December Finale 2020, Day Twenty-Nine: All across this great land we are COMING ALIVE!

I’m not going to talk about the coming Trump-called-for MAGA March in D.C. on January 6th, the day VP Pence is supposed to make things right again with the election morass. But do know that plane tickets are nearly sold out, and some hotels are temporarily closing, to try to stop what’s coming. But, not to be daunted, tents are planned, if necessary.

No, my tale is local:

A dear neighbor of ours, who we now realize has used Green Acres Village as his occasional refuge during this ongoing, but now fraying-at-the-edges Plandemic — or is it Scamdemic? —  or both? —and damn it, I had vowed not to speak further about the thick, turbulent world-circling currents of dread blasted out by MSM’s constantly repeating FEAR FEAR FEAR porn. As ever, I  assume Trump will end up victorious in this election fraud, and  thus this ridiculous twilight zone half-life will soon be over . . .

Okay. So, this neighbor, who used to participate in our many years of weekly Community Dinners, knocked on the front door yesterday evening. Usually his masked face stays outside while we engage in conversation. But last night it was cold. Of course, at the door, I asked, as usual, “Who is that masked man?” laughing, and, after a bit more ribbing from me, it wasn’t long before he came inside, sat down with us at the kitchen table, and peeled off  the drat mask,  hungry for connection. Of course we were glad to see him, and loved that he had dared to dare venture inside!

BTW: He only comes if his wife, a nurse, isn’t home; she was  working  the 2 to 10 shift.

His wife, now makes him wear a mask, even at home! He says they sit there watching television together, with masks on.


At one point in our discussion, I brought up the “PLANdemic,” as I called it, pointedly, and he immediately responded, surprising to me, since he had come in masked and, once inside, had to be coaxed to take it off.  “YES. Planned, and it’s only the first step . . .”  We were beginning to rev up . . . Oops! At that point another person entered the room who, I know, does be-lie-ve in the MSM programming of Covid-19. Okay. Mum’s the word. (I prefer not to argue).

Housemate Dan told me this morning that the two of them stepped out on the porch for a smoke, during which he dutifully, habitually, donned his mask again — until suddenly, a few minutes later, he ripped it off, cursing himself for having gotten so programmed.

And the marriage? We’ll see. He got divorced during his first Saturn Return, and, at 60, is now ploughing through the closure of his second 30-year Saturn cycle.


The so-called Covid-19 virus has yet to be actually microscopically identified (see both and jon rappoport for lots of articles on this) and as for the “test,”, check this out.

Any test with over 30 amplifications produces false positives, due to the now visual (because amplified) presence of microscopic traces  that may actually refer to the cold or flu you had even a few years ago!

On and on, the stats on the hugely and diabolically successful mass mind programming for this so-called horrific disease doesn’t pay real attention to the very low number of deaths per symptomatic cases of supposed “Covid”; nor does it include the fact that the total number of deaths (from any cause in recent years) is staying relatively constant.

Then there’s the seeming fact that, as Covid has ramped up, actual flu cases are way down. Is the virus that smart, that it would take over the flu?

Then there’s the “germ” theory of modern industrialized, “scientific” medicine versus the more holistic, permacultural, natural “terrain” theory of Dr. Zach Bush and others.

Our friend, as he ripped off his mask on the porch, was recognizing, after spending an evening with us, that he had been PROGRAMMED. Not because we taught him that, but because our light-hearted, humorous spirit undermined his chronic fear.

Here are a few more rebellions I’ve heard about recently:

Individuals in big box stores (‘cuz the small stores have been driven out of business), are beginning to shout out to the mufflemasked ones: Lots of these. Do a search.

Various sheriffs and counties are refusing to follow their dictatorial state governor’s orders. Here’s a current one that I just heard about personally from friends who live in Washington..

Plus, the president of Belarus has announced that the World Bank and the WTO tried to bribe him and failed.

Belarusian President Claims IMF & World Bank Offered him a Bribe to Impose COVID Restrictions

Here’s another rebel:

Here’s a great meme currently on twitter:

And another meme, from Simon Parkes:


BTW: though I “follow the law” in stores, I have yet to use a mask to cover my nose. Anybody who looks at me in disapproval, I glare at. No problem. But who knows, I might soon be one of the rebels who rips off the mask and shouts, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

And if I do, I’ll make sure I take along someone to film it for twitter.


Now that Jupiter and Saturn have both shifted from trying-to-stay-stuck-in-old-forms Capricorn into wild, rebellious, unpredictable Aquarius, I imagine the Archetype of  THE REBEL is going to flare up from the collective unconscious to not only illuminate Covid-19 FEAR-mongering, but to demonstrate that real courage (a word which comes from the French “coeur”: the heart) is on the ascendancy.

If our hearts have shut down in depression and cynicism, it’s now time to dare to open them. And remember, whatever both fascinates and makes us cringe in fear, THAT IS WHAT WE MUST DO (or say, or think). That‘s our “edge.” And: “the edge is where the action is.”

Otherwise, Joe M is right, this is only the beginning of using plandemics and other diabolical illusions to confuse and demoralize the sheeple so thoroughly that they shuffle obediently into compliance when forced by vax mandate that requires chip or certificate to travel, eat, go to store, doctor, bank, or even step outside the front door. The result, we will live  (“live”? — no, exist) as slaves, cogs, loosh —  in the digital A.I. Machine of the New World Order that attempts to snuff out the conscious living earth body with its false, dirty, opaque scrim.

Hey, and did you notice? Whistleblowers are emerging by the thousands, in every aspect of cultural and commercial life. It’s not just election workers who have caught the new spiritual bug. All across this land we are COMING ALIVE.




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