December Finale 2020, Christmas Gift: “Start doing what you love doing, now.”

I’m reminded of my advice to myself way back in my late 20s: “Whatever I am both fascinated by and afraid of, that is what I must do.”

If I’m not fascinated, then it’s obviously not a direction for me to go in.

If I’m not fearful, then it’s probably still in the box, fostered by the skill sets I’ve already developed. Instead, step out of the box! Go for broke. Be The Fool! Jump off the cliff!

And, inevitably, each time I start on a fascinating and fearful path, synchronicities line the way, one after another, like candles on a dark night, like clues: “YES! You are on the right path.”

Or, as a deep, resonant inner voice announced, again during that same confusing, breakdown/breakthrough time, on an afternoon when, once again, I had looked in the mirror and wondered who was looking back at me now: JUST KEEP GOING. DON’T GET STUCK.

The universe bends itself in the direction of one’s strong, focused intention.

As the end of 2020 nears, have we developed clear enough vision to see our way through to 2021? Can we intend, together, that 2021 be the glorious new beginning promised by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on the Winter Solstice? Each of us as individuals, unique, impossibly, miraculously  beautiful, in our new cooperative Aquarian destiny?

Jupiter will be in Aquarius for one year.

Saturn for two and a half years.

Both will set the stage, and the tone, for Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius, starting in 2023, and going for 21 years, until 2044.

Crones and Elders, with a lifetime of  experience “under our belts,” are here to offer wisdom, guidance, and patience, for the children, true inheritors of this new Age of Aquarius.


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