December Finale 2020, Day Twenty-Six: Pellmell! Panic? No. “Relax, and find peace in uncertainty”

Given that there’s so much going on, and I have absolutely no idea what is really real, and if so, in what dimension — plus of course, what is 3D misinfo, disinfo, lies, enigma, coded, ambiguity . .

I did however, pick up intuitively that the Nashville explosion on Christmas Day must have been a false flag. went further, branding it a typical CIA/NATO Operation GLADIO event, to throw the mind-controlled sheeple — now dumbed down by fear-mongering MSM re: Covid, and deliberately confused by the extended LARP (Live Action Role Play) called the “President-(S)elect Joe Biden” and Co. comedy — into increased fear and confusion, demoralization, and ultimately, abject obedience. Plus, this particular occasion also created targets of those who own, travel in, or even live in, RVs.

OPERATION GLADIO C: Explosion in Downtown Nashville

Yet . . .

This business of just who is a white hat, who a black hat, who a “sleeper” (pretending to be white but really black), who has “flipped,” from black to white, usually, but could also go the other way — is a never-ending puzzle. I used to assume Barr was a white hat; likewise Rosenstein. Now my view of them has flipped.

And Pence? He’s always been an enigma, and yet the view of him, given his latest inaction, seems to be trending toward Black Hat.

Hmmm . . . wonder if we are heading into the magical moment when JFK Jr. — ALIVE! — is introduced as the new VP. To wit:

Remember this? From a few days ago. “John!  John!  John!”as a figure walked maskless with his wife to the waiting presidential helicopter, directly behind Trump.

No matter what our perspective (sliding into judgment) on the good or evil nature of any of the figures voluntarily or otherwise caught up in this staged(?) electiongate immensity, now in its 53rd day, we still need to remember that the line between good and evil cuts directly through every human heart. All of us, at least at some point in our lives, have done things, said things, or even thought things that, were they  aired in public, unless we are extremely thick skinned or extremely stout-hearted and perhaps even divinely protected (e.g. President Trump), would at least throw most of us into shame (at being found out); or, if our lies have turned us into chronic liars (especially those with silver tongues, for example, Adam Schiff — was he really arrested at LAX on Christmas Eve?), the threat of being “outed” (unless we are sociopaths) would make us fear being legally or socially liable, possibly —unless, perhaps, we openly confessed and did retribution — for pedophilia, SRA, bribery, blackmail, and/or being suicided, openly killed, and/or accepting plea deals in exchange for certain favors..

Even so, the majority of people have now learned that there IS such a thing as the ever hidden, unelected bureaucratic, compartmentalized world-wide Deep State, and that it does use (own) all sorts of people as puppets — in business, government, medicine, law, religion, economics, academia — to push its New World Order agenda that would place most of humanity into permanent, fearful, obedient, isolation via masks, six-feet distancing, contact tracing, and lockdown; and ,coming right up — requiring either embedded chip or Certificate of Vaccination to go anywhere in public, even to the grocery store. But heck (oops! —cynicism, paranoia running rampant), maybe we’ll just transform into cogs, transhumanist machines fueled by “free energy,” so that we won’t even need to eat.

In any case, it does seem to be obvious, that whatever the details, as supposedly free people, during this momentous changeover from 2020 to 2021, we are deeply ensconced inside an internicine battle to the death, fought with subtle and cyber and kinetic weapons between and among different factions and individuals and interwoven webs within this nation and infiltrated from other nations, all as cover for the world-wide Deep State; obviously noticed now in what is called  “government” at all levels, not just federal, but state and local — to steal, not just our vote, but rob us of our innate freedom to be and express exactly who we are as unique individuals.

And it takes all of us, We the People, to get off our duffs and not just continue to sit here  with popcorn, mesmerized, paralyzed, by the illusionist drama flickering incessantly from our screens. Instead of just rooting for hero Trump and the white hats to “save” us, let us do what each of us is called to do, during this critical, climactic time in human history.

Hey, speaking of possible disinfo, this comes from Sorcha Faal, of I saw something very fear-mongering years ago from that site, but then saner heads told me it came from Sorcha Faal, who was automatically, I was told, not to be trusted. But this one? I wonder. It speaks of another form of lawfare, pitting the usual 5D player Trump together with the many Federalist Society members on the Supreme Court against the Constitution itself, temporarily(?), in order to take Biden down. Fascinating, especially the view of the real purpose of the 20th amendment, which moved the inauguration to January 20 from the original date March 20, which is what the founders intended, in order to give plenty of time for any fraudulent election to be rectified through the courts.

The inaugural timing of this theory reminds me of Juan O’Savin, who also said the chaos would last through March. 

Supreme Court Appears Ready to Deal Shocking Death Blow to Biden

I watched the latest video by Millie Weaver ( last night during insomniac hours, and was very impressed. She really knows how to put all sorts of stuff together with lots of visual documentation while not pretending she knows it all.

So yes, the chaos, confusion, and multi-level dramatics, both real and pretend, are so thuddingly intense that what can we do but “relax, and find peace in uncertainty”?

And yet, I still feel that the most important part of our work now is to collectively INTEND that this 2020-2021 drama is an individual, national, and global  Plutonian death and rebirth process, indeed, a pregnancy, the life force itself birthing a glorious new world.

P.S. Nobody ever said that labor pains are fun!

(Except me, who found them intense, but not painful. But maybe that’s because I was doing natural childbirth breathing exercises.)

So . . . BREATHE!


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2 Responses to December Finale 2020, Day Twenty-Six: Pellmell! Panic? No. “Relax, and find peace in uncertainty”

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    12/25/2020 Nashville Blast. Nashville Blast.

    What’s your intuition suggest the reason for the Downtown Nashville Blast?

    My intuition is the deep state is signaling the US Military White Hats and POTUS the deep state’s choice has been made. The deep state is choosing the hard way.
    12/26/2020 A 30 minute update briefing on the Nashville Bombing was just delivered starting at 11:00 am, PST direct from downtown Nashville. Everyone is doing their best, but at the highest level, one is left feeling there was an intentional concealment of the type of chemical explosive that was used. A lot can be determined by knowing if it was or was not, military grade explosive. 30 hours after the explosion the grade of material used is known. The chances of it not being identified are nil. To me the absence of identifying the chemical explosive stood out like a sore thumb. That information was being held back. It would be assuring for there to be faster coordination.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    12/27/2020 How signals are given between the (1) complex Deep State and (2) White Hats – POTUS. Here one side is signally the other to back off and surrender now. What you will see is real combat footage from overseas over laid with fake local urban warfare voices.

    What you will hear is not real. It will sound like American Accent Voices being surrounded by overwhelming forces at a highway intersection near Washington DC at “Interstate – 495 and US – 50”

    Why this highway intersection?

    “Interstate – 495 and US – 50” is (1) US Health Defense Headquarters (2) Booz Allen Hamilton, (3) Northrop Grumman … so why is this US urban warfare language dubbed into this video?

    It’s an educational wake up meme of one side telling the other, look what we can do. Back off and stand down.


    (1) Health = Bioweapon foolery, (2) Booz Allen = Liberty Whistleblower Edward Snowden, (3) Northrop = 6th Gen Aerial warfare… above top secret space weaponization.

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