December Finale 2020, Day Twenty-Eight: Trump just signed HR 133, the “Covid-19 Relief” bill? WHAT?!?

Did Donald Trump just kow-tow to the corrupt Congress and Senate? Especially after he said he would NOT sign the bill? That it was a terrible bill. That individuals should get $2000 relief, not just $600. That Section 320 must be reversed. That the amount of pork, especially “foreign aid” (i..e., money laundered and then returning to make senators and representatives even richer), stuffed into the 5593-page “Covid-Relief”¬† bill (which nobody had time to read) was shameful.

Besides, how’s this for a meme?

(Memes, by the way, if repeated, are declared illegal, unless getting their author’s permission: this is one line-item surreptitiously hidden in the new bill. What?! Furthermore: if pursued, expect a $10,000 fine!)

But all along Trump knew that there were enough people in both houses to override his veto, since the vast majority in both houses had voted for it, after, what was it, a two hour period allowed to read the bloated document? So of course, he knew his veto will mean nothing, despite that he sent it sent back to congress with the measures he wants red-lined as either needing to be cancelled or amended . . . Hmmmm . . . comms? Check this out:

So . . .

In other words, he stonewalled until the last minute, and then signed to avoid a shutdown.

Okay, so the Executive and the Legislative branches are doing what they habitually do, vie for power (as designed, using lawfare), and the Legislative branch won? Or: Is 5D chessmaster Trump just playing Congress once again, with a hidden Trump card up his sleeve, ready to be played exactly as timed long ago?

Here’s one possible card: They will go along with his requests, given that I saw somewhere (where? Duck Duck Go is hiding it?) that he has just given new AG Rosen permission to declassify everything. What does he have on at least 70% of our senators and representatives?


Tracy Beanz looked into the mysterious ICA of 1974, which, some say, Trump is using to get the best of the legislative branch. She damps down expectations.

If so, what can he pull off during this next nine months?

Or, even during January?

Notice I’m always assuming he will be re-inaugurated, either on January 20, or later on in the spring after a continuous tumultuous time.

Remember, Trump loves The Art of War. And if we think he has kow-towed to the Legislative branch in this fight for We the People, and so thus “appears weak,” watch out!


Hmmmm . . .¬† as I always say, once JFK Jr. is revealed as alive, everything will change. The old 3D way of ego-dominance will transform into 5D playful magic and miracle. To wit: the extreme cognitive dissonance engendered by his appearance will blow everyones’ minds WIDE OPEN. Why? Because if everyone on earth realized that beloved, mythic, iconic John John had staged his own death during the final year (1999) of the last millennium¬† (to avoid being killed by Killery who was then also running for the NY senate seat) and that he has been working with his old friend Donald Trump ever since, leading to this crucial, critical, Covid 19-riddled, Electiongate Trauma transition from 2020 to 2021, his appearance will introduce the WORLD-CHANGING SURPRISE OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM!

Or am I just kidding myself? I don’t think so.

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