December Finale 2020, Day Thirty-One: Can we open our hearts, despite our disgust with (the now palpable) SWAMP?

Here we are, the final day of the final month of 20-20. Our vision is definitely clearing; and, frankly, it’s getting both more boring (because so predictable, the unbelievable number of ways this election was rigged to be rigged) and more fascinating, even exhilarating (because of Trump and Co.’s obvious — what is it, 10D? chess capacity, timed to keep numerous legal balls running through numerous legal pathways, all allowed by the U.S. Constitution as the foundation of both his efforts to drain the swamp and to help us realize that our Constitution really was (and still is?) our foundational document). And yes, Trump does appear to use Sun Tzu’s Art of War as a guide, drawing out all the bad guys to show their stuff and therefore demonstrate the astonishing numbers, webs, systems, agencies, departments, governments, businesses, banksters —  not just here, but world-wide — that have held the human race both blinded and in chains, for what has it been — millennia?

Here’s a thread that addresses a lot of the evidential election claims. If you’re not yet on twitter, get there before it goes down; no matter how gross and corrupt Jack Dorsey is, we’re still managing to educate each other over time. This particular tweet spawned a large number of comments that are themselves very worthwhile.

Worthwhile,  for example, as an overview, remember the tiny portion of this graph that shows something mighty strange went on?

Expanding perspective even further:

Then there’s the breaking news from  technology expert Jovian Pulitzer (great name, is it real?) that proves the Dominion machines were connected to the internet, and thus easily hacked.

Question: is this the hack that breaks the back of the multi-pronged Deep State attempts to deny the 2020 election was rigged?

Then there’s the Nashville Op. Who did it? Oh yeah, a lone wolf white man with three names. As usual. No. He may have been the patsy, but who did it? Who really did it?  White hat? Black hat?  Simon Parkes sayst both, and his Update for December 30 of just how and why illuminates on a number of levels.

Then there’s Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast, from a young woman who drives me crazy with her silly “sammy” clips, but I admire very much her powers of discernment, analysis, and perspective. Unusually perspicacious at times, for example these two videos from yesterday, which I noticed on

Santa Surfing 12-30-20 (2) VIDEOs… “Scavino Posts! IRS Direct Deposit! Seal Team 6 Reveal?” & “TRUMPSARA NEWS! Deposits are making its way! Scavino and Eagle Comms!”

Finally, X22 Report is always worth listening to, and last night’s broadcast, where from minute 27 through 31 he talks about the implications of the new Covid Relief bill for hospitals: 1000 hospitals in high impact areas will get a pool of 10 billion dollars to draw from, with each “Covid” admission worth $50,000! So, as he  says, take away the money, and what would happen? Agreed: REMOVE THE MONEY.

Dave says hospitals got $77,000 per admission in the first Covid Relief bill (back in March?). So, wow, their pool has shrunk? I imagine that that $77 K must have looked impossible to refuse, and, in fact, may, aside from the MSM blaring FEAR , be greatly responsible for the number of “Covid” admissions in the first place, and further, if the pool has shrunk, they will be scrambling to compete for the money available now. I can just see it, “Covid hospital admissions rise dramatically in January 2021; and then, when the money runs out, “admissions” fell dramatically during February.” Oh yeah, right.

It’s hard not to get cynical in this utterly phenomenal period when lies and greed and blackmail, and bribery, and egotism run rampant. Just remember however, every cynic is actually a disappointed idealist. The real problem is a way too idealistic view of human nature. Once again, let us remind ourselves:

On this final day of this massively turbulent year, when fingers point every which way but back to one’s own heart, let’s vow to open our hearts next year, and if already (we think) open, then to expand that opening to include all of creation. As we do this, we move into compassion, which must be felt, first of all, for ourselves and the rocky road each of us travels here on this Earth which teaches us, through embodiment, the results of free will.

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