December Finale 2020, Day Sixteen: Approaching Saturn’s entry into Aquarius, was Bill Barr arrested?

As everyone on earth seems to know now, this coming Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter is hugely significant. For three reasons: 1) the two planets will appear closest in the sky since, some say, 400 years ago, others say 800 years ago. (However, it will again appear equally close in 2080). For most of us, it WILL be a once-in-a-lifetime event. 2) This extremely rare event will take place on the longest night, shortest day of the year, Winter Solstice, December 21, when the Sun appears to start its journey north, towards Spring Equinox 2021, when the day and night will be equal. and 3) This event happens to occur when the two planets have each just entered the sign of Aquarius (Saturn on the 17th, Jupiter on the 19th), so that their exact conjunction will be at 0°29 Aquarius.

Furthermore, there is speculation that it was this the Great Conjunction that, when present in the sky, led the Three Wise Men to  the manger where Christ was born.

Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn marry values to form. Whatever values we hold, we will begin t give form to them in the new sign of Aquarius that, some say, constitutes the real beginning of the Aquarian Age.

Looking at Saturn’s entry into Aquarius tomorrow:

Notice that it occurs within one degree of Jupiter and the Moon, both at 29°+ Capricorn. We might say that Capricorn-ruled Saturn’s entrance into free-wheeling, innovative, experimental, horizontally networking Aquarius will be counterbalanced by and juxtaposed with the emotional (Moon) fullness (Jupiter) of strict, hierarchical, procedural, “rule of law’ Capricorn.

Meanwhile, twitter is atwitter. Was Bill Barr actually arrested? That would certainly be a karmic Saturn event, if so, and deeply troubling, to just about everybody, on both sides of any political fence. Another juxtaposition.

On the other hand, he might be tucking in his shirt, or pulling up his pants . . .

The Neptune in Pisces mysteries continue to bedazzle us as we strive, mightly, and it seems, fruitlessly, to make good clear sense of all the goings on of which we do know one thing, whatever they are, they are way happening on multiple levels, and way behind the scenes.

My own sense: I wondered why Barr wrote such a long laudatory letter (covering his bases? as instructed?) but never did mention the word “resign” or “resignation.” I have a sense that some kind of plea deal was reached. Trump’s tweet, that they had a “nice meeting” felt like one huge troll, to me.

Here’s’s view of the firing? retirement?. As usual, he offers an eminently reasonable analysis.

My Thoughts on Bill Barr’s Departure



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