December Finale 2020, Day Twelve: Reflections on the Hugely Disappointing Scotus Decision

Potus, on hearing the verdict: “NO WISDOM. NO COURAGE.”

I happeneed to be on twitter yesterday evening when the news arrived, and spread instantly everywhere: Scotus denied the Texas suit. I felt stunned, gobsmacked, shaken to the roots; and this, despite having had suspicions all along that some kind of technicality would derail this particular suit, so different than all the others. Why? Because success would have just been too easy; would have brought 62 elector votes into Trump camp and put him over the top automatically. Bingo. Done. Oh yah, there would have been riots, fury, etc.; we’re expecting that, no matter what “side” “wins.” But the turmoil wasn’t destined to end this quickly! See my astrology piece for this month and next. 

So I can only barely imagine what that Scotus blow must have felt like for those who really were counting on this suit to bring an end to the uncertainty that has held the whole world in suspension for the last five weeks.

I mean, geez! The Texas suit was just so clever! Coming out of left field; moving straight to the Supreme Court, and taking four swing states down at once by arguing in constitutional terms, with no need for evidence, proof, etc. So very different from all the other suits that must undergo the laborious process of moving up through local, state, district courts in order to reach the Supreme Court. There’s just not enough time! We all thought! And most of us still think.

Tbis morninbg I decided to pursue this further, via twitter.

Here’s what I noticed. First, this. Makes sense?

But then I wondered. What if even the Supreme Court justices are afraid for their lives, and the lives of their families, if they enter this political fray in any way. The American public is so intensely polarized, with Antifa and BLM threats so very obvious, that who in the public eye wouldn’t fear for their families? And yet, I imagine the Supremes do have security around themselves and their families. True?

Like many others, my brief flirtation with despair concerned the fact that it now appears that all three arms of the federal government are compromised, deep state corrupted.

Besides, do you have any idea just how much China has infiltrated our nation? Check this out.

Furthermore, as anyone who doesn’t watch the MSM knows, Hunter and “President-Elect” Joe Biden — along with how many other politicians? academics? technocrats? — are deeply entangled with China, and should be in prison.

But back to the issue at hand. Just prior to the Scotus decision, Juanita Broaddrick had tweeted:

There we are again. Back to the Constitution. And the three constitutionalist justices that Trump put on the court, agreed with the 7-2 decision to deny!

The legalities go over my head. What in hell is “standing”? What in hell is “judicially cognizable”? From the brief:

“The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.”

From an attorney:

But then there’s this, see especially the Blompf1# Reply:

Not sure where I saw it now (I think here) but Dershowitz thinks that this suit was the best that can be done. That this court ruling will put the kabash on any success in the court system of rectifying the stolen election.

Flynn, however, begs to differ:

Basically, he’s saying that the dispute has to go back to the states. That there is a process that has to be followed. That the state legislatures need to decide. That We the People need to decide, not the court system. And  “that’s the way we want it to happen. That’s the way the Constitution was designed.” Furthermore, “the only date that matters is January 20, 2021, when on a scale of one to ten who’s to be inaugurated, I’d say it’s a ten, that it will be Donald Trump.”

Flynn, this morning at the Stop the Steal March, standing in front of the Supreme Court:


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10 Responses to December Finale 2020, Day Twelve: Reflections on the Hugely Disappointing Scotus Decision

  1. michael riesterer says:

    I came across this earlier today on twitter from a patriot who was involved in the ShadowGate film (can’t find her name at the moment):

    Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

    Might be the secret but calamitous weapon to resolve the fraud.

  2. rose day says:

    In reading between the lines, it would appear that SCOTUS may not not have even verified the Article under which the claim was filed. If such actually occurred, either in haste or by design, such action would not send a secure signal.

    It has been inferred that the court does not wish to interfere in a state-to-state issue which in this particular instance reads total ‘kick-the-can’ because verifiable illegal vote-harvesting in a federal election affects the entire nation and at the least, would seemingly qualify for SCOTUS review.

    As to the possibility that members of the court may feel unsafe . . . US federal protection programs come to mind and the court posture reads yet again as a case of drop-the-ball rather than step up to the plate and do the job in integrity and responsibility.

    Consider for a moment ACTUAL potential repercussions that original signers of the Declaration of Independence knowingly faced and the possibility that Government may presently be a bit more than somewhat integrity-challenged could be closer to Truth than imaginable.

  3. Catherine Watson says:

    There has been integrity in the 4 states with counting ballots. Hard-working poll workers risking their lives counting, re-counting, Democrats and Republicans watching for verification. No matter how many times they have been required by re-count, re-verification – again, the same results. Biden won. Trump lost. Again and again it has been proven. I am from one of those states. We are worn out with being accused of mis-handling our ballots. Our elected officials and courageous poll workers have received death threats – death threats, people – for DOING THEIR JOBS! My state is a Republican state! We have a Republican governor who is a Trump devotee. Even our governor has determined the election results are valid! Our people are following the law.

