ARKCroneCast Offerings for 12/21/20: Video “Riding the Bus through Time;” FREE Audio “Doing the Dishes,” 1980s, part 1

New video for Patreon subscribers this week:

CroneCast #53 || Riding The Bus Through Time

Description: I discuss five occasions during which I rode the bus alone and long distance, starting from when I was nine years old, and culminating when I was 31. Each occasion offered unique gifts and lessons for my own developmental thrust, and might serve as an example for others who seek to gain meaning in their lives by viewing the same activity done at different times, processing consciously what went on, and thus how one’s understanding of life on earth subtly and gradually deepens and widens.


This week’s free offering is an audiobook installment now public on Patreon and free to Youtube subscribers:

CroneCast #50 || Doing The Dishes: Chapters 15 thru 18 || 1980’s, Part 1



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