New Moon/Solar Eclipse December 14, at 23°-24° Sagittarius: Cascading Revelations hold Promise to Heal

New Moon, New Beginning, plus Solar Eclipse, offering a portal into the nearby Galactic Center (at 27°), which also happens to be exactly conjunct my Sagittarian Sun and (three degrees from my 21° Ascendant).. No wonder I’ve always shot straight into the heart of mystery, no matter what, no holds barred.

What will this new month, which straddles the new year, bring?

I set up this chart for Washington, D.C., and immediately noticed that the 27° Aquarian Ascendant for that moment in space/time sits exactly upon the 27° Aquarian Moon in the U.S. Chart. Plus, and here’s the kicker: this degree also happens to be that of the 27° Aquarian Moon in J.F.K. Jr’s chart! Is this the date when be is reintroduced to the American people (the Moon signifies “the people:” in a nation’s chart), as the Great Unifier, a Man of We the People, the one person whom everyone of good will can get behind, no matter what their color, creed, or political party?

See this (includes JFK Jr. chart).

Or do you think I’m kidding myself . . . After all, other dates were promised, and failed to deliver . . .

Meanwhile, notice Mars at 20° Aries, closely conjunct “discontented goddess” Eris, exactly trine Mercury in this chart. Expect powerful communication re: philosophical perspectives on Truth, being energized by courageous Mars in independent Aries. More whistleblowers to join the 1000 who have already filed affidavits re: this fraudulent election? Is it even possible for BOOMS to occur at an ever more accelerated rate than they are proceeding now?

Furthermore, Mercury in this chart conjuncts the 23°-24° New Moon, which in turn exactly semi-sextiles Pluto, and exactly trines Eris, with Eris squaring Pluto . . .

The energetics are stirring into a frenzy!

Notice too, that this entire configuration — Sun/Moon/Mercury semi-sextile Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn trine and square Mars/Eris creates a Triangle of Continuous Growth. I know what these triangles are, since, in fact, I gave them that name, and my own chart is full of them. Continuous Growth. Continuous expansion, evolution, and I would say, in this case, continuously widening and deepening comprehension of just how entrenched (Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter) the deep state, and yet just how much energy is stirring at the individual level (Mars/Eris) as a result of the vast expansion of perspective we are due to absorb and integrate over this coming lunar month. This entire multidimensional election sting operation has been slowed to a crawl to help the yet unenlightened public wake up to both the nightmare that we have allowed to enslave us for — decades, centuries, even a millennium — and the promise of FREEDOM ahead. We the People are waking up, and heaven help the psychopaths who stand in our way.

One more from this chart: Venus in Scorpio at 27° exactly squares that 27° Ascendant and exactly sextiles Saturn/Jupiter (both just about to move from Capricorn into Aquarius, and conjunct exactly, at 0° Aquarius, on Winter Solstice, December 21, the holiest day of the year). Long held Scorpio secrets revealed? For example, that JFK Jr. is alive and walking among us? In John-John’s chart,  Chiron, the wounded healer, exactly conjuncts his Moon. Is JFK Jr. the Healer who can, simply by the revelation of his seemingly miraculous presence, heal the shots heard around the world that wounded the American public when his father was assasinated, leaving a grieving nation, forever more, or, UNTIL NOW!, dumbed down with PTSD?

I pray that it be so.

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