December Finale 2020, Day Nineteen: And it’s personal!

The karmic number 19, in numerology, signifies power, the misuse of power, which then, needs to be corrected. 19 reduces to 10 which reduces to 1. The 1 is number of new beginnings, and the 10 adds the god-force to the 1. So whatever is going on in the big wide world today politically and geopolitically probably carries the earmarks of the misuse of power, the need for karmic payback, and ignition of something brand new. Of what, I have no idea, nor do I aim to find out on this special day, despite my usual Sagittarian propensity to learn the Truth, the whole Truth about the whole World but, as usual, I fail, and even so, I do aim to yank open my own awareness wider and wider to approach the ever-expanding whole . . .

For it’s my birthday. With my. birth name, Ann Renee Kreilkamp, the numerical values of the letters add up to 19! I am the 19 who needs to become the 1 with the 10 god-force behind it. I am a person who has misused power, likely in other lives, but certainly in this one, due to my fiery double Sagittarian desire to change people, to make them recognize what I see as the unlimited potential of their  uniquely magnificent nature.s Of course, I fail. Because of course, they resist me. As they should.

Have I learned? I hope so.

Here’s the original being, born on 12/19/1942, which reduced, equals the intuitive, master number 11. Eleven is a double 1!  Who woulda known? Her fist is wavin’:  “All power to We the People!”

Here she is again, slightly cross-eyed this time. But my, what a sturdy body!

At 78 years as of this very day, I aim to cultivate the original sturdiness of this aging body, with good food, enough sleep, long daily walks, plus yoga, chikung and taichi. And, I’ve recently added a new practice, and this is to do the breathing exercises of Wim Hof, which I discovered during his conversation with Jordan Peterson and his daughter. That, plus his shock doctrine, subjecting the body to freezing cold temps. So far, I’ve only managed cold showers at the end of hot ones, but who knows, I may even take the Polar Plunge in nearby Lake Monroe for this New Year!

Now here’s a birthday synchronicity for you: just this morning, my friend Sylvia in Holland texted me happy birthday, and told me she’s beginning to follow the practices of Wim Hof!

I, for one, had never even heard of him before last week.

This evening, son Colin and housemate Dan are taking me out to dinner. My two favorite men in this town! I am so lucky!

Even luckier than usual, since my chart ruler, Jupiter, moves into Aquarius, today!

Early this morning, I arose at 6 AM and my body decided to do ceremony to celebrate my own birthday. This was not my conscious intent. No. But my body insisted, just started moving in that direction, gathering all the sacred objects I would need to make a little altar for the occasion, plus my mantic arts: Tarot, I Ching, Runes, and a new one, Flower cards.

I began the ceremony at 6:39 AM, and precisely one hour later, it was done! More on that later.

Meanwhile, I do want to let you know of the I Ching hexagram that I threw, THE WELL, and here’s what’s said in the Wilhelm version, p. 186:

“In ancient China the capital cities were sometimes moved, partly for the sake of more favorable location, partly because of a change in dynasties. The style of architecture changed in the course of centuries, but the shape of the well has remained the same from ancient times to this day. Thus the well inis the symbol of that social structure which, evolved by mankind in meeting its most primitive needs, is independent of all political forms. Political structures change, as do nations, but the life of man with its needs remain eternally the same — this cannot be changed. Life is also inexhaustible. It grows neither less nor more; it exists for one and for all. The generations come and go, and all enjoy life in its inexhaustible abundance.”

“This hexagram applies also to the individual. However men may differ in disposition and in education, the foundations of human nature are the same in everyone. And every human being can draw in the course of his education from the inexhaustible wellspring of the divine in man’s nature.”

This counsel is what I need during the admittedly addictive political drama that has all eyes and ears turned toward the massive and complex implications of the apparent ups and downs of changing fortunes. And it fits perfectly with my own natural tendency, given my 11 birthpath, to be able to intuitively see the potential in people, the infinite abundance that they could draw upon; and yet, I have had to learn in this life to just let it go, allow others to be themselves, develop themselves, at their own pace.

Instead, as much as possible, be The Well!

The Baby Picture Project is where my heart really belongs, given that I cannot help but see us all in our original natures, present when we were small, before we were conditioned, covering own inexhaustible well that has been taught to spew layers and layers of masks, one upon the other, each a reflection of the detritus of suffering we have encountered along our way in this life full of more or less conscious choices made by self-aware beings, who are learning how karma works as a boomerang, banging back to us whatever we have been projecting out into the world.

(BTW: according to Juan O Savin, the Solar Wind hack of U.S. government systems is such a boomerang. After all, this was designed to hack foreign nations, and now has boomeranged back to haunt us.)

BTW again: last night we held our usual weekly community dinner (smaller now, because of Covid rules; in fact, just us). And the charcuterie Annie brought was to die for!

One more note about today’s ceremony. As I said, I began it at 6:39 AM, and ended at 7:39 AM on the dot! 7 plus 3 plus 9 = 19=10-=1. There we go. My birth name = my self. BINGO!




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8 Responses to December Finale 2020, Day Nineteen: And it’s personal!

  1. Steve Dix says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Ann!
    I too am aware of Win Hof and have been for a few years. I read a copy of Scott Carneys book “What Doesn’t Kill Us.” In the book he relates his experience attending a Wim Hof training camp. Truly a life altering experience. I have not attended such a camp but at the age of 74 have been able to up the number of pushups I an do in one set to 70+ when previous to using the Win Hoff breathing my best had been 50. a process of Endeavoring to stay fit in this body as its the only one I have.
    Here in Northern AZ, its winter so all one has to do to experience cold is to step out the door.

  2. Care says:

    Happy Birthday, my GC Sister Ann!! My birthday is also today, altho 1966 version.
    As such, I resonate so much with your writings and findings and I know what you find is going through that awesome GC BS detector which is hard to get through, UNLESS, you’re talking about our intuitive ability to see the amazing potential in relationships. Ugh, I don’t even want to count how many times I’ve fallen in love with potential! Even when reality stares me in the face. Its a rather funny dichotomy, isn’t it? Having a good detector for seeking truth but having such a crappy record at viable relationships.
    But hey, they are all compost for the great garden of life and hence fertile and necessary 🙂
    Much Love and Many Blessings to you this day and always <3
    Perhaps you can do a reading for me sometime and we will connect on GC's by phone.

  3. Ellen says:

    Happiest of birthdays Ann!
    We are certainly lucky to have you here in the Hoosier state. You are a indeed a soul of penetrating beauty and depth. I can not express enough gratitude for everything that you have done to make my journey of awareness profitable every step of the way. You are a personal expression of the motherlode and a true gem. May you know all the love your heart can hold today and always! Have a great day!

  4. Sylvia van Bruggen says:

    Wim Hof is also known as the iceman and he is Dutch! I had known about him for a long time, but was only recently inspired to actually try out the outdoor winter swimming due to others I know doing it and recommending it. I love being in the river more than taking cold showers myself lol.
    As a side note, my late father was also called Wim, a typical oldfashioned dutch nickname, short for Willem.

  5. rose day says:

    Happy Birthday Ann and cheers to many more!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Aha! That means you’ve read the posts up through my birthday, after your computer got up to speed again. Just a few more and you’ll be up to date.

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