    There is no election-gate. No “plandemic.” There is a real pandemic of epic proportions skyrocketing everywhere in this country and the world. It’s not pretend, it’s real – as so many people have lost loved ones know.

    Our hospital workers are exhausted. Many have died of Covid trying to save the ill and dying. This is no hoax. There is no underlying game being played. How do you all dare to talk of this pandemic not being real, referring to it as a “plandemic”? How do you dare to speak of a vaccine as being some government plot to control people?

    Scamdemic? Seriously? This is a real disease killing millions of people. It is all too real, not pretend.

    Hard-working people have come together to create vaccines to HELP people. People have been told to WEAR MASKS AND SOCIALLY DISTANCE to HELP people, to curb the spread of this potentially deadly virus.

    You vaccinate your dog against rabies. Most people have been vaccinated against polio and smallpox. Do you know what it was like to have polio? Smallpox? How grateful people were to have a vaccine for those things? Polio crippled my cousin, and she suffered all her life. She would have been so thankful to been vaccinated against polio to prevent her lifelong suffering.

    We have a president with the morals of an alley cat, or worse. He spurns medical experts with the highest integrity. When he (inevitably) got Covid, he received the most expensive care in the nation, which ordinary people cannot afford. I’m glad he got better. But what a double standard for the po’folks down the line who won’t get his top-level drugs to combat the disease.

    People are following some random, unnamed person named Q, quote “Q-drops” like they were the holy writ with no facts to back it up. Accusing one party of mass-scale child abuse and tortures. There is so much scamming going on with Q-Anon, talk of conspiracy theories, the Matrix, plandemic. Thumbing of noses against masks and social distancing to the point where people are becoming violent if asked to wear a mask and keep their distance.

    We have laws to wear seat belts now. For the good of people’s HEALTH and LIVES, what in God’s name is wrong with a law to require people to wear masks and socially distance? People are becoming violent because they are unhappy that their rights are being taken away from them by being asked to do these things. They are behaving as if they are entitled to go around doing what they please. Being a citizen of the U.S., following the Constitution does not entitle anyone to this spoiled-rotten behavior. This attitude that “I’m going to do what I want when I want, and if I get sick and get you sick – what difference does it make? I have a RIGHT to not wear a mask, a RIGHT to not socially distance.” This behavior is very similar to President Trump’s.

    This behavior is worse than what we teach out children in kindergarten. You DON’T get to do exactly as you please. You DON’T get to harm others. But we have a president who is a great big bully, and many of his followers have become bullies too – emboldened by his bad example. I would have put my kindergarteners in the corner for behaving so horribly.

    There is a lack of common sense. A lack of integrity. People I have known and respected for years have drunk the kool-aid of all this – it is like a cult.

    I am broken-hearted and disheartened at what I read on this website. Someone I have respected for years approves of this – and I am astonished and aghast and appalled.

    I do not see how this nation can come together when I read this website and others similar to it. When I see sensible people changing into people I do not recognize, having drunk the Q-Koolaid. When I see people believing things that are not rooted and based in reality and common sense. And who threaten good and decent people trying to do the best they can to count votes and combat this horrible disease of Covid.

    Vaccines are created to help people, not control people. I wear a mask and socially distance so I won’t get sick and won’t get anyone sick. It’s not hard to do, and no hardship on me. If we all did this for a temporary period of time, we could have slowed down this virus that is mowing people down across the country.

    If you don’t care about yourself or your neighbor, care at least about the hospital personnel who are so beyond burned-out caring for and trying to save Covid patients. Care about the people who need to go to hospital and can’t because they are filled up with Covid patients. Care about people who are elderly and ill and high-risk. Care about the pitiful, frail elderly in assisted living places or nursing homes who are dying right, left and sideways from this disease.

    We are a fortunate country. A supposed democracy with a Constitution and laws. We are so lucky and so blessed here in America. Yet instead of being appreciative of our gifts, we whine about having to wear masks! “You are taking away my rights.” Where do your rights begin and mine end? “You aren’t going to tell ME what to do!” I’ll spit in your face if you make me wear a mask! And on it goes – the tyranny of the few conspiracy theorists against the people who just – want – to – live. Who just want their families – to LIVE. Wear A Mask! Keep distanced! Be smart! If you’re not going to take the vaccine, at least wear a mask so you won’t expose someone else to the disease. Let’s work TOGETHER to get rid of this virus. Stop complaining. Be considerate. Get off the Q-train. Remember kindness. Remember common sense. Remember what it is to love.

