December Finale 2020, Day Fourteen, Sidney Powell: “I feel more every day that the Matrix movie was real. It’s that bad.”

Found this Sidney Powell interview on my twitter feed, and decided to watch the whole thing. See the quote in the title of this post. (If youtube takes it down, go to Epoch Times or Conservative Treehouse.)

Besides detailing the outrageous and extensive depth and breadth of the fraud, Sidney talks about the 2018 EO that can be used to identify and take down foreign actors in our election process. She’s not the only one. More and more, this mysterious EO is surfacing.

For example, General Flynn:

Here’s a long thread on this 2018 EO:


BTW: I don’t know Sidney’s astrology chart, since I don’t have her birthtime, but if she was born at or around noon on May 1, 1955, in Durham North Carolina, I wouldn’t be surprised, since this chart has a royal Leo Ascendant, with Sun at the Midheaven and powerful Pluto in the first house. (I may have already put up this chart in an older post; if so, bear with me!). That Sun of hers at 10° Taurus, has been shaken loose ever since May 2020 via the once-in-a-lifetime transit of earthshaking Uranus, a conjunction that will continue until early February 2021, then again in April and May, and with one final, and most intense push, January and early February of 2022!

So don’t expect her to leave the public stage anytime soon.

And, here’s the clincher: Sidney’s Mercury, at 20° Taurus, sits in a very powerful fixed T-cross with Saturn in (“get to the bottom of things”) Scorpio, and the boomer generation’s Pluto in Leo. Again, steady, sure, never-give-up Sidney, taking on the deep state, both utterly determined and with total integrity.

Like President Trump, she has planets in the same degree area of Cancer which opposes the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn behemoth that has roiled 2020 into turbulence, demolishing, or shaking to the root, or cracking wide open both visible and invisible forms, institutions, traditions, practices, rituals of all kinds and at every scale.

Way back when he was elected, I sensed and wrote that President Trump, who has Venus/Saturn in the same degree area of Cancer as two of Sidney’s planets, would expand his responsibility to family to include that of We the People of the United States of America, and now, four years later, I’d say he’s expanded it further to include the peoples of the entire world. For what this Electiongate 2020 Sting reveals, is the global reach of  election corruption. And it’s not just that foreign states are implicated in this U.S. election, but that deep state actors have been electronically rigging elections to put their preferred candidate in national/regional/local offices wherever the deep state wants control. And furthermore, this staggering global fraud has been going on, Sidney and others say, for at least the last twenty years.

In Sidney’s case, she has expansive Jupiter and volatile Uranus closely conjunct in that same degree area of Cancer, and both are square her generational Neptune in Libra, which tends to be both idealistic, and at times, delusional.

If Trump is here to continuously shine with a loving (Venus) focus (Saturn) in Cancer on this We the People nation, Sidney is here to stir up this Cancerian nation (Born July 4, 1776) that has four planets in that home/ family/ community-loving sign.

And remember, the Cancerian planets of both Trump and Sidney, plus the U.S. itself  are under tremendous pressure by this year-long opposition of Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn. Thankfully, within the next few days, it begins to ease, with both Saturn, on the 17th, and Jupiter on the 19th crossing into Aquarius, to conjunct exactly at 0°25 of that new sign on the Winter Solstice, December 21.

Given the double Uranus influence, one natal and one by transit, Sidney’s natural Jupiter/Uranus tendency to stir things up in any family/home/community setting is getting an enormous boost from the long-lasting transit of unpredictable Uranus over her Sun from last summer through January of 2022. Whew!


Just in: apparently fake news that Trump has pardoned Julian Assange. All over twitter for about an hour until retracted . . . And JFK Jr.? How wonderful it would be if both these truth-tellers came forward on this New Moon/Solar Eclipse in truth-telling Sagittarius day . . . 

John Lennon: “You say I’m a dreamer?” Hell yah, says this (old) Neptune in Libra (1942-57) gal, still both idealistic and, sometimes delusional.

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