January Ignition 2021, Day 1: Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars transits perfectly timed to dates of planned events

Well, that was a bust. Me. Fell asleep too early to even walk over to the New Year’s Dance Party held at the third house in greenacresvillage.com.

BTW: though this party was only for us and by us, like so much of our attitudes during Covidiotic 2020, all nine of us feel alternately extremely grateful to actually be living in community, so that we don’t have to be locked down alone or with just one or two others. And the opposite also: we’re “getting on each other’s nerves” more, which surges our various individual shadows to the surface, where they usually get projected, and then can be either witnessed, i.e., responded to and processed consciously by self and/or others —  or trigger even further outrage, victimization, and so on. (But not for long. Processing works!) And, as a result, we notice that we feel ourselves more connected!

Clearly, we ARE learning from these polar opposite experiences and mood swings, often occurring in quick succession, that human living on Planet Earth consists of the dance of relationships, where we learn about and begin to consciously integrate our own unconscious shadow material through noticing, and then taking back and integrating, the projections we have mirrored onto The Other.

Contrast this understanding with the very different “normal” materialistic way we spend our time, which can actually all be summed up as  “MOVING STUFF AROUND.” Of course we don’t admit this seemingly mundane purpose, nor do we usually notice it. But, I always add, “moving stuff around is always an excuse for relationship!“.

And of course, there were lots of other things to learn during 2020. For example, always looking for the silver lining, while at the same time getting (at least for me) more and more disgusted with the Medical/Political Mafia pronouncements and programs for increasing compliance and demoralization leading to, voila! The New Transhumanist World Order where our organically pulsating selves will be colonized, down to the cell, and reduced to “data streams.”

Except that, it’s not gonna happen. Too many of us are awake now, helped along by both the Deep State Draining Operations of the Trump administration, as well as our own squirming experiences with muffle masking, distancing, MSM lies, corrruption of all three branches of U.S. Gov, dictatorial mayors and states, plus our votes have been stolen!

The Election Trauma, now 59 days in, continues uninterrupted, despite the long-ago culturally created decision that December 31 is the end of one year and January 1st the beginning of the next.

So here we are, on January 1, our thoughts pressing forward to January 6 when supposedly VP Pence will do the job of counting the certain elector votes from all or fewer  state legislatures, and thus determine who actually “won” the 2020 election.

The question on everybody’s mind: Is Pence a bad guy or a good guy? His inscrutable face lends to both interpretations. Certain actions in the past seem shady; on the other hand, he does seem to have been loyal to Trump for the past four years — until now, when we’re once again wondering, this time on pins and needles.

However, no matter how strange, bad, impossible, confusing both the U.S. and the rest of the world looks now, many of us sense that it will get much more chaotic during this ignition month of January, with Deep State operatives continuing their perfidy, drumming up violence, and this, in turn, will contrast hugely with an atmosphere of  jubilance by, likely, Trump supporters who discover, thanks in part to literally thousands of grassroots whistleblowers, We the People really did Stop the Steal.

In other words, the experience of huge, clashing opposites will continue, and increase, given that both poles, at every scale, will be powered up to the max, personal, interpersonal, and political.

Astrology of January/February

The overall astrology of January/February indicates another arena of opposites. Jovial  Jupiter in January; serious Saturn in February. The infusion of optimistic, joyful, expanded, magnanimous Jupiterian energies dominating the currents running through the zeitgeist in January; will subside   — as if according to a needed corrrection —  when serious, goal oriented, disciplined, rule-bound protocol-following Saturn energies dominate February.

January: Jupiter, with Mars/Uranus

At the end of the first week of January, in fact just after the important January 6 date, impulsive, war-like, courageous Mars ends its unusually long run through its home sign of fiery Aries where, since the very end of August Mars has been battering and further crumbling, all sorts of old, visible and invisible, structures and protocols (the latest: stealing elections). This, thanks to the square between Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, along with Jupiter and Saturn from last March until the long anticipated Winter Solstice, December 21, when Jupiter and Saturn shifted into 0° of the next sign, Aquarius.

From pugnacious Aries, Mars moves into Taurus January 7-8 which, one would think would be good, since it will slow and steady the chaotic energies a bit — except that on January 8, only two days after the election is supposedly finally decided by VP Pence, Mars will begin to close in on volatile, unpredictable, volcanic, wild card Uranus, now at 6° Taurus. Moreover, since both planets will occupy the fixed sign of Taurus (Sidney Powell’s Sun sign as well: stubborn as hell!) the breakup (Mars/Uranus) of existing stuck conditions (Taurus) will be both turbulent, resistant, and likely to hang on for awhile.