  4. Tony Costa says:

    There are two sides to all of this, and the division itself IS the problem. However, the divide is occurring between those who tend to believe what they hear on the mainstream news, versus what people learn when doing their own personal research. One side is not based in objective truth; the other is.

    I can refute every single thing that Catherine wrote above, but it’s obvious she has made up her mind, so it would be fruitless. What I can do is post a link to a resource here that people can use to form their own conclusions, if they are willing to take the time to do their own personal research.

    This is a link to an evidence-based research forum with more than 6000 members from almost every country in the world. The members include many published authors, doctors, and scientists (including myself, a Biologist). This group has been posting articles, pictures, and first-hand accounts of what they are experiencing regarding COVID-19, and often what they find is not reflected in the MSM. Anyone simply randomly reading a dozen pages of this 1000-plus page thread can not come away without thinking something is seriously wrong with the MSM narrative:

    BTW, I post there under the monicker, “Ketone Cop”. I am a Biologist, and I got my Master’s degree working in an anthrax lab in concert with Los Alamos Laboratory’s biowarfare department. My project was funded by a CIA grant, and it involved characterizing a virus. Senator Phil Gramm signed off on the funding – he who repealed the Glass-Steagal act that allowed the financial crisis of 2008 (and today) to occur.

    I am absolutely qualified to discuss this topic, as I was once a part of this system. And I will state on the record that almost every single thing relayed to the populace about COVID-19 is 180 degrees from what the real truth is. All of this is being done to eventually force compliance re: the vaccinations. THAT IS THE END GAME. And if I have to, I will DIE fighting on that hill.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks so much, Tony, for replying to Catherine Watson. Her comments, while sincere, make me exhausted, knowing just how much she is mind-controlled. YOU are the antidote to such commentary!

  5. Catherine Watson says:

    Mainstream media is meaningless in the face of over-run hospitals and people dying from this disease. I am not a mindless, mind-controlled human being. Like Ann, I have a mind of my own. I do not listen to “the news” as something that controls me. Not only do I try to listen to many different viewpoints, but I listen to friends who are scientists and doctors. For Ann to say I am mind-controlled shows how much she is mind-controlled by the cult she has sadly bought into.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Two people, equally strong minded, equally seeking Truth, are both attracted to different sources, which a mysterious inner sense discerns as worth pursuing or not. So the question is: how to understand the difference between the inner sensing of one strong minded seeker and another. My hunch is it all boils down to FEAR. Which means, ultimately, Fear of Death. For if one fears Death, then one sets out in a direction divergent from one who does not.

      And, I would conclude, it’s Fear itself that is being broadcast in order to mind-control both the masses and strong-minded people like yourself.

      Our entire culture is terrified of Death, shown by the way we try to keep ourselves and our loved ones “alive” as long as possible, no matter how old, and what the suffering entailed.

  6. Catherine Watson says:

    I am not the slightest bit afraid of Death, actually. I have not been for nearly 25 years. Many people I know are very enlightened and informed about Death, very intentional about it. I don’t have a sense that fear is being broadcast. In any case, if it is – it does not affect me. I do not live in fear which would be a waste of time and energy for me. I’m a big believer in Death With Dignity – and Life with Dignity. I am guided more than anything else by my intuition and gut feelings. I respect science and I respect the people I know who are careful thinkers, scientists, and medical personnel, as well as complimentary medicine healers. All that I hear and read is run through an intelligent and focused filter within me. I live from the inside-out, not the outside-in which means I’m my own person. Like you, Ann, I always have been. I’m very well-educated and have good, common sense. Fear does not rule my life, love does. For me, the things I read on this website now bring me a sense of darkness, of a straying to a dark place which I don’t want any part of. “Conspiracy theories,” “Q-Anon,” “Deep State,” so many other terms that I am not only not attracted to but mistrustful of. I am well-read, not just things I agree with but I try to read things I don’t agree with. This is why I have read your blog for as long as I have. I try to play “devil’s advocate,” to challenge myself to go beyond what I agree with and believe. I’ve long admired you. Unfortunately, for me at least, you are in waters that make all my antennae rise up with red flags all over the place. I wish you well. I wish you the enlightenment you strive for and seek. I hope you find joy and happiness and peace in your life, however that looks to you. – I am stopping now, reading your blog. I have tried to read what you write and the things you send. It is too deep and dark a hole for me to be involved with anymore. May you be blessed.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Stunned to hear that you don’t, won’t, or can’t recognize the FEAR coursing through the world at this time, thanks to the MSM broadcasting. And wonder why you didn’t leave this blog when I started to talk about pedophilia and SRA, child trafficking, and so on? That is way darker than anything else. And it’s the currency that runs the world. We need to face what IS in order to help transform it.

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