December Finale 2020, Day Twenty-Three: Especially during this Christmas like no other, when isolation and lockdown mock the Christmas spirit, is enhanced resilience required.

Mea culpa folks, but here’s what captured my attention during insomniac hours last night: a new Rogue News video out featuring  the “International Man of Mystery,” Juan O’Savin.

Takeaways: This is, by far, the most chilling presentation of technocracy, AI, transhumanism, or “the machine,” that I have ever come across. Moreover, he says each of us must to pick a side. That the “neutral observer” pose is no longer an option, if we wish to save humanity from the global machine that would control our every move and thought and ultimately suck consciousness out of the body and insert into the machine in order to achieve immortality. What?!?

Once again, O’Savin remarks that the present national and international trauma won’t actually settle down until April 2021, and that, given the ongoing turmoil, the actual Inauguration (of President Trump) is more likely to be set for the original date specified in the Constitution, March 20, instead of January 20.

If O’Savin is correct, then we need to become much more resilient, settling in for the long haul rather than waiting anxiously for everything to turn out all right, RIGHT NOW. Especially during this Christmas like no other, when isolation and lockdown mock the Christmas spirit, is enhanced resilience required.

The stoic Marcus Aurelius is worth pursuing now. Remember:

So, I think, why spend any more time than necessary to pick up on the gravity of this moment in time? Much more fruitful, methinks, is to focus one’s intent clearly and with great focus on the new and wonderful world we want to real-ize by visioning and cooperating together, as an extended Aquarian group! After all, mighty Jupiter and serious Saturn just conjuncted at 0° Aquarius on the Winter Solstice! Such a propitious date to mark the beginning of what is to come! And yet, of course, “technocracy” is also an Aquarian manifestation — only negative!  Just because it’s the “Age of Aquarius” does not mean that only positive Aquarian vibes will be coming in.

So, I’d say yes, with O’Savin, it’s absolutely crucial that we do realize the enormity of what is happening, mostly behind the scenes, as Trump and the Alliance press forward, their hearts and minds set, determined to win this great battle — “for the soul of America,” as the Biden clone and his puppeteers like to say, thus attempting to steal not only votes, but that sacred word “soul” from us, twisting it to serve their own long-planned nefarious One World Machine.

O’Savin doesn’t discuss what may be “above” even the “13 families” at the top of the Capricornian pyramid, still operating, even though the transit of Pluto through Capricorn (2008— 2025) will, for two more years in force, and then two more after that mopping up the debris left behind, still be pushing down beneath its foundational layers to upend the deep state from below.

And remember too, that Pluto in Capricorn has already been working its death/rebirth process on the United States chart, since 2008 opposing first, Venus and Juptier, then Sun, and now Mercury, all in Cancer. The present focus on communicative Mercury (which Pluto opposed, almost exactly, to begin with: i.e., the focus on the power of communication has always been inherent in the national DNA) reminds us: what is more and more at issue is the newly won realization, especially since Trump began his presidential candidacy, of the mainstream mind-control media as the propaganda arm of the deep state, plus, more and more lately, the wholescale censorship and bias of social media. The cabal aims to eliminate free speech, a diabolical agenda enhanced of course, by incessantly repeated Covid fear porn to muffle us with masks and distance us from each other, so that we cannot connect, and don’t even want to connect, so fearful have become the sheeple still mesmerized by this programmed terror of their own and others’ bodies.

Pluto, now at 23° Capricorn, still being squared by Mars at 23° Libra, is only three degrees away from its first Pluto Return at 27° Capricorn in the U.S. history as a nation. No wonder we are going through this horror show now! We were meant to go through this horror show now. And if our founding document, the United States Constitution, is to continue to anchor this nation, then we must work like hell to make sure we win this “battle for the soul of America.’


BTW, if you want to pursue this horror show further, absorb the latest from Kerry Cassidy; I watched it also deep in the night, right after Juan O’Savin. Kerry is one of the few to say that whatever human construction is at the “top” of the global cabal, it too is operating as a puppet, subject to a still higher force, that of negative extraterrestrial life.


BTW: Kerry also says there are positive ET races. Just like on earth, negative and positive, the usual polarity, and it’s up to us to recognize it, both in ourselves, and in the universe at large.

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