December Finale, 2020, Day Thirty: Boiling Frogs and Canceling Homer, but: COURAGE!

As we point our attention to the next big scene in this world-changing drama, this one starring VP Pence, on January 6th — and no doubt whatever happens truly will function as an Epiphany! —it’s time for me to take a short break. And I mean from every bit of info/misinvo/disinfo having to do with this massively, climactically fraudulent election. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a single source to get up to snuff with the our collective trauma — or to help your blue pill friends get up to snuff, i.e., those who are beginning to exhibit at least some curiosity — here are two video sources, one very very short and utterly packed, the other about 1.5 hours long.

I’ve absorbed the first one, but have only barely scratched the surface of the second one. However, since it’s put out by The Epoch Times, I have high confidence in its likely veracity.

The short video thanks to Reader Rose:

The long video probably thanks to twitter (can’t remember)::

Wild west (Montana) cartoonist Ben Garrison, as usual, mirrors the stunned recognition that many of us have as to the cannibalistic intensity — thanks to the MSM-provided and repeated thick layers of illusion that have lulled sheeple to sleep — of where we are now. The Deep State, apparently, thinks we boiling frogs are now cooked enough to eat.


Garrison’s commentary, this time, is particularly insightful. Just the title alone, speaks volumes.


It’s real and no longer a ‘conspiracy theory.’ The Swamp is composed of both elected and unelected decision makers, military men, bureaucrats, and mega billionaires who make decisions that directly impact our lives.

Also in existence are The Rockefeller, Clinton, Obama, and Gates foundations, which provide money, resources, and influence to sway citizens in favor of globalist goals. Then there are outfits such as the Tavistock and Pirbright institutes that push goals of control. Davos, the UN, the Bilderberg Group, and the CFR meet regularly and set goals that are unencumbered by something as quaint as voting. Yes, the Deep State Swamp exists. It is deep, vast, powerful, and very wealthy.

We know The Swamp and their operatives consider themselves above the law. They got away with an attempted coup against our president. They are shielded by over-paid, propaganda-spewing media giants who masquerade as leading journalists.

Silicon Valley can also be considered part of the Deep State. We did not elect Zuckerburg or Dorsey, but they think they can control our free speech. In 2020 they shamelessly censored Trump supporters, while supporting Biden by suppressing Hunter’s laptop scandal. Google makes sure controversial queries are directed toward information that they want you to believe. If you are searching for something that counters Google’s ‘official’ narrative, you probably won’t find it. You might find links that state what you’re looking for has been ‘debunked’ when it hasn’t been.


Plus, check this out, from my housemate Dan this morning: WSJ provides one example of how leftist indoctrination in academia is canceling history, and that includes classical literature!

Even Homer Gets Mobbed

Oops! Just checked Twitter, and wish I had not, because I just couldn’t help but discover and post this terrific piece of news. COURAGE!







My housemate Dan has just directed me to this utterly disgusting article, demonstrating how extreme leftist, politically correct indoctrination has taken over even classical literature taught in schools. Yuck. See cartoon above . . .

Even Homer Gets Mobbed

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