December Finale 2020, Day Fifteen: Who, really, is Bill Barr? Rant on the function of the ego; And who, REALLY, is Donald Trump?

On the day after feeble, increasingly demented “president-elect” Biden claimed victory over yesterday’s electoral count, remember: electoral votes are actually not officially counted until January 6. And then, if there is a dispute — as there certainly will be, given that seven states have two slates of electoral votes, the other slate for Donald Trump — it will be up to VP Pence to throw the decision back to the House of Representatives which, since every state gets only one vote, the Republicans, in the majority, will carry the day.

Bill Barr resigned yesterday, as of December 23. Is Barr still a deep stater, just a placeholder during his two years as the head of the DOJ? And if so, was his resignation actually forced, just in time to not be able to respond to the DNI report due on the 18th (45 days after the election)?

Or is he a “white hat” who, like Sessions, did some kind of a job we still don’t understand and now that job is done.

Of course, I really don’t know. Psychic Utsava, however, said some time ago that Barr took bribes, will be exposed, and will actually go to jail. Though I don’t personally resonate with Utsava’s personality, I do notice that her predictions come true what is it, 98% of the time?

For a number of divergent opinions on both Barr and Trump, check out this long thread:

Let’s rear back and look at all this again. At the bottom of the following rant on ego I’ve placed an essay that I wish I could give to all my friends who suffer from TDS —so much so that they are willing to put obviously failing pedophile grifter Biden in the White House! I keep on trying to figure out why so many hate Trump so much. And of course, we can say the media is to blame, since Trump has been the enemy of “fake news” since way before he was elected president. Indeed, one of his signature victories during his first term in office was to make that phrase, “fake news,” a part of everyday vocabulary.

I keep noticing how everybody hates him for his ego. And yet, ego is necessary if we want to get anything done. What we call (and disparage as unenlightened) “ego” is an internal left-brain  mechanism developed when we were small to separate ourselves out from the “buzzing booming confusion” of the sensory world. Unlike animals, humans are “self-conscious”; we reference our own beings as “I” and see other beings as “you.”

Ego serves two functions, one passive, the other active. Ego protects us from danger, and ego is used to focus life force energy into the world.  It’s when we identify with that mechanism that we turn egocentric, narcissistic, arrogant. And it’s very hard NOT to identify with an actually functioning ego. Anyone who has ever accomplished anything must continuously deal with the tendency to identify with his or her ego. We are always only one tiny slip-step away from arrogance.

In my quest to understand why people hate Trump so much, I came to the conclusion that it’s because  Trump has a massive, and obvious ego, something that fearful ones are jealous of, and so hate, because they can’t get up their own nerve to likewise get something done! But it’s worse than that, according to John, a good friend of mine who knows, because he’s been there, much more than me. John says that those who hate Trump for his ego are ones who can’t focus their own egos into the world because they “work for the man,” inside some sort of hierarchical structure in which they must either obey orders, or get fired. And since money still runs the world, and since most people are still scraping by, and even worse, feel responsible for the welfare of their families, they have good reason not to unleash their egos, but rather to keep them under tight wraps, pushed down into the depths of the subconscious.

Unfortunately, it takes lots of energy to keep on pushing your own ego down, and what happens is people end up “depressed,” depleted, because they are using their own energy against themselves, rather than focusing it into the world. But then that maneuver doesn’t really work, because the repressed energy then gets projected out, onto Trump! — the perfect foil for all those who hate their jobs, their bosses, their own egos, and can’t get the nerve up to just quit, stop, stand up for themselves, no matter what the cost.

I’d say that Donald J. Trump is one man in the world who is utilizing his enormous ego in a massive way, on multidimensional fronts, for the good of all humanity. Moreover, did he not have this unusually strong ego, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the continuous barrage of incoming hatred that he must plough through 24×7, not just from media, but from the mind-controlled populace who are still addicted to it.

That said, I would also say that Trump uses his ego, but at this point in his life, he does not identify with it. This singular man is working as a Great Soul in the world, for all of us; were that we would all learn to emulate his courage, and his wisdom, to not go too fast, especially now, during this crucial switchover from the trauma of 2020 to the deliverance of 2021. The longer this election morass takes, the greater the educational opportunities to demonstrate the depth and width of the swamp, and so the greater the chance that enough people will wake up so that when the military is invoked to handle the situation, not only people like Powell and Flynn and McInnerny will be demanding it, but so will a a large majority of the population. That way, with a united people at his side, Trump can avoid civil war, while destroying the finale to the accelerating deep state globalist coup that has attempted to hijack the U.S. and scatter it into the winds in order to bring in its long-planned, despotic New World Order.

So yes, I continue to support Trump. And I hope you do too! His example is what thousands of election whistleblowers now arising from the U.S. citizenry are looking up to for inspiration. He shows them the way. He shows US the way.

Who is Donald Trump – REALLY? Find out here!

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