January Ignition, 2021, Day 2: Reflections on “the Christmas Season,” more on Pence and JFK Jr

The “merry,” “jolly,” Christmas season, from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day, is finally done. YES!  I appreciate this annual tradition of gifting, Christmas carols and other traditions including Christmas tree, Santa and his sleigh, baby Jesus in the manger stories, the sweet foods and liquors, and until 2020, the gatherings of family and friends.

However, let me tell you, I identify Winter Solstice, December 21, as the REAL celebration, because connected to Nature’s starry night sky, and the Sun’s annual reversal of direction, from darkness towards increasing light. And of course, the unusually close Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on that very day as the climax to 2020 felt both breathtaking and divinely inspired.

And, frankly, prophetic. Here’s how I and many, many others see this coming year, which, however, will indeed endure a very rocky beginning.

Frankly, I’m used to just powering through the “Christmas Season,” telling myself not to judge the long-time commercialization of this extended event which has blanketed it with flashing, brightly lit, technicolored fantasy, obliterating the beautifully subtle colorations of Nature at rest.

And then, of course, the Christmas Season of 2020 offered heartbreak for those who can no longer pay their rents, who are having trouble getting jobs when local restaurants are closed, and for those and other small businesses, for whom sales during the Christmas season keeps them alive all year long. Many are still hanging on, striving to stay open. They didn’t order quite as much Christmas inventory, hoping hold on to their loyal customers’ support as they imposed state-mandated distancing, masks, and so on. So hard! So very very hard.

And then, besides empathy for those who are suffering more than usual from the 2020 shut down or torqueing of just about all cultural traditions, we had the increasingly crazy leftist version of Christmas, which JP Sears has documented very well.


But we’re here now. We made it to January 2.

The final piece I put up yesterday, referring to Lin Wood saying that Pence has resigned, effective immediately really caught my attention, of course. Especially since, if true, the occasion might usher in JFK Jr., right on time to preside over whatever’s going to happen on January 6. But then, I found no other source for Wood’s info,  so held it in mind with extreme skepticism.

Until later yesterday evening, when suddenly there was a rush on twitter of posts that all said the same thing, with all sorts of interpretations. Search twitter to find them. The only post that felt like it had some “sauce” to it was one which noted that Pence arrived in D.C. to meet with Trump from Colorado in a plane with an AF number on it, and then, when he used the same plane to return to Colorado it had a different non-official number, signaling perhaps that he really had resigned from the administration? (Unfortunately, I went back through twitter, and can no longer find that particular post, or I would show you.)

But: I see now that I’m not the only one to dream big:

Lin Wood, BTW, has been tweeting up a storm, also accusing Breyer and Roberts of treason, at one point yesterday demanding them to resign by noon tomorrow.

Wilder and wilder. The man is fearless, showing us the way.


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6 Responses to January Ignition, 2021, Day 2: Reflections on “the Christmas Season,” more on Pence and JFK Jr

  1. Ann…Simon Parkes says NO to the Pence story…More distraction by the DS….So forget that one 🙂 VK

  2. Kate says:

    I found my way here via Simon Parkes, having studied Permaculture with Bill Mollison.

    Didn’t realize I might find fellow Permies who aren’t having DJT derangement syndrome. Are there other groups too?

    I don’t know what the situation with Pence is, but with Lin Wood tweeting about him along with John Roberts, DJT must be aware.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Terrific. Good to know of a red-pilled permie. We are rare birds. I know no one else in Bloomington, Indiana, a town with lots of permies. They all get caught up on the environmental issue, with him getting rid of regulations to bring industry back. They refuse to see this in a wider context. I keep saying, first things first! And of course, the problem with Trump is he needs to walk barefoot in the forest on mushrooms. That might bring him down into the earth, or aat least be a start. My housemate tells me of a bumpersticker, “dose Trump!”

      What got me shifting out of my natural “progressive” home at first was the pedophilia/blackmail issue. And now, whew! Did you see what Lin Wood tweeted out last night? Extraordinary.

  3. Kate says:

    January 3rd Pence swears in new Senators does not fit with him having resigned effectively immediately yesterday: https://youtu.be/-b028f-EZR4

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Agreed. Lots of contradictory things out there about Pence. Some way he will do the elector thing on the 6th, and THEN resign.

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