December Finale 2020, Day Eighteen: Jupiter enters Aquarius tomorrow, plus expect the unexpected until April Fool’s Day

Jupiter enters Aquarius tomorrow, at 8:10 AM EST following Saturn which entered Aquarius yesterday. Here’s the Jupiter ingress chart. Notice that Jupiter and Saturn will be within 15 minutes of one degree tomorrow, closing in on the historically close Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0°29 Aquarius two days later, on December 21, Winter Solstice, the holiest day of the year, and now, we are telling each other, the actual formal start of the Age of Aquarius.

I said about Saturn that it marries form to the values of Jupiter. This is because Saturn rules Capricornian structures of all kinds, as well as goals, rules, regulations, discipline, protocols, etc., and Jupiter rules the Sagittarian world view that we inhabit, expanded beyond particular ideas and beliefs, and yet including them in its more expansive domain. How we think and act depends on what values we hold in the larger sense, and this determines our sense of ethics, morality.

Is lying okay? If so, then there’s no sense in valuing truth, which the vast majority of us do. During this critical, climactic time when, at all levels, deep state actors lie with impunity, both on stage and off, how can we hold together as a society, what values do we hold in common?

Stern, disciplined, stingy Saturn is pairing with light-hearted, jovial Jupiter . . . Saturn learns from experience what works and what does not, whereas generous Jupiter opens to opportunities for expansion beyond even what experience has taught us, to engage in brand new ways of thinking and doing, especially when both planets are, together,  entering innovative, zany, exploratory, experimental Aquarius, where no idea is too wild to at least entertain, if not pursue. Saturn’s function will be to test any idea, to see if it does actually work, especially paired with other ideas, zinging in from everywhere. Saturn will feel distinctly less comfortable in airy Aquarius than Jupiter will, since Saturn is an earthy planet and Jupiter a fiery one. And yet, thank goodness for Saturn, which will slow us down at least a bit as we impatiently bite the bullet and take off in directions  unmapped to explore the vast unknown.

In the ingress chart above, notice that the Sun and Mercury are both conjunct the Galactic Center. What larger symbol of the unknown can there be than that central, singular point in the Milky Way galaxy which likely tunnels through its own “black hole” portal into an infinity of universes?

Truly, we are about to take off, and it behooves us to remain grounded and centered as we blast into the unknown. That means routines, habits, daily practices, folks, “good addictions,” ones that nourish our entire being, body/mind/spirit. For me, it’s eating well, sleeping enough, and daily three to four mile walks, plus yoga, chikung and taichi. These all nourish the body; without a functioning body, how can the mind and spirit accomplish what they are meant to here in this incarnation? Truly, the body is primary. And it will be very difficult to remember this fact as the Aquarian Age gets rolling.

Notice also that this ingress chart puts the Moon at 0° 17 Pisces. As Jupiter grabs hold of the mind and wings it to the stars, the Moon in Pisces asks us to remember our feeling life that we enjoy/endure while embodied on this planet. And to remember the feeling life of other people too, to empathize with them, to “walk a mile in their shoes.” Otherwise, the expanded airy opportunity for new discoveries just might separate us from others less imaginative and less fortunate, so much that we leave them behind. Let us leave no one behind. Let us help everyone with whom we have contact move into resonance with this new Aquarian world of individual effort cooperating for the common good that is abornin’. Jupiter is also known as the Teacher, sometimes even the Guru, one who instructs others as to what they need to know, or even better: the questions they need to learn to ask in order to free themselves from the trappings of old, hoary Capricorn traditions that have lost their usefulness and turned sour from corruption and neglect.

I happen to have been born at sunrise on December 19, thus a double Sagittarian, conjuncgt the Galactic Center and ruled by Jupiter, the planet which slides into Aquarius tomorrow and tells me that I’m about to blast off, too, mentally at least, to who knows where.

Meanwhile, on the day before my 78th birthday, our Green Acres Village crew is busy in the basement, a very Saturnine job of clearing, organizing, micro-organizing all sorts of things, letting objects and records of old memories and traditions that no longer have any use go, either to be recycled or dumped. The process is excruciating, especially for me, the only one who has been here the entire time (17 years now) that this place has been operational, with at last count, 35 or 36 people flowing through it and staying from a few months to many years. And for all three houses, this one basement has been the repository of whatever anyone wanted to store, and some of it remained behind when they left. So, as you can imagine, there are many surprises!

Surprise! Jupiter! Expansion! Doesn’t quite feel like it yet, given the Saturnine feel to this old job that has been sitting there moldering, waiting for us to finally get to it, for years!

As Jupiter moves into Aquarius, where it will remain for one year, and will, by mid-January, square slower-moving Uranus in Taurus, along with fast-moving Mars, which will enter Taurus January 7th; Uranus itself will increase the eruptive pressure when it turns to go Direct on January 14th. Jupiter square Mars and Uranus when it’s turning: Get ready for rollicking, shocking, earthquaking and expansive, CHANGE.

By the second week of February, and until the end of that month, Saturn (which has a 2.5 year cycle) will then square Uranus in Taurus: Whatever sudden expansion Jupiter/Mars/Uranus sets in motion, will begin to stabilize in February, though the road will still be rocky.

Check out Juan O Savin, this video, where, towards the end, he mentions that we need to think April Fools Day as the real time when Biden and Co. will go down in defeat. Because the election/re-election drama, he claims, will not actually clarify completely until the month of March.

This entire video is well worth absorbing.





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