January Quickening 2021, Day 5: The Root of All Evil is Child Sex Trafficking. Lin Wood is finally pulling up that root for public review.

So interesting that it took Truth Warrior Lin Wood to finally let the cat out of the bag beginning at about midnight, two nights ago, on Twitter. The reverberations of this monstrous and system-wide and thick Evil seem to be finally sinking in to the collective awareness — where they are, of course, at first refused, over and over again as simply too awful to contemplate. Instead, “Lin Wood is crazy.”

However, Lin Wood, who seems to have come upon this deepest layer of the human construct on top of Nature suddenly; which meant, given his experience as a long-time attorney,  that child sex trafficking (and SRA murder) made sense of why so many public figures in politics and entertainment act and talk in ways that show a clear lack of integrity:  BLACKMAIL was being used to control these people, not just the usual back-and-forth favors. In other words: blackmail is the secret currency that oils the gears of world civilization.

Had he come upon investigator Liz Crokin’s videos, (I posted my first one on her work in 2007) or had he listened to Ronald Bernard, or watched one of Cathy O’Brien’s videos or read her book Trace Formation of America, he would have been thoroughly read-in by now. Here’s what I said in 2013:

At this point, it’s hard to realize that even now, after pedophilia in the Catholic Church, in sports, pedophile nests in every locality that link judges, attorneys, school principals, child Child Protective Services, local and state government figures, and so very much more, it’s hard to recognize how some people, for example, Lin Wood, an obviously highly intelligent, and passionate advocate of Truth and Justice and Morality, was not aware.


Because at bottom, the Hobbesian view of human nature is warped, false. Human beings enter this world innocent; our nature is essentially good rather than evil. And no matter how much our free will choices have warped that original nature so that, if self-aware, we begin realize that even we are not always good, we still have an extremely difficult time even conceiving of such abomination, much less that it’s widespread, ubiquitous, and highly organized; so much so that Child Sex Trafficking, and associated slavery, including wage slaverry, has held our entire civilization captive in a Plutonian underground lair, being raped over and over and over again. Meanwhile, in order to tolerate such extreme abuse, we have compartmentalized our minds to such an extent that we just can’t afford to know lest our entire world view crumble to dust. Which, we now realize, is happening.

Welcome to the Great Reset of our minds and hearts and souls. This Great Awakening, it appears, has been precisely timed to unroll now in its final stages, whether or not most people are ready, and they aren’t. But they are ready, in the sense that, no matter what gender, color, nationality, class or creed, everybody knows that something is very very off. Something just doesn’t smell right. In other words, the knowledge of child sex trafficking is the issue that can unite the entire world.

For me, it’s an exhilarating moment, watching the walls of ignorance and denial crumble into dust.

Fascinating, to me, that our much vaunted date with destiny, tomorrow, January 6, marks the Epiphany (the wod means “to reveal”), which for some cultures, is celebrated as the actual completion of the Christmas season. The Epiphany is known as the date the Christ Child was revealed to the world by the Three Wise Men, who “followed the star” (an unusually close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn? Just as we experienced on Winter Solstice, December 21?)

So, I wonder:  if the principle, “nature abhors a vacuum,” is accurate, then will Christ consciousness begin to flood into minds and hearts and souls lightened, and quickened, by the revelation of the horror that has, for so long, infested the collective unconscious?

Will LOVE drive out Evil?

Let us intend that it be so.


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3 Responses to January Quickening 2021, Day 5: The Root of All Evil is Child Sex Trafficking. Lin Wood is finally pulling up that root for public review.

  1. Cautiously Optimistic says:

    You are my new Spirit Animal! Your writing is so engaging and informative that I cannot wait until your next post! where the heck is everybody? The entire world should be following you – I am doing my part in sharing your website to anyone who will listen.

    I stumbled upon Q quite by accident in 2017-ish when I was taken in by the actions of Brandon Straka – the Walk Away genius. I stumbled upon him very early in his journey when he was talking about how he left the Dem party when he realized the media hoax. Reading the replies on his post, I stumbled upon someone mentioning that he should look into posts from Follow the White Rabbit. I was curious and before you know it I was down the rabbit hole. That led me to Q and many others including Joe M. I have learned so much and this post of yours today really hit home. I could not bring myself to go down the darker rabbit holes regarding pedophilia – I was sure it existed but I wanted to protect my heart – once seen, certain things cannot be unseen. It has been quite a journey, but I cannot wait to see how this movie ends! Thank you for your site…and your insight!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow! I’ve never been anybody’s “spirit animal” before . . . What an honor! What a responsibility! BTW: I prefer having a tiny, but potent homeopathic effect upon society than a hyped-up one that would invite masses of pros and cons, and thus take way to much of my precious time. Which is why I decided a number of years ago to not publicize this blog by sending it to either facebook or twitter, both of which I use to receive news from family and friends (fb) and as my “news feed” (twitter). With rare exceptions, that is. Which is why people have to find the website on their own. Friends are fine, however. The point is, slow organic growth tends to be more resilient than relatively sudden huge presence. Besides, the more I can avoid having to either build up or let go of my ego, the better! Basically, I’m documenting one elder woman’s personal experience of and multidimensional reflections upon, this extraordinarily climactic time in human history.

  2. rose day says:

    While researching the subject of human trafficking specifically as the issue relates to small children, sadly, the experience inadvertently featured a fall into devastating ‘rabbit holes’ detailing serious abuse of very young children.

    The experience was incredibly disheartening yet just as disheartening was the realization that abuse of children has existed for ages and participants seem powerfully immune to exposure and/or prosecution thus enabling the practice to flourish unabated time after time.

    In ‘now’ time, logical questions arise regarding the role of mass media, law-enforcement and the judicial system in what seems down-play of child trafficking concerns because surely the magnitude of long-term and on-going child trafficking and horrific abuse would be hard to miss.

    Kudos and prayer for safety to those who continue a decades-long effort to expose this blight upon humanity.

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