Especially watch what goes on, both inside and outside the self, from January 14th, when Uranus turns to go direct (after five months retrograde), and Mars reaches 3° Taurus, closing in on their exact conjunction on January 19th-20th, exactly timed for the traditional date for Presidential Inaugurations which, due to that explosive, revelatory conjunction, will  present sudden, earthshaking surprises. Watch out, folks. The ground underneath our feet (take that as both reality and analogy) is already beginning to shake.

Once again, the Jupiter/Saturn exact conjunction (closest in many hundreds of years, due to declination) at 0° Aquarius, on December 21, Winter Solstice, 2020,  jump-started what we are already calling the formal beginning of The Age of Aquarius. And already we are noticing an influx of enormous energies that will infuse both planned events of January 6th and January 20th.

Note also that Jupiter, now at 2° Aquarius, which has already induced a high-spirited and expansively joyous energy, will reach that 6° placement and thus square Mars/Uranus from that same day when Uranus turns, January 14, and increasingly, in its closing conjunction with Mars will strongly clash with the optimistic and joyful energies of Jupiter.

One possible scenario: see expansive, optimistic, joyful Jupiter as the attitude of the  winning side in this election (likely Trump) pitted against some kind of enormous upheaval in the foundations (Taurus) — of the U.S. Constitution, that may shock everyone on both sides equally as a huge surprise.

In Sum: Mars and Jupiter are working in tandem during January, with Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus, and Jupiter square those two Taurus planets from Aquarius. Plus: both happen to zero in on the double locus for this month, January 6th and January 20th.

February: Saturn in Aquarius 

The expansive high-spirited energies of Jupiter, which will have likely further stirred up  Mars/Uranus via Antifa and who knows what other kind of trouble in the initial 2021 month of extraordinary turbulence, will be countered in February, when disciplined, goal-oriented, form-making and serving, law-and-order Saturn will begin to rein in Jupiter’s enthusiasm and put it to use, i.e., harness it (for good or ill? by the bad guys or the good guys? or both?). The Constitution, an inspired man-made document that We the People agreed to follow originally as the foundational structure for our Democratic Republic, which includes a complex system of Articles, Amendments, and rules that generate laws, and now, interpretations with precedents that generate  “pathways” to victory or defeat in this election, will likely be front and center as Saturn slows us down enough to pause, wait, begin to figure out to to proceed, and dampen down the threatened chaos. Saturn will literally dominate this entire month, since, in response to the stirring energies of January, it will have reached that newly triggered  5° to 8° degree area of Aquarius.

BTW: in September and October, Saturn will again cross over that same degree area, but at that point, we will have more of a handle on how to utilize its energy.


Okay, my wish list remains the same; JFK Jr. joining with Pres Trump as the new V-P.

At our Halloween party, October 30, with podmate Marita as Orange Man Bad.

Several new and tantalizing hints. First, Pence apparently did something that turned many people off, having to do with a lawsuit — preventing him from doing his duty on January 6? However, interpretations of the meaning of this apparent conflict, vary, and besides, even the NYT says it was the Justice Department, and not Pence himself who did this. (Note that I’m not going to bother getting into confusing details: I’m so over lawfare!)

Next, from Ron, who deliberately set the stage?

And then  Lin Wood, who appeared to drop a MOAB. Question: is this courageous, faith-filled and exuberant, truth-telling attorney being used by the Trump administration to leak? And yet I have seen his info(?) literally no where else.


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2 Responses to January Ignition 2021, Day 1: Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars transits perfectly timed to dates of planned events

  1. James says:

    Re: “MOVING STUFF AROUND.” LOL, so very true! The phrase “Deck chairs on the Titanic” comes to mind 🙂

    Re: the astrological timing conjunct the political timing – clearly orchestrated. would dearly love to know who all are pulling those strings….

    But as far as New Year’s goes, I’m not planning on having my 2021 NY celebration until Mar 20, when the Sun hits 0 deg of Aries. Maybe all this contested political BS will be over and done with by then, Gitmo (or coffins) will be full, and we can move on to another 4 years of working consistently to dismantle the larger globalist NWO and “Make the WORLD Great Again”, – or “Second Renaissance”, as Laura Walker of The Oracle Report calls it.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Agreed. Haven’t really looked at March yet, but several people whom I tend to trust think that things won’t calm down until April. Plus the Spring Equinox was the original date for Inauguraton. And if Trump wants to drag out the process, so that more and more would be educated as to the extent of the corruption,then it makes sense.

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