to facilitate a successful Planetary Up-Grade from external control to actual personal sovereignty.

    I now understand why many use the term ‘Biblical’ to describe Planet Earth’s present predicament because this time we are in seems epic. Prayer and thankfulness to all forging the path to true and everlasting personal sovereignty.

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