December Finale 2020, Day Twenty-Seven: Researcher Alison McDowell presentation of the current way this world works

Once again, for me, it’s time to rear back from the continuous flow of falderall re: the Electiongate fraud as well as our muffle masks.

Here goes, by way of personal introduction:

All my life, two childhood events still resonate way below my usual conscious awareness, and both involved emotional, mental and spiritual trauma. These are:

  1. That day in August 1945 (I was two and a half), when I listened to the radio with my Mom and grandparents, hearing about the horror of Hiroshima, and going into shock. And, to deepen the trauma, I noticed that all three were thrilled (because my Dad would be coming home from the Phillipines). At that moment, I instantly separated out, given that my own emotional reaction to “the news” was diametrically opposed to theirs. (My father had left before I knew him on a conscious level.) From then on, I figured that the world would end (of nuclear configuration) in my lifetime, unless I personally put a stop to it. Thus, an extreme sense of responsibility, seriousness to the point of heaviness, which meant I could only pretend to play as a child.
  2. That day in first grade when, befuddled by (what I would now call) the “ontological status” of arithmetic, I suddenly blurted out to my teacher this question: “But . . . WHAT IS A NUMBER?” Sister Bernita stopped adding numbers on the blackboard, and turned  to look at me, staring, so long my face burned and the other children turned to look at me, too. Then finally, her response: “THAT IS NOT A QUESTION, DEAR.”

And yet, it was only today that I begin to grok how these two traumatic events were connected . . .

A good friend, John, emailed me this link. And he’s right. Alison McDowell has what appears to be a singular capacity to see above, below, and within the usual spaces between dots which we obsessive independent researchers are constantly trying to connect. And within these spaces, she finds further dots, and connects them precisely and indefatigbly and astonishingly, along with their thick interconnected webbing, covering literally all fields of human endeavor, both large and small, obvious and obscure. As she points out: “It’s a MACHINE. And we all live inside it. And whoever designs it, makes the rules.”

In other words, she describes, in fine-tuned detail, what we have. come to know as “The Matrix,” only on both micro and macro levels, all powered by numbers, via A.I. (and algorithms), which has been subtly and with sinister intent, taking over this world for decades — often masquerading as “good,” “smart,” “win-win,” — in order to elicit our agreement. And, all for profit: Capitalism 2.0, one might call it. Capitalism, which must continue to grow in order to remain viable, has increasingly “gone virtual,” since material resource extraction is growing scarce on this finite planet.

In other words, she’s describing the real divide that cripples us, and it’s way below and way above politics:

Artifice vs. Nature


Energetics (the life force, biology) vs. Electricity (A.I.)

I’m not quite half-way through this three hour presentation, with great commentary by Sayer Ji of; but I can only watch a tiny segment at a time, given that my mind is blown by nearly every sentence.

Keep in mind that Alison McDowell knows, with every pulsating fiber in her beautiful heart, that what dissolves The Machine, is LOVE.

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5 Responses to December Finale 2020, Day Twenty-Seven: Researcher Alison McDowell presentation of the current way this world works

  1. Atreus says:

    Amusing. In 3rd Grade in the 1990s I also tried to ask my teacher what math was, but didn’t have the vocabulary to specify I was asking about the ontology of mathematics, so in the middle of doing a problem I would ask “What am I doing?” “You’re doing math” “But what is this?!” “It’s math!” — and it likewise stuck in memory.

    I imagine the same scenario plays out for students in many places and times.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I bet you’re right! That the same scenario plays out constantly for those young ones lucky/unlucky enough to inhabit and awareness that lies BEHIND the mathematical scrim we put upon the natural world. And BTW:

      I did NOT have the phrase “ontological status” in my vocabulary as a six year old . . .

  2. Rachael Carlson says:

    I’m making my way through Alison McDowell’s video in bite-sized chunks. Just when you thought you had a handle on where the rabbit holes are….

  3. Nina says:

    This blog every content relly amazing. thanks

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