December Finale 2020, Day Thirteen: Global Overview of China and Cabal; Details on possible Election Timeline


Blasted all over my twitter feed this morning:

What does it mean?

Here’s a further possible perspective.

I presume you’ve paid attention to the apparent military mobilization off both coasts of the U.S., which Simon Parkes says, is “purely defensive.”

But defend against what? CHINA?

If you want to go down this rabbit hole, go to David Wilcock’s latest: he gives lots of intel about what the enormous — and yes, defensive —military buildup is about. I listened to most of this via kauilapele in the middle of the night. BTW: Kauilapele also has lots of other headlines today that I will need to investigate . . . Of course, it’s impossible to keep up! But just know that we are inside some kind of massive storm, global in nature, and planned for a long time, using the 2020 election as a radiating sting that draws all the bad actors to the surface. Also, BTW: see Juan O Savin talking with Roseanne (starts at about minute 27). Very instructive, especially concerning the idea that the reason everything is taking so long is because enough of the American public needs to wake up to the corruption that has long riddled all our governmental institutions so that, when the military op does go into play, Trump will not be viewed as a dictator.


A dear friend who does not want to be named sent me a new twitter account to pay attention to. Thanks! He offers a detailed thread of the process/protocols leading up to January 6, which he says, is the main day, since it’s not until then that the electoral college votes will actually be counted. Note, we are “A Republic, Not A Democracy” . . .




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