Trump’s 5D Chess — with Juan O. Savin and Charlie Ward

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I found this video particularly fascinating, especially Juan O. Savin’s contribution, talking about specifics of Trump’s 5D chess. He gives one example, Iran, and tells this story. Apparently, at one point John Bolton and other warhawks in the DOD thought they had convinced Trump to go in and take over Iran. All the various military forces and equipment were positioned nearby. All that remained, was for Trump to give his signature. He picked up his pen, and then asked, “How many civilian casualties do you estimate this operation will take?” When they answered 100 to 200, he thought about it awhile, hesitated, and then put down his pen, saying he didn’t want to risk even one Iranian life.

Reminds me of the time when it looked like the situation with North Korea was about to go nuclear, with his godawful “my red button is bigger than your red button” remark to Kim Jong Un, just prior to actually meeting with him in person.

So. How do you think 5D chess, Trump-style, is working out in this Electiongate drama? I imagine it’s all going exactly as planned, and that, as Juan O. Savin says, is being drawn out deliberately slowly, in order to wake up as many people as possible to the reality of the Steal, as well as just how much of the government is corrupted. For example, the Supreme Court. What will happen to the Texas suit? The Justice Department is corrupt, the FBI, CIA, part of DOD, and most of Congress and the Senate are corrupted. What about the Supreme Court?

Trump is well aware that he needs to have the vast majority of the American public with him. Because when he does gitmo the deep state players, it’s essential he not be perceived as a dictator. And, as Juan O. Savin reminds us: Trump did get at least 80% of the vote. Which means that many more people are already awake than it appears, given the illusion  playing out now.

BTW: Juan O Savin, whose face never appears in his videos, does seem to be a Trump insider, given the amount of intel he seems to possess. Some people think he’s Q, or part of the Q team, and others think he’s actually JFK Jr.


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  1. 12/11/2020 Pax Romana Our Last Anchor Point?

    Although I may remain sorrowfully ignorant of these matters I quote out of context, it appears to me our politicians of today, save a few, live with their eyes closed to the realities surrounding them….as perhaps I do as well.

    I sense it is never been more important to live authentically without hidden motive because forces are aligned right now, for the dominant reality to come into focus like a computer image on our screen of life. First it’s fuzzy, then specks of recognition jell, then suddenly it’s clear. The dominant reality ranging from our social behavior to our sciences, seem to perform through such waves of focus. In the meantime we give our allegiances to our last moment of focus, to our last anchor point of clarity, believing we live and serve wisely.

    As I read this passage from “Plutarch’s Lives” of Plutarch who lived 2000 years ago, I felt like I was reading current events from the author-translator’s brief summation.

    …..”but over nearly all the world known to the ancients was established the Pax Romana. Battles were indeed fought, and troops were marched upon Rome, but this was merely to decide who was to be the nominal head of the vast system of the Empire, and what had once been independent cities, countries, and nations submitted unhesitatingly to whoever represented that irresistible power. It might be imagined that a political system which destroyed all national individuality, and rendered patriotism in its highest sense scarcely possible, would have reacted unfavourably on the literary character of the age.”

    The deep state of our current age is our Pax Romana of our day. We submit “unhesitatingly to whoever represented that irresistible power.” The dominant reality takes shape around us as we carry it within us.

    The hardest thing to focus on, is the one thing that matters most, the light.

    The light is the energy within that shapes the reality without. To see the light, look through your life-lens colored with compassion and you will automatically trigger a chain reaction to a new anchor point of focus in your life. This anchor point seems to grow out of the shadows of compassion as forgiveness that alters you as one let’s go of hidden motives and moves away from hate, away from mockery and into joy.

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